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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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I forgot this in my first post, but at Solace the year before Xcellerator (still not sure how to spell it) opened, my friend and I sat on Montezuma for almost an hour. The ride-ops were awesome and as long as no one was in the station (or weren't harassing each other), they didn't release the lap bars, just reset the launch and let us go. We spent about 80% of the time in the back seat. The next year, them began making you go around every ride.


That goes down as my best Solace experience.

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I rode Phantom's Revenge 46 times in one day during a Discovery Channel video shoot.


When at a park that was actually OPEN, my daily record is probably Tremors at Silverwood, 38.


I've broken 20 laps a bunch of times, and 10 is nothing anymore

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I rode a ride in "bakken" (Denmark) called "Enterprise" 10 times in a row.


That might not seem so special but considering that it was just a huge wheel that made 360 degree rotations, with 5 full rotations per ride, making it a total of around 50 complete rotations in under half an hour, it still made for a great, and somewhat heinous, personal record. Weirdly enough, I didn't even feel sick afterwards, just really tired.


Other than that, I rode the Aerosmith roller coaster in Disneyland Studios Paris 13 times in one day. 8 times in a row at first and then 5 times in a row later in the day.


Anders "Guts of Steel" Frederiksen

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I rode Dragster for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved it. It is now my #1 steel although many people don't care for it. I went up to SFGAdv last summer for Ka, but it was down for that huge amount of time. I am going on July 5th this year...hopefully it will be running.

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As for in a row, it's a tradition for my friend and I to marathon Cyclone every year on opening day at SFoG. Last year we got 23 and the ride was trimless (and super awesome after retracking). This year it was 29 in a row, with a daily total of 30-something.


I've also gotten 10+ rides on a ton of coasters in one day:


Shivering Timbers-14 (what else is there to do at MiA?)

Top Gun-17 (PC)

AC-19 (and it was 100 degrees all day in late May!)

Alpie-14 or 16, don't remember (same day as above-it was deserted!)

Goliath-20 (SFoG)

Goliath-14 (Walibi)

DD-14 (7 per side thanks to the re-entry doors-love them)


I've also been on rides 10 times a day as well:


Top Gun-10 (PC-done twice in the same year 2 months apart)

Hulk-10 (once in 2002 and this year as well)


GASM-10 (on about 4 or 5 different occasions)




And then of course the rides that I've been on many times:

Cyclone-20+ (6 different occasions-2 of them trimless)


Acro-70-something (May 31, 2005-the park had maybe 200 people in it and it was misting all day-I stayed on from 10-4 and got well over 70 rides. If you ask the ride-ops what the record is, they'll give you two numbers. One is my number (76 or 77), which is the most by a guest, and the other is in the 90s, which is an employee). Basically I hold (held?) the record for Acro last year. Needless to say, Acro is not nearly as fun as it used to be.

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I took like 40 or so nonstop rides on Superman Ride Of Steel during an ERT. I took FULL advantage of the 2 hrs extra time we were given... that was a long drive home. I still felt like I as moving the next day, I'm sure we've all had these coaster hangovers.

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Katun 25 times in one day and it was in augustus. Busy day but not for Katun, verry strange. Good coasters you ride a lot, that's Katun.


Also Goliath 13 times in one day, not that much because we did al other rides to and the line was 30min or 15min waiting.

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