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  1. "Hellsystem - The Doctor" is verry nice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVbQl8iuYZE
  2. Olympia Looping & "Cannstatter Frühingsfest" in Stuttgart 5times at one day and Black Mamba & Phantsialand 63times at one day Here is my Video from Stuttgart
  3. If I read this I think you could like Hardstyle or Hardcore, because the Bass is very very hard. Here are some famous Hardstyle-Tracks
  4. Here are some new Pictures of me, the 1. and 2. Picture made at the Maday Twenty Young in "Westfalenalle Dortmund" the other pictures at Easterrave in "Turbinenhalle Oberhausen":
  5. I hear Hardstyle, Hardcore, Terrorcore, Speedcore, Happy Hardcore and Hands Up. I think the most people don't know this genres of music. The most People would say Techno to this music.
  6. I love this Tracks: Raise your Fist for Angerfist Hardcore4ever Yeah, Hardstyle is my Style Last week I have seen Angerfist, Twilight Forces and some mory at "Mayday" one of the biggest and famoust Rave-Partys in the world.
  7. My new favourite song is Italobrothers - Radio Hardcore
  8. There are some new: The Space Roller (Jolliet) a Mondial-Top Scan High Energy (Kaiser) This is a Zierer- StarShape Rocket (Goetzke) This is like a Starflyer with Inversions The Videos are from me And there is a new videos of Vortex, one of my favourite fairrides:
  9. Expedition Ge Force 168 Black Mamba 130 Blue Fire 43 Colossos (Heide Park) 27 Super Wirbel 20+ Desert Race 15 Alpina Bahn (travelling) 14 Teststrecke (travelling) 11 Euro-Mir 10 Silver Star 8 Euro-Sat 7 Xenox (travelling) 5 Spinnig Racer (travelling) 4 ...
  10. The last coaster I ride was the travelling coaster Xenox at the fair "Freiburger Frühjahrsmesse 2010" Here I made a video of this coaster:
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