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  1. Your blog is bomb. I love it. Definitely following.
  2. Here in Northern California we have a water park called "Waterworks Park" and it has a total of 8 slides. One of them is a "raging river" style slide where you ride on a raft. This continues to be probably the most insane raging river ride I have ever experienced. I'm not sure I can embed the video I have of it (it's on the waterpark's website). http://www.waterworkspark.com/river.cfm Waterworks also has a tower with 3 body slides that feature something interesting i've never seen before either. They have "boosters" on them that feature a 4 foot by maybe 1 1/2 foot tube that fills with water. Then when it's your turn to go, the op hits a pedal and the water empties out and pushes you along the slide. Has anybody else seen this before on body slides?
  3. I'm seeing her on May 21st in San Francisco! I'm so excited!
  4. I heard the nuclear thing was actually a law because one of the cooling systems malfunctioned. The law states that if any of the cooling systems malfunction that it's required by Japanese law that they declare a "nuclear emergency."
  5. I'm a junior getting my bachelors in physiology! yay
  6. It's from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! I love that movie, by far one of the most quotable Christmas movies ever!
  7. Playland Park was the only place you could get "it's-it" bars for some 40 years until 1972 when the park was demolished.
  8. The large tube is the Mega Tube. I believe the "flume in flume" is different than the mega tube (though possibly related). Flume-in-Flume just means that the flume has a large enough diameter to allow for another slide to pass through it. Much like the picture shows, a piece of green slide inside of the bigger one. I however, don't understand how this could be achieved from a support standpoint.
  9. I wish the gay community as a whole was filled with more people like you. I'm sick and tired of all the gay people who constantly discriminate against their own type.
  10. This reminds me of Skull Kingdom in Orlando, FL. Except they say your name and chase you through it!
  11. So how DOES Toy Factory actually end? People always say/said it was crazy and super unexpected, it has me really intrigued.
  12. Not to change the topic, but that paint job is hideous. Why'd they have to make it into colored sections like that? I liked the blue and red from the promo photo better :/
  13. The drifting coaster is a pipe dream. So is the splitting coaster. Imagine what would really happen if the coaster drifted over to one side in a high speed turn and went WHACK. That would be painful. The track's probably dark to blend in with the terrain. Is the drifting coaster a dream? Because I feel like Premier has a prototype ready to go. Aren't Tulireki at Linnanmaki and Reaper at Amsterdam Dungeon along the same lines, except my Mack? They're both Mack "e-Motion" coasters. Please correct me if i'm wrong but it's my understanding that these coasters feature a slight "drift" along the corners. http://www.rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&mo=8415
  14. Instead of removing Cobra, I think they could remove, Scat-A-Bout, Wave Jumper, Thrilla Gorilla, Monkey Business, and/or even the Arc? I just think it's really weird they'd remove Cobra. What ever happened with the empty space from that starfish/casino-type ride?? Is that still there or did they do something with it??
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