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  1. Anyone really disappointed that it wasn't named Flaming Dragon? (Cf. Tropic Thunder)
  2. For what it's worth, there actually are markings in the parking lot.....
  3. They're adding a sandbox in the grassy field next to Beach Bites, and Sand Volleyball Courts where IMAX formerly resided.
  4. I wouldn't know why the King's Island GM would be at Valleyfair, but who knows? Maybe it means something good might be coming. Then again, that's just speculation. Greg Scheid oversees Kings Island and Valleyfair — Each Cedar Fair park is basically "overseen"/run by at least one General Manager, two for the smaller parks. In this case, Valleyfair's GM (Dave Frazier) reports to Greg Scheid (KI's GM).
  5. Is anyone able to/willing to make an Arrow Suspended Swinging coaster with an inversion? I saw a video of one on the Youtube, though it wasn't too realistic. I'd love to see if someone can make a realistic inversion on one of 'em.
  6. Hydroblaster will probably be removed after the 2014 to make even more space for a/the waterpark expansion. It wouldn't look good if they removed two major features of the park (IMAX and Hydroblaster) only to fill the space with grass and trees (not that trees are a bad thing).
  7. Nothing at all. If they have not announced anything new for 2014 by now with no sight of survey makers there is no way there will be any major addition to the park. With winter coming they would have had to start construction already if it was something major. G$ Kurt in a few posts ago indicates he knows we will be getting at least some minor change but I will believe it when I see it. Valleyfair, CF's park of 'General Improvements'. Not necessarily . . . An Antique Autos vehicle was spotted by the Go-Karts in the past few hours. (Keep in mind they were removed last year — Hint Hint at a Resurrection)
  8. As much as the GP & Knott's fanboys will complain about these additions, I do believe these attractions will add to the atmosphere that the Boardwalk area conveys. Yes, it's not a massive 300 ft. coaster that half of us are torn about wanting, however it's an addition nonetheless that embodies the theming (at least I hope it'll embody that theming....) that so many of us are wanting to see implemented into the park.
  9. Easy - Winchester Mystery House. Best Haunt in California. I'd go so far as to say it surpassed Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood) in terms of intensity & detail.
  10. Was I the only one that got really, REALLY worried that this was going to be Overlord: The Ride?
  11. I actually think they're trying to recreate the sound of mating manta rays. That's just what I heard though.....
  12. To add on to that thought, the Adventure Golf Course & Amphitheater take up two VERY large plots of land. With the removal of the Go-Karts, we could be seeing something fairly large in the near future in the front of the park.
  13. The interesting part is, he's leaving his job at Nickelodeon Universe to go to Valleyfair. That's quite the commitment/upgrade.
  14. Looks great! I was pessimistic at first, but after seeing it in real life, I have to say I'm decently impressed. Looks like it'll be a nice addition to CW!
  15. Just as a friendly reminder, Matt Ouimet is now officially the President/CEO of Cedar Fair. Congrats to him!
  16. Ironic indeed! This has become a popular Valleyfair photo spot. Kodak sponsored? You be the judge.
  17. Here are some of the latest photos of the construction fromValleyfairzone.com.
  18. Oh Lord! That outward banked turn looks awfully underbanked to me & those trains don't look sturdy enough. I bet it'll be REAL rough now! Also where are the supports? ARE THESE THE ACTUAL TRAINS? MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD!
  19. Also if you think about it, they aren't going to want to drag the characters in & make them record new scenes, features, etc. It would be MUCH easier to simply utilize the same videos and audio clips that Universal Orlando is using in order to save money & time. Not to mention they've made the set pieces once already; to make them again will take less time and probably less money. It's all about money in the end . . .
  20. Bumper Boats at Valleyfair, hands down. We're all still mourning their current state of being at Michigan's Adventure.
  21. Probably getting a whole train to chant "DTF" on Wild Thing at Valleyfair during Coasting for Kids. That was probably one of the more fond memories I had of the 2011 season.
  22. If I understand correctly, we may be seeing the first Gerstlauer SkyRoller in the United States. Could be interesting!
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