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  1. It has been asked, and i initially said no. I'm now considering it in an expansion, but it won't be in the initial release as the supports are drastically different to those seen on steel coasters.
  2. I'm afraid standard corners simply won't happen (at least not in this version of the game) due to the way the coaster track is rendered "behind the scenes" inside the computer. You can turn the track around with a dive loop, immelmann or a steep turning corner. Gforce meter will pop up at some point, but it's being a bit troublesome hence why it hasn't appeared in any videos.
  3. Bit slow on the updates i'm afraid! Here is the latest video of the game's development.
  4. Sorry, but i really don't have a clue! I'm working on it in my free time so i work on it whenever i get the chance!
  5. The easiest way to keep updated would be to subscribe to my Youtube videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/uberg When the trailer is released, the demo will be released around the same time so you'll be informed by email. Of course i'll update this site too!
  6. You're gonna have to keep sitting tight for now i'm afraid! It's getting there but it's a long road! I'm working on updating the graphics at the moment so the cars look nicer. Unfortunately the inverted coaster is no longer in the game, but it's not really a huge loss. It may be put in if i make an expansion or sequel!
  7. That is a good idea, but it would be far too complex in the system i have made, sorry it would mean drawing far too many frames of animation for both the track and the cars (it's all drawn pixel by pixel, not 3d rendered like Rollercoaster Tycoon).
  8. How would this work? At the moment you can twist the track 180 degrees while doing a half loop, so the train is up the right way at the top of the loop.
  9. In most levels the station will be in the center of the land, so whether you use the majority of the left or right of the station is up to you. In the test levels i play in the video there is no room to the right, so i am forced to make a tight turn into the station. In the full game you will probably head left, turn, then have a brake run straight into the station. You won't pass the stage if the train can't stop in the station! It depends how long you want to spend on levels as to how long it takes to complete! The levels will have a score system, so if you want to get the best score you will have to play each level a few times to figure out how! At the moment i'm considering an online high score ranking table so you can see the top 3 scores for each level! I am planning for 15 levels to be in the game, all nice and different! There will also be a sandbox mode, and there is likely to be a level editor so you can make levels and share them with people.
  10. Thanks again guys! All this feedback is very encouraging! Hopefully we'll be seeing the game ready for download in a couple of months if all goes smoothly! Please don't hesitate to suggest anything you'd like to see in the game.
  11. Well, i've been using the MMF product line for about 10 years now, so i've more or less got the hand of it! This REALLY pushes MMF to the limits though with all the mathematical calculations performed on both the track angles/lengths and the train cars, not forgetting gravity! For anyone who hasn't used MMF, i really recommend trying out MMF2 at http://www.clickteam.com/ It allows you to make almost anything in 2d you want. You can use their built in properties to make a platform game or racing game (although this is very restricted). Or you can do what i did and go full on and make something unique You don't need to be able to understand scripting, but you do need to understand programming concepts.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback and support, it's greatly appreciated! The coaster can either be launched or lifted by a chain lift. It depends what the scenario gives you, it might let you choose or it might force you. Here is an OLD video of lift chain in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoLWf-8QTc4 As you can see from the screenshots, there are several types of coaster you can build too. The game will be downloaded as normal software (it doesn't run in the browser like a flash game) for use in Windows. Mac users, i believe, can run Windows software through a special program.
  13. Oh, just to add: This game will be completely free to download It's just a project I'm working on in my spare time. I know it doesn't have all the fancy stuff from RCT3 and it doesn't have the precision of No-Limits. But it's fun to play... and that's what counts, right?
  14. Hey all! I'm currently creating a roller coaster building game, and i'm looking for all the feedback/suggestions i can get! The game is primarily a point scoring game where you have to build a coaster and achieve certain goals to score points. As you get through the levels, you are given more challenging goals and harder terrain to work with. As pictures tell 1000 words, videos probably tell 5000, so i'll leave you with this video of the game in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D534Z4f7hcA Here is a couple of screenshots: Any feedback at all would be excellent! Thanks for your time [/img]
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