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  1. No sure what you've heard about Flight of Passage but Robb is right all theaters were working on opening day and are actually reliable. The reason they go down the most and stay down because people vomit and it takes quite a bit to clean the vehicles.
  2. Around 6am. They will still line up in the morning time. They did today also when they said it wouldn’t open till 11. They shut the line off around 6 saying it was at capacity
  3. They have had tough week. Without a soft opening it was bound to have gremlins. Least they let guests know
  4. That lady complaining on Twitter is mind boggling. Me and my fiancé did 7 out of 10 houses with a 100min wait for stranger things (worth it) plus academy of villains. We also left 15mins early or we could of queued for Carnival but we have frequent fear so we decided to get it on Sunday. She easily should of done all the houses last night with express. Stranger things was the only house I saw with an Express line wait
  5. I love Verbolten. My girlfriend who is not a hardcore enthusias enjoyed the ride. She loved the black forest indoor portion.
  6. There is another place a lot of the locals should know its called The Brass Pelican. It's right off Perkins ave next to a Domino's. They also have great wings with good sandwiches and a bar. Better then the usual BW's.
  7. I love Quaker Steak. One thing I miss about living up there. They have really good wings. Usually on Tuesday's they are all you can eat. Great flavors also. I prefer Cajun and the Louisiana Lickers.
  8. I'm pretty sure that float is still used during the Christmas Parade. Also I love that picture of main street with everyone lined up for the parade. No ECV wheelchairs or strollers.
  9. So much debate about the mcbr. Sometimes capacity is the number 1 thing parks are looking for and B&M does a great job with that. Especially down here in Florida where a lot of tourists just see big and fast. I don't know the exact number but that extra 300-400 people an hour makes a huge difference
  10. I will say one thing about the temp thing. When I worked at Islands of Adventure a couple years ago we couldn't run Hulk due the weather not going above a certain temperature. So it's weird six flags can run them but maybe its a Operator decision
  11. I don't understand the whole more marketable thing. It's Orlando. No offense to Intamin but B&M is more reliable then Intamin and usually has more capacity. Is it safe? Yes but people come anyway. Tourists just see new and tallest in Orlando
  12. I went both night's also and each night I thought the Purge at the best house of the night. Get there very early and stay late.
  13. Is it still one of the loudest coaster's in the park? Goodness did that thing roar when it was Mantis
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