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  1. So....I've decided I need an s2000. Anyone here have any thoughts about if the CR version is worth it?
  2. Hopefully I get to go this year. Last year I was stuck diving at the aquarium. If anyone coming has plans to go to the aquarium, I'm sure I could arrange a tour.
  3. League of legends is awesome! I am playing it and starcraft 2 right now. If anyone wants to add me, League of legends=wheresmyhotdog and my starcraft2 profile is hotdog
  4. I am now playing league of legends. I got bored with Bad company 2 because it takes so many hits to kill someone. I still play MW2 on PC and Xbox every now and then.
  5. I just went on a road trip from georgia to memphis, tn. OMG, the roads outside of georgia are terrible, and so are the drivers. People go under the speed limit in the left lane, drive through train tracks when the arms are down and the train is 30 ft away, and don't stay in their lane (drift all over the road). The roads are terrible, even when there are not pot holes and patches, the roads are not smooth.
  6. I am working on my Jeep today! gonna bring it back to life.
  7. I have gotten to where I do not like coffee. If I do make it/get it, I get french press. Otherwise I go to starbucks so that I can have the coffee taste hidden by the sugar and milk.
  8. GT- wheresmyhotdog I mainly play MW2. I have a JTAG xbox and make my own patches for when I get bored.
  9. Christoph Waltz, the guy from inglorious basterds, did trololo too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bZGBbm7Lfo
  10. I use to run, but I have not for the last couple of years. I am really skinny but decided I should start running again so that my arteries don't clog up. So I went to a park a couple of days ago and could barely jog a mile, and I am still hurting. Note to self, never stop again.
  11. Ubuntu is my linux of choice. I use it on my linux box that I use for all my server needs. Right now I host a Teamspeak 3 server on it and some game servers.
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