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  1. I think this is an amazing deal. Ride as many times as you want within the most crowded times of the day? Sounds good to me. The riding as many times as you want without waiting in any type of line is so worth 50 bucks especially if you are only going to the park for one day and want to get everything in. Plus they only sell a limited amount per day so there won't be any lines in the Fast Lane.
  2. Great photos Nick!!! What type of camera do you use? Ps this is Hayes (goofywdw).
  3. Hollywood Rip Ride Rocki-it. It was still fun don't get me wrong but it wasn't as I expected. It was my 100th coaster though!
  4. I read about this. I am very interested to see what happens especially since I work at the park.
  5. ^The entrance to The Crypt looks really nice this year. I like the way it looks. Too bad it will probably be leaving us soon. I like the theming but the ride itself is just horrible now.
  6. You have no idea what you are talking about. The last time Diamondback was a 3 hour wait was right when the park opened to the public on opening day because almost every guest tall enough to ride the coaster ran there first. Diamondback has an amazing capacity and the line is only long in the morning because that is what everyone wants to ride first.
  7. The park was absolutely packed yesterday because we were open until midnight and there was also a company there. It was the worst I have seen it all year. Of course I had to work on the day when it was packed. Oh and you trip report kinda made no sense at all. Diamondbacks line was not at all long on Friday night. It was only a little over 20 minutes. And I'm pretty sure that most of the people on this site realize that Drop TOWER is high so thanks for reminding us. Top Gun I can live with but Thunderhawk!? Fail.
  8. Son of Beast! So fast and very smooth when you get to the bottom of the first hill. Best part of the ride.
  9. I'm so pumped for this. I just realized I'll be there this fall and it will be open!
  10. This is the second time I heard there was a NoLimits creation of this coaster in progress! Where is the download link? No one seems to have it.
  11. Wait it is now working fine for me also. They must have got it back up!
  12. http://www.coastercrazy.com/ is now gone too. They had an announcement up on the blank page but now it seems like it is totally gone. Their twitter account that they had up on the announcement said that they were hacked and the server and everything is down. Let's hope they get back up so someone buy Coastersims.com!
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