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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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The best park for re-riding awesome coasters is BGA during the winter. No lines for 3 fantastic B&MS, I spend an entire day, opening to close just re-riding Kumba, Montu and Sheikra.


Other notable days of re-riding... Opening day for BGE 4 years ago, absolutely no line for anything all day except a one train wait for the front row. I spent the entire day riding Apollo and Alpie over and over. The only thing that slowed me down was half way through the day the staff started telling me that I could only ride two times in a row before getting off to walk around.


Opening day for SFOG 3 years ago I rode Mindbender too many times to keep track, no line except a 2 or so train wait for the front. Great day!

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The most times I've ridden a roller coaster in one day was back in 2006. My family & some friends went camping at good old Knoebels. That trip I was hooked on Phoenix. So I decided to ride it from the time the park opened which was 10 a.m. to the time the park closed which was 8 p.m. & I rode nothing else but Phoenix again & again. My all day Phoenix run was 40 times in a row!!!!!! Since then I haven't even come close. I still had to wait in line but there was not a lot of people there. The ride op even announced my 40th run over to the station & everyone thought I was crazy I've had a couple of 20 run days on HellCat but that's about it. Thanks to Ert on the ECT & Behemoth/Ravine Flyer II Tour I hit Behemoth 24x. However the Phoenix 40 run marathon I might never break again

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Where do I begin?


-Medusa West 37 times in one day

-Alpengeist about 20 times in a day (7 of which I had the train to myself)

-Griffin 16 times in a day

-Apollo's Chariot 12 times in a day.


Now I admit that Alpengeist, Griffin, and Apollo was a rainy Tuesday. There were NO lines at all for all three.

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The first time Thunder Road was open again after it's major repairs, I rode it 30 times in a row, 10 on silver, 20 on blue. Also, I ride Afterburn at least 10 times every time I go to the park. Normally, I do it around 20. My highest record for re riding something though, while it's not a coaster, is Drop Tower. 40 consecutive times without moving a muscle.

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I got 8 re-rides in a row on Raven at Holiday World on opening day this past season. I had 13 rides on it total that day. I tried to pull off the same thing on Voyage at an ERT event as well, but was spent after 3 consecutive rides. All these rides taught me that it is indeed about quality, not quantity, as none of the repeat rides were as memorable as some other single rides I've had on them.

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I don't even know how many different times I've ridden both fire and ice on dueling dragons. I usually switch between the two tracks though. (Ie, I'll go on Ice first, then fire, then ice again, and fire) Probably about four times each though in one day is what I usually settle with.

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I am not a big fan of re-riding a coaster over and over again.

Probably 3 consecutive rides on Boulder Dash-Magnum-Hulk-Kraken.

3 is my maximum. I get bored after that.


Edit: When I was younger I remember I rode the Top Spin at my local theme park 13 times in a row. I would NEVER do that again.

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