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How many times the same ride in a day ?

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I don't know if this counts but while Zufari was being constructed they made staff ride it 30 times to do vibration testing on the trucks. That was interesting to say the least but at least I got paid for it!


I would say the most times i've been on the same ride in a day when I wasn't getting paid would be Balder on the Scandi trip in 2009. Must have gone on that ride a good 20-25 times through out the day if not more.



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We'll see how many times I'll get to ride each ERT ride during WCB. I'm looking forward to a lot of rides on YOLO, Lex Luther, X2, Tatsu, and Xcelerator.



Hope the park itself isn't too crowded, I got 11 on I305 (7 of which were ERT) but the park was not very busy at all. It may be tough to beat that record, esp with so many rides there to do. And I only stopped at 11 because my grey outs were getting to like 75/80% of my vision by the end

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^We'll see how crowded SFMM is. September is generally a good time to avoid crowds at SoCal parks before the Halloween events start, but it is a Saturday, and the weather will most likely be good (if its not too hot) so I am expecting there to be decent crowds. If I can get 6 rides each on YOLO and Lex Luther during ERT, I will be really happy. I have a feeling Knott's on Sunday will be less crowded, with both TPR and the GP. SFMM has 18 credits, so if you want them all you will have to ride the other rides in between the ERTs. If morning ERT is YOLO/Lex Luther/Goliath, then I am going head straight over to Green Lantern as soon as this ERT ends.

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Like it was said, I may have to get X2 and tastu out of the way once, after ERT. And I may whore Goliath since I'm not totally sold on YOLO, maybe it'll kick ass though.

I dont need every cred honestly, I'd skip Scream and BtR, if need be, since well...I've ridden those basic rides already.

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I've done 15 rides on Demon at Six Flags Great America while waiting for the water park to open. Rode 15 times on Buccaneer Battle the day it opened to the public (I rarely ride it now, hah) Also have done 14 rides on American Eagle Red side twice, and Viper 14 times in a row as well. When it comes to rides outside of my home park, I've done 13 rides on Boulder Dash and Bizarro at Six Flags New England.

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