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  1. ^ Anti Depression meds raise chances of committing suicide.
  2. Just watched Food Inc. last night. It was scary in that it shows the control that Big Food has over us. Big Food gives us the illusion of choice, it harms our earth, and it harms us in the end. It made me rethink the way I eat. It was disturbing but I think everyone should watch it and think about it.
  3. ^ Yes, I think we will try the Freedom. My only worries about it are the waits at embarkation and tendering. And I would like to know if there's any 24 hour restaurants, like a midnight buffet or pizzeria. Either way, it looks better than the Carnival Dream. We read terrible reviews about that one.
  4. My family is thinking about taking a cruise on Freedom of the Seas this fall. We've been on two Carnival cruises and one Princess cruise, so cruising is not a new thing for my family. What I want to know is if there's anything that makes cruising on RCCL any different or better from the other lines. Any information from past Freedom cruisers would be great!
  5. YES! I thought I was the only person who watched that show. Although I missed out on the original series, I discovered the greatness of the show on youtube.
  6. It's a tie between "Jesus Camp" and "Hell House". These fundamentalists are nutters.
  7. On Yahoo Translate it said that the site was a casino site that you play for money on and is condemned by French law.
  8. But little did they know that the gravy was infected with a deadly zombie virus...
  9. Argh! So angry at some people! I recently announced that I was Agnostic, and now, since I live in the bible belt, all of my "friends" are trying to convert me, and whispering about me behind my back! And nobody is there to support me because I am the only Agnostic person at my middle school! I'm tired of people "praying" for me!
  10. The children at the pond... They feed me bread! Random enough?
  11. I don't get whats going on with all the Carnival bashing on this thread. I'm reading posts that are bashing Carnival from people who've never even cruised on the line! I cruised on them twice, and although I did enjoy Princess cruises better, I found Carnival to be an okay cruise line. Unlike what I've read, there wasn't any drunk dudes passing out or puking in the atrium! It's a normal cruise line! ( but it's not that great either)
  12. Oh ya! It's a huge academic thing at my school to tour colleges. It's the same at my middle school.
  13. Actually I remember an episode of Futurama where they went to a movie theater to see a movie where they could vote on what would happen next in the film. I also remember that it didn't work oout too well. Does anyone remember this episode?
  14. The Sarah Silverman Program got canceled.
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