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  1. I predict any minute there will be another pointless complaint. Wait for it, wait for it.
  2. Voted everyday since this thread started.....I think you got this.
  3. IMO, They are both terrible rides but I have to say Beast because like some of you already mentioned SOB is very ROUGH.....the loop on SOB was awesome while it lasted and if it was still there I would say SOB.
  4. IMO, Wicked Twister at Cedar Point. The launch is the only quality part of the ride and even that gets old.
  5. Don't you think Terminator would be a good theme for a steel coaster? I Don't really think it fits with a wood coaster though.....it will be interesting to see how they pull this off. How about a Wicker Man theme?
  6. Space Mountain: Disneyland CA Indiana Jones: Disneyland CA Thunder Mountain: Disneyland Paris Expedition Everest: Disney Animal Kingdom Matterhorn: Disneyland CA
  7. Psyclone: SFMM Flashback: SFMM Matterhorn: Disneyland
  8. My favorites: Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland CA.
  9. Well said. I was thinking the same thing when they first announced plans for a 2009 coaster. I couldn't see them putting a Tony Hawk or a Dark Knight coaster at the park.....SFMM is too good for one of these lame rides. There was rumors of a El Loco like Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach coming to the west coast but I don't really see that kinda ride doing good out here unless it was 200ft like mentioned at WCB. The construction photos of Steel Hawg look pretty cool, it reminds me of Flashback which was a fun ride the first couple of times and then it just becomes boring...IMO.
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