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  1. ^ I don't think Duelling Dragon is going anytime soon. Even if it's no longer duelling, it's still an immensely popular attraction. Plus, its new name, Dragon Challenge, doesn't even mention the duelling part. It can still run as two distinct coasters. Just because the coaster had lost a part of its purpose doesn't mean that it should be automatically scrapped completely.
  2. Well, looks like Tokyo is getting another beautifully-themed ride. But seriously, 2 billion yen?! Is it because of the high cost of living in Japan?
  3. My first coaster is Dragon Fire at Canada's Wonderland. I rode it in 2007. Actually before when I was smaller, I've went on some kiddy coasters, but they don't really count since they're either unimportant or are not permenant.
  4. So excited! Maglev is so incredibly fast! Imean, the two train passed each other and the other disappeared within literally 1 second.
  5. Dragon Fire crushed my chest so hard during the loops.
  6. Fireball looks amazing, although in Chinese, it is Wooden Dragon, not Fireball. The Mega-Lite is called Blue Moon (something to do with Shangri-La) Coaster. I'm so glad they're having a non-Vekoma mine train, not that they're bad, it's just the Vekoma track doesn't look fit as a mine train rail track which ruins the feeling a bit. I think that Happy Valley Shanghai had a rocky start is probably because it's trying to rush the opening. If they finished all the rides first, and figured out the perfect way to operate, then open, it will be the best.
  7. The coaster looks great! Although the layout (minus the lift hill0 looks kinda like Mega-Lite.
  8. BGE is awesome! Wanna go there so bad! I can't believe that Big Bad Wolf will be gone soon.
  9. lol, Nice with all the bizarre drinks I've never heard of.
  10. Wow! Gröna Lund looks beautiful, and Power Park looks better than ever!!
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