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  1. I was actually referring to its density of awesome coasters. Didn't really mean to go political, but if you took it that way then I apologize.
  2. First Happy Magic Water Cube and now a the World Chocolate Dream Park. I'm tellin' ya, those Chinese people have gotten it right. Now I really need to make a trip out there. Megalite + chocolate park = awesome. Hopefully I'll be able to take a side trip when I'm in Hong Kong next summer!
  3. Wow. I'm very very very x 100 impressed! This looks absolutely fantastic, the level of detail on this thing is phenomenal. Looks like I have a reason to go back to IoA.
  4. Yes! I agree 100%. I would much rather have Magnum's "painful" ejector than lame B&M floater air. Riding in the back of Magnum, it does hurt, but it's awesome flying out of your seat up-and-down through tunnels. I love it. See, I prefer floater air over ejector air. Every time I experience ejector air, it feels like my stomach is up to my throat, and I don't really like that sensation although I could see how some people like it. Just not my cup of tea.
  5. I've always felt that Magnum was overrated ever since I rode it last summer. Yeah, it's got a ton of airtime, but not the good kind. I could hardly feel my thighs after I rode that thing. I think I prefer parabolic hills a little better, but each to his own.
  6. Hopefully the new shade of blue fits in with the surroundings. It looks okay by itself, but I'm withholding judgment until I actually see it for myself as to how it fits in. I was hoping for a little darker shade of blue, but this is fine too.
  7. I'm all for an upgrading the effects and renewing old ones, but it's a bit of a stretch to call it a new ride, IMO.
  8. I'm glad that the employees are getting the care they deserve. The past few times I went, I saw a marked change in their behaviour -- they were treating guests well and with respect. It's definitely a step in the right direction. As to Batman's new color scheme, I think I'll withhold judgment until I see it in person, but I'm hopeful it'll turn out well.
  9. The last time I took a trip to the Mountain (last summer) Viper was running absolutely amazing. Not a single headbanging moment to be found. It wasn't a fluke, because I went on it about five times throughout the course of the day, and each ride experience was simply great. Maintenance perhaps? It's strange, because every other Arrow looper I've ridden has been pretty rough, to say the least.
  10. I agree. You've got a little too high hopes if you're serious about wanting to win an NE accolade when this is your first work. Short steps are the key, start out with mini parks and designs and learn from the best. Download previous winners and analyze them, and then start on your own designs. It's going to take a while, don't be too eager.
  11. The nighttime Time Machine pic is my new desktop. Great pics!
  12. As much as I like Alien Encounter and believe in its superiority over the god-awful Stitch, it doesn't belong at a Magic Kingdom park, IMO. At some of the second gates it would do fine, but it just didn't mesh with the theme of Tomorrowland they had going for the Magic Kingdom. It was an awesome show, but they chose an unfortunate place to open it.
  13. Now that I think about it a little bit, blue might not be so bad after all. A very dark blue and black would look pretty nice and a little more 'new Batman' like than plain grey. But as it's been pointed out, it's Georgia's Batman that's getting the paint, not ours. False alarm.
  14. WHAT??? That came straight out of left field. I really, really don't want to believe this. Batman is fine as it is. I'm all for a repaint, but blue?
  15. Definitely a whooper and a little bit of a laugher as well. Manhattan Express, on the other hand...
  16. I'm one of the few people who doesn't absolutely HATE HISTA. Can it be better? Absolutely, and it should have been. All it was was a show that had overstayed its welcome by a considerable margin. When it first debuted in the 90's it drew big crowds simply because of its novelty. Now, though, it looks and feels like a dud. I still visit HISTA from time to time when I need some A/C, and still manage to get a couple of chuckles out of it. Yeah, it's stale, and the acting's corny, but there's still a few bits here and there that are watchable. As to EO, I'm a little ambivalent. I'm worried as to how the old, old technology will sit with today's viewers (although they will refresh the quality and whatnot, probably) and also about the PR fallout from those who consider MJ to be little more than a glorified rapist. I guess time will tell.
  17. I just read through the entire thread. You sir, are just amazing and have a ton of creativity. I've seen things here that I've never even seen attempted. Have you considered submitting it to New Element or something?
  18. This baby will definitely give some orgiastic scream - 100% guaranteed! Dare I say that this is going to better than Laser Snake Horse on Fire?
  19. I generally enjoy spinning coasters and don't really suffer from any ill effects riding them. So I would definitely rather see a THBS at SFMM than a used roller skater, but I can see why they would go that route. If only something definite would come out of Six Flags HQ...
  20. I'll be surprised if Eagle Fortress maintains its ranking as #2. There has been so many debuts over the past year that I think it's going to drop two or three places. Just out of curiosity, how many coasters has Kristen been on so far?
  21. Getting back on track here... Here's one more pic of a mist screen. These are about the same size as Fantasmic's mist screens or somewhat larger.
  22. Whoa, the banner looks sweeeet. Really vibrant colors, and I'm glad they finally covered up that skeletal structure.
  23. I read this in the paper this morning, and my heart goes out to his family. He was a force in Disney Animation and responsible for many of its hits. He was both a good man and an innovator, and he will be missed. The Los Angeles Times had an appreciation which I found to be very excellent.
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