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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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Hey you !


When I discovered the roller coasters, it was in 2000.

For the first time in my life i ride the Kraken : whaoooo !!!! it was huge !

So good, so fast and so high !

And, I ride it 11 times in a day !!!

When I told this, everyone in my family, and my husband called me "crazy" ... They REALLY don't know what it is, sure !!!


But, you, how many times in a single day did you ride a coaster ?


Just to know if I am "so crazy" !!!


See you


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A few years back, during a frightfest at SFWOA/GL, we did over 15 laps on Serial Thriller, 12 The Villian, 20 Batman Knightflight, 8 on the Dipper,

20-25 on S.U.E , maybe 5-10 on WolfBobs and 17 on X-Flight. There were maybe 100 people in the park all told. the ride ops were cool. The only times we had to change seats was if someone else was coming on and we were in the front seat.

We wanted to see if we could break 100 laps in one day.

forgot: 16 laps on Double Loop and 1 on Mind Eraser.


it was fun.


My Daughter, when she was 14, did 40 contiuous laps on Conneaut lake parks Blue Streak. ( was not during the marathon)

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I rodes Hades 30 times in one day. There were only 4 people in the station. That was the only time I got to have re-rides without walking down and up a giant hill.


Otherwise I rode a Zipper for 45 minueets straight. We were the only people on the ride (me and my sis). The canarny said when ever you want to stop, just scream!

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I've ridden the Grand National 30 times in a row, Big Dipper 20 and Lakeside Cyclone about 50 (well, I only had the one evening there when in Denver). It's got to be wood, and GOOD wood at that, none of this modern smooth crap.Oh also Magnum Force 20 rides in a day, in two 10 ride sessions. I was a bit worn out after that..


It's fun riding BPB's Mouse 7 times in a row with arms up, and why people think I'm mad for riding SFMM's Psyclone 6 times in a row all but once in the back (first did the front) I do not know. It's one of the best coasters I've ridden.. maybe most enthusiasts today just don't recognise old style pure shake rattle & roll character like I do. Also, I've not heard a single other coaster creak and groan like Psyclone does, when standing on the exit ramp. The train goes down any drop, and the whole thing moves, literaly all of it. It be aliiiiiiiive I tell you.

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At Solace this year, I rode Bullet at least 20 times without ever leaving the station. Near the end, we got bored so we invented news ways to ride it. Eyes Closed, Feet Extended Out, Yoga Style, Looking Up The Entire Time (really awesome!), pretending it was Fire Dragon, etc. I tried looking to my left the entire ride, and it got me incredibly disoriented, so I had to quit after that.

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Years ago I had a really lucky afternoon at Moviepark, Bottrop (former Warner Bros Movie World Germany) on Bandit (former Wild Wild West: http://rcdb.com/id967.htm )


I already had had more than a dozen of rides at the park, when it began raining. Soon it was pouring cats & dogs (no donkeys though...?) and the queue on Bandit faded to about 30 or 40 people. hehe...


At the same time, it was still rather warm, Bandit began to get really "greasy" with keeping speed up to the end way better than usually. So from about 3 pm on I stuck to riding Bandit, most of the time just hopping out of the car, rushing around the station building, just in time to enter the train again after one intermediate ride without me.


Then it got even worse (with the weather, that is) so people fled the rides and what better could have happened. From then onIi could stay seated most of the time or just change car for over 1 1/2 hours.


With that heavy rain hitting your face, hard to keep your eyes open, hands in the air, raindrops stinging like needles into you palms it was definitely no fun any more... it was simply orgyastic!


I must admit that I lost count, but I can estimate about an overal of 65 rides during that day with approx. 40+ on Bandit.


Bandit got so outraged in its performance that floater air turned to ejector, and ejector turned to real pain, but what a lovely pain to experience! This got so far that with flying over the hills the upstop wheels made gunshot noises with the cars lifting from track, with you on the other side of the hill landing hard in an already "hard landed car". (Two kicks in the a** for the price of one, so to say.)


Hours of totaly mindless pure coaster bliss. I'll never forget.


There even was a grand finale to this. After rain had stopped at 5 pm i took a few ride on the park's SLC to "blow my clothes dry", then heading back for Bandit again to get a few more rides for the finish.


PA-Announcement: "Park blah attractions blah closed!!!"


With the announced "last ride" coming back to station, no queue anymore, people slowly getting out of the train, packing their bags...


Ride Op winking: "Come on, ONE MORE for ya"





P.S. do i have to mention that i could neither walk nor move the other day?

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8) Hello !


Ok ! I now see that my family was wrong : 11 times is only a warm up ! I'm only an "amateur" and I have do better next time !!!

Once on french TV, I see a report about a man who's riding all the coasters that he could ; it may be hard for his heart and back.

For me I prefer ride a coaster before sickness : when I did the Rock'n Roller Coaster for the 1rst time, leaving it I was like in washing machine but stopped after 2 min : I never feel this after ! Lucky !


Do you know if someone try to reach a record in the Guiness Book ?


See you, have a nice Sunday !

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Well, Richard Rodrigues rode Blackpool's Big Dipper for three months non stop, apart from the breaks every few hours for refreshment and the safety checks each day. He rode it all day and night, and the tunnel on the return run used to wake him up. Lucky man, he had the lapbar strung up open and had no seat divider. Grrr him.

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Normally I'm not one to ride that many times in one day, especially if there is a wait. Even on the Europe trip there weren't that many coasters we rode more than twice. I think the only ones we got more than 5 rides on the whole trip were....


Goliath (got there early, no lines all day)

Falken (had back door privalenges from park)

Thunder Coaster (had back door privliages from park)

Balder (no lines one day and had back door the next day)

Colossos (no lines - rode 5 in a row)

Expedition Ge Force (duh)


Geez, I think that's it! Most rides that we like a lot we will ride at least twice, maybe three times. I've just never been one to NEED to marathon a coaster. Now if I'm at an event, and for some reason there's no line for ERT, depending on the ride I might do it a bunch of times, but that happens maybe a couple of times per year for me at the most.



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My brother and I rode Scream! almost 10 times for the promo shoot before the media day, actually started feeling sick after the first 5, and mooched a few of the free sodas and chips they had stacked up. It was really cool, can't wait for the next coaster to open up and be one of the first on that one too!

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Once a boyfriend and I rode Popeye's Bilge Rat Barges 12 times in a row without getting off. The park was so dead that the ride ops were actually letting the line stack until we got back around so everyone could ride in the same raft!

Also one day at IOA, it was downpouring, yet they were still running Dr. Doom. I had maybe 2 rides with other people, then I had about 4 rides where I was the only person on either tower. Once people started coming back in, I had maybe another 5 or 6 rides. Dr. Doom is usually not hard to do a personal ERT on though because of the single rider line.


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Rock N Roller Coaster at MGM I rode 15times in the matter of a couple of hours. "Make it a super-stretch.." (Let me outta here) It was media day which meant there were very few people in the park. I also rode the Dueling Dragons 16 times in one day (8 times fire, 8 times ice)....You got to love it when the re-ride entrance is open.

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I find I get bored after a while and then I just move onto the next ride, here are some of my consecutive ride records all except Magnum and Ride of Steel were ended out of boredom:

9 on Magnum

8 on Xcelerator, Ghostrider & SFNE Ride of Steel

7 on Strom Runner, Top Thrill Dragster

6 on Goliath, Scream(all front row), Millenium Force, Duelling Dragons


I'm going to do some serious marathoning when I get to Cedar Point this month, especially Magnum.

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While I don't generally do multiple rides in a single trip, there have been 2 notable exceptions. First was the last vacation I took with the family. We were at Opryland, and while my parents had some strange desire to see Crystal Gayle in concert I decided it would be a good time to ride Chaos - over and over and over and over. I probably did about 10 cycles on it. I wish that ride was still running somewhere.


The other wasn't a coaster, but the Tomorrowland Transit Authority at the Magic Kingdom. Somebody (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are, Julie ) organized an all day ride-a-thon as an event during the annual rec.arts.disney.parks meet. I only did about 32 loops, but those who got on when the park opened, and didn't get off until the park closed did over 50 laps.



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I went to SFKK a few years ago towards the very end of the season, in October I think. It was freezing, but nobody was there! I was able to ride Chang five times before getting off and Twisted Twins (then Twisted Sisters) at least ten times. I think I rode Chang more than 20 times that day. The flats were even better of course. You could stay on them for half an hour or more if you wanted to.

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