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  1. [quote name='"Midgetman82"I have heard from reviews from other water slide enthusiasts that that specific slide is a little violent anyways. You hit the water in the shutdown late instead of an easy transition and deceleration. I'd rather expect someone to put up a new warning sign or something. I have been on that particular water slide plenty of times and all that is correct. The slide is very intense' date=' you hit the water really hard and at a high speed. That would help but in this case it is almost impossible to modify the slide. Therme Erding is an extremely compact
  2. Were you guys able to figure out if Shock was supposed to get a darkride part or some theming before the launch? The way it is now looks kind of unfinished.
  3. So far I only rode the one at Gardaland but in my opinion a Winged-Coaster is nothing you want CP to waste 25 million on. I was really hoping for a Diving Machine or and Intamin Prefab.
  4. Shouldn't the question be more like "what is the least worst Eurofighter?"
  5. I think it would make sense to focus more on thrills and the amusemnt instead of the waterpark since their not too far away Holidayworld does it the other way around.
  6. From a German point of few this whole discussion just seems ridiculous!
  7. They should change the name of the ride as well since the stinger logo is pretty much the best thing you can slap on a boomerang.
  8. 15 to 20 million really does seem like not much, especially if the want to put in an adequate replacement for Chang. However, weren't there rumors that HW is supposed to get a new major ride in the not too distant future? If that was the case, they could do a package deal and get both parks a nice coaster at an affordable price. Looking forward to the park reopening!
  9. Sorry for the off topic post but I also would like to comment on the "how intense are rides in which country" issue. I can only agree with that and what Robb said since I noticed pretty much the same thing during all of my visits to the US. Here is a good example when it comes to water parks. Me and a friend have been to this awesome water park called Area47 in Austria last summer. Here is an overview picture and two videos of my favorite rides there. By the way, their diving platform ist ajustable and can go up to 88,5 feet. Non professionals are allowed to jump from up to 65
  10. Oh I can totally see this work! Turkey's economy is booming and the Antalya area draws a lot of tourists anyway. There a tons and tons of hotels which could offer shuttle services to the park. Actually I am surprised that this hasn't been done sooner.
  11. I find it interesting that they are building a windseeker even though there is a starflyer just a little bit down the street. Does anyone else think that the Fun Spot expansion could kill Magical Midway?
  12. Wait are you saying the will remove the two slides with the two awesome pops of airtime, IMO two of the best slides I have ever been on to replace them with ordinary and lame matracers? That was the only reason for me to visit soak city while at cp.
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