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  1. Yes, Express is open everyday now. It wasn't available on Opening Day, but it was in regular use on the 21st.
  2. Many thanks. Lots of eggs ready to be dropped off.
  3. I'm going to have to save up some money for that Scandi trip cause this coaster looks amazing.
  4. Incredibly sad to hear. I was hoping that proposal to move the coaster over to Zoo Miami would've gotten approved, but I guess the expense was too much. So many good memories with friends on this. I will admit it was never really busy, as you can see in the following photos.
  5. Here's the last house announcement they made today. It's being based off the original movie and not the remakes, so I actually think it'll be a fantastic maze.
  6. Last year's was H.R. BloodeNGutz' presents: Holidays of Horror.
  7. There is nothing I like more than light crowds at a big fair.
  8. Very similar to the stuff still on Ocean Drive down here. Even the 1950-60's look of the Fontainebleu hotel down here also.
  9. ^ As long as Universal has the rights to Marvel, I'm going to say yes, you're right. Must've been the Hulk.
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