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  1. Nice ride. The setting is really neat and you added a new element that was absolutely crazy. Your trackwork is getting better with every ride you build and now that you know how to work AHG, they get even better. Your support work is also superb. The building was also outstanding. And lastly, check your PMs.
  2. My bad, it was less than one hour. But anywho, the question still needs to be answered!
  3. So you asked the same thing I asked just 2 hours later?
  4. Oh yes, as the internet people say, PLz pLz kan u PLz!!! Relese Te ting??? Translation: When is the Release date? And the point of this was?
  5. No. 1. Click on the node. 2. In the upper right by the banking there are three buttons. Lock, Con Roll, Rel Roll. 3. Make it so only the Rel Roll is checked. That should fix the problem. Let me know if you need more help.
  6. ^Click on the node that is messed up and change the the type that it is. I can't remember the name of the node and I am away from No Limits until Sunday. If no one has replied, I will help out more on Sunday...
  7. ^Just like the Sanchez No-No. The 2nd out in the 9th was just as good.
  8. ^Yeah! About 5 people have said they are workin on something.
  9. I think that 9/10 times, when you do a contest, you can't MAKE someone terraform. Lets face it, some people can and some can't. I don't know how long you took in writing up the rules, but I think that you can't just come on here, and think... lets make a contest. When I do contests, I sometimes take 3-4 days thinking about the rules before I post it. Some of your mistakes are simple ones that could have been fixed with a little thinking. Don't worry, over time, you will get the hang of it!
  10. Any chance you can email me the current version for testing?
  11. Can we expect to see a release sometime in the near future, or is this project on the short end of ones to finish?
  12. Jack, it's your time to shine! But really, there is a member that works with them so he might be able to help.
  13. Looks like the NL' losing streak is still alive!
  14. ^But if you plan on not having them start until a later date, why give the download? How do you know that people are not already working? Unfair advantage?
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