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  1. Yes, the game looks quite crappy. But I did throw my cash at Themepark Studio two weeks ago, so at least I can download that and play with it.
  2. You mean the majority of enthusiasts, right? The GP don't care as much, only enthusiasts seem to do any noticeable complaining :/ Wrong! There were a LOT of public coming off that ride complaining how much it hurt. I'll never forget the little boy coming off this ride with his dad and the mom asking how it was. The boy responded "that one hurt mommy, i didn't like it" He seemed barely tall enough to ride. I heard two little girls complaining about how it hurt their backs. That's the first time I've ever heard kids complain about their backs getting off a coaster.
  3. And the thing that always runs out first that I'd always have to buy? The toilet paper. What's wrong with people? They'll buy beer, clothes, go partying and just go blank when it's time to buy Charmin. I'd have to hide the rolls, then finally I held them hostage. Just imagine the horror my last roommate had to endure as he was stuck on the toilet, looking at the paper center of the roll and me refusing to give him a roll unless he slipped $5 under the door. You have to do that with irresponsible people that continue to use your stuff.... then eventually you move out on your own, or put them out. EDIT: And you should heard the lying coming out of his mouth... "I don't have it. I'm broke." me: "You're lying. Five Dollars or I go back in room and put my head phones on... you can use your underwear to wipe your butt for all I care." Then finally that money came under the door after 10 minutes of false protesting.
  4. My uncle from LA started posting on Facebook and his last post says "My friend is coming to visit and all she wants to see is that damned Rat."
  5. I just saw all the males and the one female and thought "That's a ho!"
  6. I had to laugh about this movie teaser. Everything about this movie is wrong, especially the special effects... and the fact that the "secret weapon" to fight the shark can be found on the site where I sell my 3D characters: http://www.daz3d.com/i/shop/itemdetails/?item=10443 So when I say some of the special effects cost $10, I'm not lying. The guy that made the tank said he didn't know whether he should be flattered or appauled.
  7. Oh Terrence....... I'm not responsible for anyone's head going straight into the gutter. I'm talking about BBQ.
  8. I went shopping and the gym and was back home by 5:30pm. I placed an order for some BBQ and got it after 6pm. The cooks must have gotten raptured because they they ascended before they put the sauce on the meat. So I went back the next day and got some sauce so i could actually enjoy my meal.
  9. Just had a flashback of when I was younger... This was from an 80s "exercise" program on Showtime. I wonder if anyone really did the exercises. The execises certainly weren't for Holly Homemaker's benefit. Ignore the blonde girl in first 30 seconds... she's playing. The real girl, Deborah, shows you how its done. All I can say is anyone that tries to keep up with that routine (especially when she get worked up near the end, almost knocking herself out with her foot) better have Mercy General on speed dial! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOqW60QzQs0 Terry Edit: Some of you youngsters can show this to your fathers... if they chuckle when they see it, you know what they "watched" when they were younger.
  10. Robb, you know I had to chuckle because this is our company's software that I have to learn top to bottom... and I was looking at this code last week. Of course on my development machine (with the HD LCD connected), I had to modify the ship's wine list as follows: I need to order a bottle of this fine wine... (this reminded me to get my butt down to Port Everglades and get my port id so I can get a tour of that ship) Terry EDIT: I just told some people in the support department about the screenshot and they said they totally understand about getting all those cupcakes and recommend if I make it on the ship to get one too.
  11. I agree with Robb on the Fast passes. I use them whenever they are available because it saves me a ton of time, especially when I go to a park by myself. Instead of waiting 30 or more minutes for a ride, I can zip through the park and back to the hotel and catch a nap for the evening's activities . It all goes into planning your day, it helps to know what you want to get on most and knock those out. If a ride is broken, switch to something else and check back. I also love if they have a single rider line, that means I ride twice if the line isn't too long. I can queue it up in fast pass and then sit in the single rider line. If the single rider line wait lasts longer than I wanted to and the fast pass is ready, then I can opt to get out and ride in the Fast Pass or stay where I'm at. But fast pass and single rider options are there to help speed you through the park... only if you know how to use them and plan your day right.
  12. Minor rant among my other ones that I don't feel like posting: After all these years, Rollercoaster tycoon platinum comes out for the Mac. This includes the Wild! update that I've been waiting on and what I've had to hack to get it to work on my mac. Then of course I started playing it on the PC instead because of the crashes. So I happened to get a copy of Platinum for $19 online for Windows... you know how much they want for Mac? $49! Somebody's drunk! I'll stick to the PC thank you!
  13. I was looking at apartment listings and one required urinalysis before the lease is signed? Excuse me? Urinalysis! What neighborhood is this place in or what tenants was this person getting? Clicking on next link....
  14. Nothing gets me more pissed that when I finally get myself in a good mood and someone wants to try my nerves. Even worse when they want to try it on Friday evening... you know when it's finally the end of the week and you just want to sit down and unwind. People that have made that mistake learn to regret it. My roommate's boyfriend wanted to have it out with me because he didn't like the way I left the bathroom. I was running late for work and I didn't rinse the shower jell down the drain and I left my shaving cream and stuff on the counter. Now keep in mind, because I pay rent this MY bathroom and he only comes down once a month. So anyway, he gets home while I'm at work, slams the bathroom door, knocking over a shelf spilling the contents on the ground (not picking them up), left a towel IN the bathtub and rolled the bathroom rug on the side of the tub, which is now soaked and need to be washed and dried. Now here I come though the door, sees the mess, takes the items off the floor and put them up, see the towel and then my roommates wants to warn ME about his boyfriend. I got pissed and said "C'mere and look at this." I told him he'd better not even think about having any conversation when he did this. And it's not like I've had to get the clorox clean up and put on some gloves to clean up the poop and pee he left on the toilet before I even tried to sit my butt down on (just nasty). "I didn't say anything then but if he starts with me, I'll bring it up, I won't be nice about it and I won't stop, especially when you all used up the cleaning supplies I bought and I have to go back to the store to get more. He'd better just shut it up and get on the plane for your vacation tomorrow... tonight is NOT the night." I said more because he set me off and my roommate was trying to get me to calm down because I wanted his boyfriend to say something. Anyway, there were no more conversations that night and they went on their trip the next morning. Don't try me when you don't have your act together. Terry
  15. It's completely "Wild Kingdom" going on here. I spent two days battling ants coming through the plumbing into the house (it's that time of year in Florida). After looking online I got ant stakes to put in all the flower pots and areas outside then wiped down all the areas of the kitchen and bathroom with cleaner mixed with vinegar (stinky)... finally i put plates of whole cloves by areas i think the ants are coming in. So far so good, but my roommate complained about the vinegar... then I said "If you put your dishes away and wipe them off properly when you put them in the dishwasher, I won't have to do this. I'm trying to get rid of the ants and you're feeding them!" Next my roommate had an early shift with work and it threw his big dog's poop schedule... so instead of waking to the smell of coffee, guess what I got a big whiff of? (almost hurling) So I had to clean that up too. Then I go outside to the laundry room to get the pooper scooper and see a dead squirrel at the bottom of the pool. I'm not getting that. Terry
  16. Umm, is it me or is it bad taste to whip out your iPhone and take pictures at a family funeral? You know while you're laying the flowers on the casket as they put it down in the ground? Oh I forgot... then you post those pics on Facebook?
  17. Does Robb look pleased to be on it? This is the look of pure rough riding pain. Kind of like the two wooden coasters I got on at Six Flags Georgia yesterday. (Owwwww!!) Oh and LOL at Robb, poor thing! And Bryan, I got a bone to pick with you (and the people taking the pics)... if ya gonna relive old times, ya gotta do it right! Let me pull up these old pics from my TPR and show ya... Ya'll didn't irritate him enough! You didn't use that um, ample body enough: (I remember he whispered "I'm only 16" when this was snapped ) I even got him doing the now defunct "statue credits"! But most of all... He's not working the camera enough! Sell it! Sell it!! W Work the camera sweetie!!! I mean really! Haven't I taught you anything Bryan? Put your head on it and look pleased! (Robb I hope you farted when he got close) See you guys in tomorrow! Terry
  18. A few pics brought back memories of living in the midwest when I was in college: The last time I rode this, it malfunctioned and did the cycle three times. I could barely walk off it and people were throwing up everywhere. Ended up being a fun date to remember. I went here, ONCE. They were aiming for the black man's head on purpose and throwing them like baseballs! Hopefully they have a bit more class now. I personally liked the restaurant that was the home of the little round pies. They didn't throw them and they were quite tasty. Terry
  19. Well I'm a more trained partier. If I couldn't make it too far, I would have went around the side of the bus. But being drunk made the trip to the hotel seem much quicker. I blinked and we were there! A few more things: 1. The Olympia Looping was the first coaster I've repeatedly grey-ed out on in the loops. 2. Can't say enough about the beer. 3. The food was good too! I ate the house down in lieu of riding rides. 4. Was there other stuff at the fair? If it wasn't for morgan dragging me out of the tent and heading into the fair I'd really be in dire straights.
  20. Well I just got embarrassed. My drunk ass was high kicking and discoing around that room with Morgan and turned around... OOPS!!! I think he was too outdone to scare anyone. We'll both be alright. But going back a few pages, that German Fair was the best night (and drunkest I've been in years). Elissa climbing the pole, the excessive amount of drinking, then that German guy that was giving those cookies to the girls... then putting one on Erik! Uh oh! I punched it out of the area when he wanted to get me one. (I end up with it when someone handed to me before I got on the bus) Oh and I have to say that the cookie was nasty... well at least that's what my coworker said; he took a bite before I did. He said he's never taking any food I offer to him again. And as far as the bus stop, all I could do is stagger to the bathroom, pee and stagger back and pass out. Best time I tells ya. Terry
  21. I wasn't dunked... I was waterboarded for 5 minutes as i was thrown off my seat and to the side as a pipe burst, sending a torrent of water down on my face. Everyone else is holding on for dear life to stay in their seats as my feet are in the air, kicking wildly as water is splashing everywhere! I knew I was in trouble when the ride op said "When I blow the whistle... run!" Run? Run!?! (cue the airplane bombing sounds and water is exploding everywhere.) I did a moderate walk into the sub, but there was no way I was running down a narrow flight of wet stairs half the length of my feet. Enjoyed my day though. Terry
  22. Maybe it's the beers that I've consumed between the first class lounge and the first class section of the train, but in the group pic Stacey looks like she's flicking her nipples at the camera! (Go'on girl... You can slap me tmw). But look real close and see what I mean. Oops now everyone's looking at your boobs! Terry "Don't know how to act in First Class" Weaver
  23. Well it looks like everyone is having fun! Can't wait to meet up with everyone on Sat/Sunday... who am I kidding? I can't wait to get on the plane on Thursday and away from work! I'm still making my last minute preps and shifting the workload... and hoping that I can get out of Miami this time without a hitch! Terry "first stop in London is a Pub" Weaver
  24. Getting up at 3:30am for a 4am application deployment.. that was thrown at me at the very last minute. (sigh) Terry
  25. To be fair to the news channels, no one can really get into Santiago until they open up the airports, so I suspect once they can send people down there then we may see more coverage. Yesterday was mostly segments of people sending images and viewer videos; Hawaii was more accessible to the news crews, although they were trying to fill the air waiting for something to happen. I laughed too when that guy was getting his drink on at the golf course. My old roommate's family lives in Chile and they suffered some property damage but everyone is ok. They did have a tense moment when the family couldn't locate one of the brothers, but he's outside the capital trying to find a way to get back home.
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