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  1. Hi pals, Just took some advice from you pals and trying to avoid the bulky building blocks. Some more pics! Main junction of the park! Simple Food court! Goliath Entrance - I think its a mess! That's the park safari ride! A mini coaster! Golf Garden. Too much of plants? Hope this looks okay! One more coaster in the corner!
  2. And don't know what happened to the pics. It either gets cropped or blacked out. Should I change it to JPG format before uploading? The screenshots gets bmp extension.
  3. Thanks Molemaster for your comments. This is the first park for me in RCT! My initial thought was to have a thick forest kind of atmosphere and later it turned out to be too greenish. I will add some bushes and shrubs now to make it less clustered. Ah yeah I know that am not having good time with the roofs and walls. Need to work on the colors and fine finish. Wanted to place the observation tower a bit higher. But then the pathways looked very ugly till the top entrance. So made that butchy building. Coasterbill, Thanks pal for your feedback. Haven't used any expansion pack themes(just using couple of rides I got from it). I'll add some more colors and share pictures this weekend.
  4. Did some more work yesterday and sharing them! SCR16.BMP Added my favourite ride Goliath! SCR18.BMP Tried what I saw in one of the posts! SCR19.BMP Placed Niesch's go kart inside this building! SCR21.BMP Construction still in progress! SCR22.BMP That's the park's main junction on the center and the construction is yet to complete!
  5. Are the pics looking clear? I posted some more couple of hours back and do not see that post now!
  6. Some more for you pals. Hope you like it. Would love to get some suggestions. SCR7.BMP This is how the park looks so far. Long way to go! SCR8.BMP Thrill rides under construction near kids zone! SCR9.BMP Not looking great to me SCR10.BMP A corkscrew coaster! SCR11.BMP SCR13.BMP That's the wooden coaster. I dont know how to get that intensity down! SCR14.BMP Can someone suggest a name for this :S SCR15.BMP really long!
  7. Hi pals, I am new to the world of RCT. Just came across while browsing and got interested. Attaching some pics for some feedbacks! I am a newbie so please bear any silly stuffs. Will post more pics later tomorrow. Cheers, Marun SCR6.BMP SCR1.BMP SCR3.BMP SCR4.BMP
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