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  1. Thanks for the update Robb! I was hoping to go get my credit sometime in the next couple weeks. I didn't realize that it was literally right next to the beach. Very nice! The tie-ins with Attractions Magazine though... Ehhh???...
  2. Hey guys! I recently returned from a trip to Germany where I was able to stop by the Nurburgring! There isn't much info on the site about the attractions, so I thought I would do a quick Photo TR. Obviously the racetrack is best known here for the notorious Ring Racer coaster, but it turns out there is a whole mini theme park here. Besides the coaster, Nurbirgring also features a 4D movie, a motion simulator, a trackless dark ride, a walkthrough attraction, and a rotating theater. Also... in terms of visiting the park.... it is located in between Klotten and Phantasialand. We were easi
  3. You can take the Silver Bullets, Patriots, and Black Mambas... I will be riding Nemesis, Dragons, and Montu! Banshee will probably be perfect for you! I mean, this is the same fan base that still clings to the idea that Magnum and Beast are top 10 rides and that the Big Dipper should still be saved. I can only worry so much about hurting their feelings!
  4. I am loving how much the KI fanboys are going crazy for this. You guys... We all know that this thing is going to open and all of the Ohio enthusiasts are going to sing praises of how intense and brilliant this is. (The same way that Diamondback was praised as an airtime machine). Then everyone else is going to go visit KI and realize that it's really not all that. Looks big and boring. And let's be honest... It's going up be forceless. Will be perfect for that park! There... I said it!
  5. ^I really didn't like it. It rode pretty awkwardly to be honest. Not rough or painful by any means, just more weird and uncomfortable. It seems to me like Gerstlaur still hasn't perfected their heart lining or something like that. Idk, just my thoughts. It probably didn't improve my opinion of the ride to see the park only running 2 of their 4 trains within two weeks of opening...
  6. Took my first visit to Phantasialand yesterday and will take any excuse to go back! This flume will more than suffice as a reason! (That and I need my Mystery Castle fix) Although, my one big negative about the park... What gives with most of the rides not opening with the park? And then they close all the queues before the park closes? I hated that.
  7. Wow, just catching up on all of this. What a terrible accident. Unfortunately, it also is a pretty awful reminder of how bad our media sources can be. Hopefully between iRat and NTG something will reopen in time for the Texas/Midwest trip.
  8. Great suggestion! We are heading to Cranger Kirmes from Phantasialand so that could work out pretty easily. How does it work with getting on rides at these fairs? Do you buy individual tickets for the rides? Also, is it pretty much a cash-only sort of setup? Any advice in general for Americans who are going to a German fair for the first time?
  9. Loving these photos! I have never been to a German fair, but will be going to Cranger Kirmes in a couple weeks. Getting excited!
  10. So, it seems like this is the closest thing to an official Nagashima Spaland thread (maybe?). So mods, feel free to move this if this is the wrong place... But has anyone seen this new slide at Nagashima Spaland from White Water West? It looks amazing! Did anyone on the Japan trip ride this? [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  11. I will be there early August, so I'm hoping it operates for at least that long!
  12. According to the LA times, Ring Racer is set to open July 7th. LINK: http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-ring-racer-coaster-nurburgring-06201325,0,6810945.story
  13. ^Awesome! I will be there on August 1st! Can't wait to ride this.
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