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  1. I kind of remember reading in a West Coast Bash update a few years ago that SFMM said a drop tower is being considered in their 5 year plan. If that's true, I think a drop tower is pretty likely.
  2. Well, I had an idea that could get the parks feet wet before we just add a big coaster. I was trying to take into consideration that less people could be attending SFA right now, based on the economy. If things are worst in 2012, they may not get the return on it that they were expecting. Of course their expectations on money return for such an investment should be spread over a longer period of time, give or take the condition of our economy. But check out this next idea I have. Now here is where I get back to an old idea. I still think it would be a cheaper investment in this economy to remove Tower of Doom and install a Drop Zone Tower in Gotham City. Yea the park could use another monster to top Superman, but wouldn't a new drop tower get SFA's feet wet before we add another rolling monster? Again, it's only a suggestion for a 2013 attraction. They could just fill Tower of Doom's old spot with a few flat rides while the new monster tower is in Gotham City. The flats, would be family oriented so that nobody gets neglected. So you're suggesting that SFA take out their drop tower so they can build a different drop tower? I don't understand why SFA would waste their money on that. Their current drop tower is perfectly fine, there is no reason to build a new one. What the park does need is a new coaster, and there is no reason to wait any longer.
  3. So this means if you get there too late in the day and they run out of tickets, you can't ride? It's nice that the system reduces lines, but it would be a bummer if you didn't know this system was going on and there was no way to ride because of it.
  4. ^They charge by height because height determines how many rides you can ride. Most parks start charging the adult price at 48" because that is the height where you can ride most coasters. People under 48" are charged less because they can't ride as many of the rides.
  5. It's good for what it is. I think the fireworks in the last scene look really cool and I like the music, but I didn't really get the story. I guess I'm just not a Disney person.
  6. Does anyone know what I should expect the lines to be like at this park on a sunday in June or July? I know this park is known for not being very crowded, but I went a few years ago on a weekday and most rides were walk-on, but a few rides had hour lines due to horrible operations. I'm considering a trip, but I'm not sure if a weekend visit is the best idea. Thanks for the help.
  7. I've seen very well-run Flash Pass systems, and very poorly run Flash Pass systems (SFA isn't the only one that sometimes has issues). I can see why some people would be happy to not have Texas Giant on Flash Pass, but overall SFOT seemed to do a good job with the system on my visit, and I don't think it will affect the normal wait very much. And if the Flash Pass people didn't have Flash Passes, they would just be in the normal line, making the line longer. Either way, you're waiting about the same amount of time. I can see why Gold and Platinum Flash Passes upset people, but they are so expensive. How many people really pay $90+ for a Platinum Pass?
  8. I wanted to let everyone know that Amusement Park Authority has been granted an interview with Ed Hart, the redeveloper of Kentucky Kingdom. If you have a question for Ed Hart that you would like us to ask in the interview, you can click the link below and post your questions there. You can submit your questions until Monday, March 14. The interview will take place soon after and we will post the answers to your questions soon after. Submit your questions here: http://amusementparkauthority.com/forums/showthread.php?p=18634
  9. So this ride has the same height requirement as a futuew kiddie coaster at SFMM? Love this ride! It looks vey cool!
  10. He said on the previous page that he's taking a break from the park to focus on school and the next update will be posted on November 1.
  11. I was at the park today and talked to the Operator of Washout. He said the ride would close in a week because they needed to send some parts off to get refurbished and he said the queue would get shade and the ride would be repainted over the offseason.
  12. Just out of curiosity, how did you get to the top of the track on Afterburn?
  13. It said Weber will become the COO so hopefully he will manage the theme park side and Anderson can handle the business side.
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