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  1. I’m 100% with those saying don’t blame the operators. These multi million dollar (deadly if not run properly) machines are literally put in the hands of teenagers and low wage employees. They need to be engineered to not ALLOW unsafe operation. A light on a panel saying restraints are good naturally gives a false sense of security to the operators that everything is 100% safe if the ride wasn’t engineered to contain anyone it could dispatch with. That’s just exactly what’s happened here. You don’t have to be an expert in control systems for this to be obvious, but when you are one it’s even more obvious.
  2. It’s a bit of a giveaway how iconic both the score and the doors were as a reveal in that they kept BOTH in the JW film...bit of a no brained that they should have stayed in the ride redo. If you wanted to do screens, why not do that in the boring AF lift section? Bit of a concern when Knott’s log flume redo turns out a million times better than this Universal one. It’s certainly up there in the redo for redos sake stakes with Guardians at DCA.
  3. I think when you're trying to buy meth and hookers using free theme park passes you've kind of hit a whole new level of rock bottom.
  4. Reading between the lines of the audit and knowing they are the manufacturers it's pretty clear no manuals or documentation were ever created when these rides were built.
  5. So did an answer ever materialise on why it was actually down for so long and why all of a sudden that issue has been resolved?
  6. Yup absolutely, worlds tallest drop tower is definitely stupidest use of VR ever buy geeze this one is coming mighty close!
  7. I think it looks like the worst idea Disney ever had for a ride redo since Rocket Rods. What a fail, sure the theming and pre show is top notch, but the ride theme in no way fits the ride system and at the expense of what was an amazing ride and theme (albeit not as well executed as it's siblings). The original theme, story, experience, was pure Disney. This incarnation belongs at Universal, I'm left wondering where the 3D glasses and water spray is going to happen. The ride experience lacks any coherent story, suspense or just real 'WTF just happened' factor. I think it's best summed up by the sign out front, that's something I would expect to see in a Six Flags park. I'm actually shocked that they are opening Pandora and this biscuit at the same time. To me holding off and re theming Star Tours to Guardians would have made much more sense given the film is pretty much centred around flying on a space ship and foreign worlds, and the entire pre show/que could also be themed that way. That and the fact Star Tours makes little sense being in Tomorrowland once the new land opens. About as much sense as a giant Guardians tower makes in an old world Hollywood part of DCA which would be much more suited to say, and Old abandoned Glamorous Hotel.... hey wait a minute.
  8. It's pink and has a lift hill, that's about as correct as that video gets. It's a nice job but not the coaster the park is getting.
  9. It's been confirmed by the park today that the ride will not reopen and will be decommissioned.
  10. This happened as the raft was LEAVING the lift and re-entering the station. Not going to speculate any more. Confirmed 4 dead and reported 2 people survived/ejected. Truly tragic time for our small community.
  11. Regardless of my thoughts on the control system the fact that NO staff realised a car had valleyed is ultimately the major flaw in Altons procedures as highlighted in the report. No park should ever send empties without confirming they return to the station BEFORE admitting guests.
  12. Allen Bradley is a manufacturer of process control equipment for industry. They supply nothing more than bare components and 'empty' PLCs. Each manufacturer creates their own software and systems from that so two rides having an AB control system have nothing more in common than say two movies using an Arri camera for filming.
  13. I'm not going to throw the word 'Expert' out there, but I would like to think I certainly have an understanding at a higher level than most (enthusiasts included) of complex control systems. I also work in that field, albeit not on coasters specifically. I believe the control system in question on Smiler to be 'adequate' in that it isn't faulty, but I do believe it to be flawed in the seemingly limited faults that were generated if the report is accurate, which I would assume it to be. It certainly relies on the humans not to make mistakes or assumptions, rather than give them clear information. Sort of like how their Sky Roller control system has not faults, as long as the Op checks all the seats are upright before lowering at the end of the cycle. The control system itself doesn't check this, which I why I have seen one come done and crush a sideways seat. Just because it's not faulty doesn't mean it isn't flawed. I think everyone should note that the report also doesn't blame the engineers, as people seem to be jumping on. It clearly says it was the systems the park had in place that let them down. Let's not throw the technical services guys under the bus here.
  14. The thing is the 'engineers' (which will be park mechanics and electricians, not qualified engineers) are still just people too, and people make mistakes. A good control system doesn't allow death and injury because of one human mistake. You only get a ghost car if a sensor is flagged when there is no train, usually from a worker or something like that. Rarely in operation mode. Mack use a system as I have described and it works well, you do get more faults, but uptime shouldn't be prioritised over guest safety. I've seen other ride issues stem from lack of advanced systems in other Gurst ride control systems, perhaps they will be looking to improve how they do things now.
  15. To me it shows massive flaws in the rides control system and I'm surprised that this was not detailed more in the findings. Why was the first alarm when the car with guests attempted to leave the lift and enter the block with the stalled car? There should have been a "block occupied too long" fault when the empty car failed to leave the block. This would have been much more of a red flag for the engineers than the fault they received. Other manufacturers have these faults built into their systems. I also think a multi car ride like Smiler should have provisions in the control system for being aware of the current number of active cars. Then it would not allow the ride to run if it did not see at least 5 occupied blocks. Regardless of human intervention in auto or evac mode. I'm not aware of any coasters (except maybe Disney who do their own controls) that do have awareness of number of cars running. They are simply programmed to accommodate any number using their block logic.
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