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  1. Kentucky Kingdom is gona loose lots of vistors if the dismantle this ride (its not like they have many other good rides) i.e me im not gona go just for T2 and Thunderrun and Road Runner express lol
  2. i doubt the will close the ride this early the still have a couple of days of the season open
  3. 6$ for a slice lol why do major parks got to be so greedy? How does the flash pass work?
  4. How expensivie is the food and drink at SFKK? I was thinking of going this weekend.Should i get the flash pass?
  5. Anyone else think that holiday world need a paved parking lot instead of rocks
  6. You can still relax , lol its not like you have to get off the lazy river at a certain time lol
  7. The only thing i like about it is its air conditioned LOL. I got a brilliant ideal for the water park speed up one of the lazy rivers . (There way too slow).LOL. They should build a ride on the lake lol. Do they own the lake ?.lol
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