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  1. ^Down here in FL for-profit religions museums and such are exempt from all taxes, including property, if they offer 1 free day a year. This is nothing new in the governments helping these places for political reasons.
  2. Leaving EPCOT after Illuminations in October, we saw a couple fight. Their topic for this fight was over which was better Wishes or Illuminations. The girlfriend was screaming "Why don't you give Wishes a chance !?!?!" and her slapping him. The fight lasted the entire time it took my party to exit (20 minutes with pin trading) and went the entire length of future world. The last we saw was she had him by the shirt hockey style screaming at him about giving Wishes a chance as cast members looked on confused. Who knew WDW fireworks could cause a violent fight.
  3. ^I'm thinking the name of the park. However, that does not explain why they are using the .com in every graphic of the park name.
  4. The rides look great and I'd go opening day. But I'm still bothered by the fact their logo leads to a website that is parked by Go Daddy.
  5. I would love to see another coaster use the trick track element from Shivering Timbers. It's a ton of fun, surprises you and can be added to almost any coaster.
  6. I guess Baker is becoming a traveling road show. Get investors, bring in rides there for 1-2 years and onto the next city. On a random note, they want to build a hyper or bigger in the plan? That is one way to get noticed in a market with 40-50 attractions within 15 minutes.
  7. You are right on the Little Dipper, most of it was new wood. The total cost of moving a wooden kiddie coaster 45 minutes and rebuilding was around a cool million. This was a coaster that ran 6-7 months before the re-open by a park that took care of the ride.
  8. Facebook also has an ad for savethebigdipper.com for Big Dipper Savings. I was stunned to see this while playing Madden Superstars (If the photo is too big, let me know) How can I not help the Prince?
  9. Can we get this as a filter whenever someone mentions the Big Dipper?
  10. ^^How can we know the details when it seems the "founder" does not know them either.
  11. Well, that would be the third wooden coaster to be up for a Pepsi grant. Which is sad I can type that and it's true.
  12. Was at Universal Orlando today and was told the ride was down for annual maintenance. Guest are being told to check back Monday to see if the ride is up. I feel bad for people who come back Monday to ride HRRR.
  13. Sad to see KaTonga go today, but at least it played to packed houses all 3 performances. Lots of former performers and park management at the final show. Thanks to all the performers for the wonderful show.
  14. ^I agree with that. It falls along the lines of it's easier to be a keyboard warrior for the project then actually take the time to care about it in person. Also, with the Pepsi Refresh, there is no guarantee they get the money. Pepsi has until September 22 to decided if they get the cash. If Pepsi goes with the wording in the proposal, where it seems like the ride will not re-open without the money, there could be issues.
  15. The non-sexual parts of that rule so much. I love the songs so much from that movie.
  16. Every single theme park/roller coaster enthusiast needs to take this to heart.
  17. I never really play any carnival games at the parks just due to cost. Now ticket games I am all over. Randomly, Cedar Point and Sea World Orlando have the best selection of redemption prizes that are souvenirs of the park itself.
  18. All these issues could be solved if marriage was no longer a legal contract (straight or gay.) Turn everyone into civil unions and let the religious folks have their marriage back.
  19. ^You are missing one key point: it is government owned. That means any "profits" made get funneled into fat contracts of the politicians friend's companies.
  20. With it being government ran, I'm am betting some of the vendors are getting some amazing contracts costing the park millions.
  21. This year I have Six Flags AP from St. Louis WDW regular non-FL resident AP Busch Gardens Tampa/Sea World 2 year AP In the next few weeks I'll have my Universal Orlando AP.
  22. What happens? If it's gory I probably wont be bothered, but anything psychological really gets to me (Threads, Blair Witch, Shining) Salo is not so much gory as much as showing how low humanity can go. The basic plot of the movie is Nazi guards and what they force their young prisoners to do. However, it's not filmed or shot in the "gross-out" style but with a serious tone.
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