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  1. August, when things were a bit better here COVID-wise. When’s the last time you watched a Hallmark movie?
  2. Sparkling water, had some with lunch. Water slides or wave pool?
  3. Last weekend. When was the last time you saw live music?
  4. Agreed on Mello Yello, though I'm trying to have less soda and sugar. Not always easy in summer...
  5. Last August, and it may be the last time for a while. When's the last time you went to a water park?
  6. Dragonforce- Through the Fire and Flames
  7. Good beach pic. Last soda for me was Coke during b-day dinner last night
  8. So far in 2019 I have seen Iced Earth, Nightwish and Sacred Reich here in Cleveland. A good start to the year.
  9. Armored Saint tonight here in Cleveland.
  10. Granted, but the lines are long, the tix are outrageous, and everything is overpriced. I wish we would finally have spring.
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