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  1. I of course meant no disrespect to Six Flags or my fellow coaster fans. I just felt the ride could stand up to current standards on its own without any help. Yes, the ride takes up a LOT of square feet compared to more modern coasters but if space was an issue I really don't think with modern design technology a new ride (coaster or not) could be fit into the space available adding thrill to both the classic coaster and the new ride at the same time as has been done in many of circumstances over and over again at Six Flag parks and many non-SF parks. Take that classic ride and toss in a new co
  2. I'm sorry but there was NOTHING wrong with this ride to begin with. It was what is was. A fantastic RETRO ride. Fast, smooth (enough) and simply FUN to ride over and over again. New paint was enough. The VTR is NOT needed and I do not want anything to do with it.
  3. I posted the comment below on Robbs video for Lightening Run and decided to go ahead and post it here. While at the park I was discussing if I should (and wondered if I really wanted to) describe my day at KK and at the time decided not to do so but after spending a few hours on YouTube enjpying TPR vidoes and having the video of Lightening Run show up as something I should watch I decided to speak up about how bad my day was at Kentucky Kingdom. It was years before Six Flags closed the park after I had a bad day there, it has be 2 years (I think) since the park reopened without Six Flags and
  4. Super happy to see the Demon coaster in your park. I know... Arrows suck. But I love'em in this game and in real life. Very nice layout you have designed for the coaster. It is hard to make a good looking Arrow in this game and you did it very well. You captured all the quirkiness of a real Arrow. Unnecessary straight flat sections, unnatural flow from one element to the next and just generally bad pre computer aided design weirdness. Love it!
  5. ^ I agree about the trees. Too much of a good thing. Then again I kind of like the mystery of what is really down there that they project when viewed in certain pictures. Makes me want to go walking through the woods and see what I can find. Its the kind of park I would spend hours in just looking at the map without removing scenery, ride a few rides then either remove the trees so I can finally see everything or just leave the mystery alone and close the game. Just happy to have enjoyed what I did see. LOL, did that make any sense at all?
  6. These days I don't think I have any guilty pleasure rides but many years ago I did. Probably the only person in the world who actually liked Son Of Beast (loop version) and honestly have missed it ever since the loop was removed. It was my guilty pleasure ride, the ride I would sneak off and ride a few times when I visited Kings Island since I already knew nobody I was there with would ride it with me. After the loop was removed and the coaster trains changed I still road it every once in a while but I pretty much gave up on sneaking off to ride it. But thanks to Robb I still get to ride i
  7. Well... it is your fault this game has been fired up again after all these years and your fault that my work productivity is down 80%. Thanks! So do I, Nice work there, long time no see my old friend. Been messing around in the first scenario of RCT2. Nothing special and have no desire to do so. Just playing and having a bit of fun... NCS, no wide paths that confuse the guests (once the park is open), no hacking other than clearance issues. Simply my favorite way to play the game. I am trying to keep the look of the original Crazy Castle park when you first open it and just mak
  8. Carl's Jr. & Hardees Rallies, Checkers White Castle, Krystal All of these are the same company just sold under different names in different regions of the U.S. What other chains are using the same kinds of tactics selling their food?
  9. True! The person below me has at least thought about going gay at least once.
  10. OK, let me start with a simple WOW. This topic should be pinned as an example of how to showcase RCT. Outstanding in every way possible. Pictures, videos, downloads. Fantastic. This has got to be one of the most professional looking topics EVER! Your designs are awesome, your themes for them are perfect and the way you have presented them here is on a level I have never had the privilege to view before in these forums. Thank you so much for your time and effort. - Daniel
  11. Could not disagree more about uninstalling the expansion packs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using them, there are lots of great themed rides in those packs. The scenery is pretty bad but most of the ride styles are not. From what pictures I could see you are for the most part building your scenery with mostly non-expansion RCT2 objects with only a few expansion pack items for added effect and that is a good thing in terms of learning how to build. I guess what I am trying to say is... If you are building to please others then by all means remove the expansion packs but if you are bu
  12. Great park, really enjoyed coming into TPR today and looking at this topic from page one. Honestly I skipped most of the commentary (sorry). But I did read enough to know you are working without trainers, it's a timeline park and so on. I found it odd that once the mid 1980's hit a few on-ride photos didn't start appearing on select rides and as the years went by were not added to more rides. They are huge money makers for parks and I am sure a park like yours could use a few to help with the money flow. Great job so far, I will be checking back to see how this ends. Best wishes and
  13. On the "both" side of things but with a HEAVY lean towards the Park Index. I often miss reports in the forums but have spent hours digging around in the Park Index and loved every minute of it. It is the one place where I know I can find what I am wanting to see, find it quickly and not have to dig through post after post from other members about how much they love or hate Millennium Force while looking for parts 2 or 3 of the Trip Report.
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