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  1. After seeing Six Flags stock start falling last year I knew it wouldn't be long. I thought they might crash before this though.
  2. There is going to be a nice pop of air right before that break run. I hope I will be able to ride this thing.
  3. I can not wait till I am 16 and can scare at SFGAm! Good luck to anyone who is working this year at any event.
  4. I for one can vouch for that "All over the park" statement on this ride. When I went last month to KI for my class trip I saw paint lines and flags as far as the carousel, and the entrance.
  5. Last year I rode Expedition Everest 35 times in one day. I <3 the single rider line, you always sit with the most interesting people.
  6. I will be heading to KI next week for a class trip so I will have some updated pictures if anything has changed.
  7. So your saying since EE stops twice to switch directions it is lame?
  8. Also look at the track in the background of the art. No ties on the track at all, it is just the spine... ew.
  9. http://www.thedibb.co.uk/seaworld-manta.php Let the drooling begin...
  10. I am sure the park will look 100% better once the trees grow in.
  11. Is there anyway to get the train back into the station without doing breaks then half-loop into the station? Seems a little unrealistic. But I know this is just a game.
  12. As said above, this would be an awesome game to have on a PSP or DS.
  13. Let's blame it on Youtube and the rest of the internets!
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