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  1. That is a smoke effect The slides are really steep. I did those in 2004 and sitting there to go down... I was terrified! It just a bit less in real, but still extremely steep.
  2. This report was made for Themeparkvision.be, were the board of Rollercoasterfriends is hosted. For the opening of the season I went on the V.I.P. Trip – Various Italian Parks. However… I though it was worth translating. So here it goes… Day 1 - Movie Studios A whole lot of photos... I hope somebody takes the time to read everything. I did the best I can with the translation. Enjoy! Before getting started with my job in Walibi World I had one weekend to visit a few parks further away. So I signed up for one of the 40 spots in the V.I.P. Trip. The trip began the day before,
  3. It may look cool, but the coaster isn't. The waiting line is the best part of the entire ride!
  4. Now a bit more information, instead of "shouting' it. The problem seems to be the chain. Translation by http://www.coasterplace.com
  5. I borrowed some photo's from a other site, to show it really was busy: By the way, I just love this effect:
  6. It wasn't empty at all. Some photo's are taken just after the people got out. Around 23:45, just a guess, 1.500 visitors were standing in front of the stage.
  7. Well, most of you won't know it. Every Wednesday en Saturday in the summer, Walibi World celebrates "New Year's Eve". The entire park is a party mood. Flames beside Goliath's bunny hops, rides are pimped with rough music, smoke and disco lights. From 23:15 the mainstreet fills up, for the "Sjon & Sjeffrie Discosjowwww". 45 minutes off pure fun, singing along and crazyness till it is midnight. The night ends with fireworks. The ferris wheel has fireworks on it, it even spins with the fireworks on as a final gift. I wasn't in the mood to make photo's a lot from the fireworks. To give y
  8. It would make sense... They just didn't know BTW: Those aren't Vekoma trains, but KumBak trains.
  9. If the they wouldn't had the brains to close ther restaints they would fly out in the turn after the second loop. Efteling did not give any reaction at all so far, just like they didn't last year when a upstopwheel of the same coaster felt off.
  10. There is nobody in the back. They started to get people out from the back first, yes ... they did lost their brains, the supervisors how made it done that way around. A few at the front close their restrain just in time, a employee of Efteling jumps a side just in time.
  11. The train shoots trough. Keep your eye on the staff and the people in the second row with their restaints open. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDpB1JBRTEI
  12. Well, it still is the same as under Star Parks. Only they are taking move rides away or to replace them with play areas for kids.
  13. I am using a Canon Powershor S2, just a basic camera. Elissa, next time I will make a special Goliath report for you. Ok
  14. Not talking, just some Walibi World photo's of April this year. That's all.
  15. I don't know if it is intresting for the membersm because it is a serious video (scary, I know) ... But anyway; the download ... Direct link isn't allowed, sorry.
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