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  1. This is sad news. I got my mailer for me to buy next years season pass and it clearly states on bottom dinosaurs alive will be a $5 upcharge attraction.
  2. Oh Big Mike I am so sorry I didnt know and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
  3. Well having worked as a ride operator at family kingdom for the last 2 years I have to say I know what they have to deal with now. I mean you see all kinds of crazy stuff on rides. One time a guy came off of swamp fox with his pants halfway down. Yeah automatic ejection from park. And this chick flashed the cams on the log flume coming down the last hill last summer. I love the park and hope freestyle makes it. Family kingdom is also in trouble as the guy who primarily owned it died end of last season. His kids want to sell it to his ex wife or sell it piece by piece. So we do not know how long that park will last now.
  4. I dont wish to make anyone mad. I just know that from reading this forum the last two years that most of the people in this forum dislike the park and think its a joke. I know when the park opened it probably would not survive. But with these new investors who have the cash to make it happen and expand I could see it working. You also have to look at when this park opened. It opened right when the economy tanked. If it would have opened even 1 year earlier then they would have had better chances of making it. I love this park as it is my home park and I live 5 minutes away. I know its no carrowinds or busch gardens but it is my park. I have the highest coaster count for all the rides for the last two years. In 2008 I was there every day it was open if not for just 10 mins to catch a ride on Led Zepplin. I also work at family kingdom so I can kill two birds with one stone. I can go to both parks for free and have a ball doing it. If they do go under all I can say is I hope a nearby park buys the rides like Carowinds. I know they could do with Round About in their park or even Soak'd. They have space and the money. I can only say on what I have heard and who I have spoke to. I have been in the park in the last week and believe me the park is in full swing getting ready for opening. Vekoma did the maintanence on the roller skater two weeks ago and the whole kiddie section was in a mess where they were fully taking apart and inspecting all of those rides.
  5. Well the new investor pormises new things throughout the season and the next. This investor has the money to survive a few seasons and bring in and expand the park.
  6. I will laugh at all of you wishing the park bad luck. I know for a fact because I have inside sources. The park will open because a deal has already been struck with an investor. You will see but they are waiting as long as they can to announce it. I have seen the park inside recently and everything is being worked on from repainting some building to fully making sure the rides are all running after havin winter maintenance done. See you soon at the park as I already have a 2010 season pass.
  7. It is anti rollbacks because I know almost everything there is to know about Led Zepplin aka Time Machine and heard the same noise and asked. I was told it was anti rollbacks.
  8. I am wanting some large size rollerocaster backgrounds for my computer screen. I dont have a widescreen so the huge ones are too big. I just want one to fil my screen without stretching or making it smaller.
  9. HERE IS THE SIGNATURE: Take the quotation marks off of it and copy it into your profile section under signature. "url=http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=41995][/url]"
  10. Hey Happy Birthday Big Mike. Your birthday is the day after mine. Have lots of fun.
  11. Well I am so stoked and I love this show. I am so anxiously waiting for season 1 part 2 Road to regionals. IT IS NOT GOING TO BE SEASON 2. It will be called Season 1: Part 2 - Road to Regionals.
  12. Im anxiously awaiting freestyle music parks report as I am in it. It was a great day hanging with you even though it was only for a few hours because you had to catch a flight.
  13. Do you think you will finish your trip reports before your new season starts Big Mike?
  14. Thanks for explaining big Mike. Do you think you will finish your trip reports before your new season starts?
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