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  1. Those are cypress knees. Nobody really knows what they do either, but they are part of the tree...and that's kinda neat. Love the report, I've taken bits out of my day to catch up on your report. I feel like I'm living vicariously through you!
  2. Hi-ya Jen! As always, I love to read your reports. Just as an FYI....that photo of the cats inside the Pirates of the Caribbean, the shadows that the cats cast is a hidden Mickey! One of my favorites and have not been able to get a shot of that myself. Can't wait to see the cruise portion of your report!
  3. Probably more like that the past few years (and especially this last) summer have been the driest in MANY years.
  4. Part Duex We zipped through the western part to head straight for the coaster. Being slow operations (which is to be expected) and it's the big headliner for the park, my man friend advised to do this first to avoid the inevitable line that will form later in the day. Here's the sign to tell you where you are. It's like a cat carrier for humans. Looking through clear swiss cheese. I hope nobody passes gas in this thing.... 'Gas-n-go' I don't know what to write here.... Final run Coming into the station. Off to play the shooting game. Cool dragon-
  5. Hi-ya neighbor! I hope to make it up to PNE one of these days...I grew up in New Jersey and comparatively speaking, there isnt too much around here.
  6. I've never been to Idewild (hopefully on my next trip) but have seen photos. I'd say at first glance they are similar. However, I gained tons of respect for this place since it was built by one guy and his friends. Great DIY project!!
  7. Howdy All! I've recently did a bi coastal move to the burbs of Portland Oregon. Great city, clean air, but REALLY lacking on amusement options. Being that I had a broken my tibia at the beginning of the summer...I'm somewhat healed, but more importantly am cleared to go on rides! It was a toss up between Oaks Park and Enchanted Forest, after watching a video on the history of this park, I was all in for exploring this park. It's worth the watch. Basically, the park was completely handcrafted by the owner, Roger Toft. It took him over 7 years, but he sculpted all of the awe
  8. Anything that allow other riders control of spinning speed.....unless I'm riding solo.
  9. Skull Mountain at Great Adventure. There are switchbacks hidden behind the ride building. Although, I LOVE that ride (but only in the back row)... i couldn't imagine waiting for hours for such an underwhelming ride.
  10. ^^The new design was debuted at Coney. There is certainly a market (compact...gives a nice visual impact/creates excitement, not terribly expensive). Its not a ride that is being pushed too much though.
  11. Poor Volare...it has such a bad rep. The good news is, there have been some design modifications to the carriage and it rides MUCH better (no more brain bashing barricades). Out with the old walls... ....in with the new, open design. [attachment=1]
  12. Thank you so much for your help....I owe you a beer. The Costco was a good idea, I figured that they wouldn't have allowed a flier (walmart/Target/pretty much any big box store said no). Her call is more like a squack or a quiet meep. There are titmice that are pretty vocal in the area ....and I've been hearing them since it started getting cold. But, I did swing by and didn't hear or see anything. I think she is alive, but in a home by now. She survived the fire by coincidence: I don't normally leave her out...but my bf said to try it, inturn made me keep the bedroom door ope
  13. Awww....thank god you didnt try to 'kill the rat'. I hope the same as well, although I will miss her terribly. I would be happy to know she is being cared for and loved. Thank you for spreading the word.
  14. Thank you all for the well wishes and kind words. It does help. Big Mike, I'm going to try to get out of work early today (around 2/3pm)....I was planning on handing out more fliers and will be doing my daily dusk scouting in Rockaway Borough around 4. I'll pm you with my cell phone number. I got a lead that maybe my baby...it was a customer at a christmas tree farm that found a cockatiel two towns over. They said she was friendly....but they also think they said she talked. Which, my bird sings and garbles, and that sometimes sounds like she is trying to say something. But what a
  15. Hi, I'm desperately looking for my bird that got out during an apartment fire this past Tuesday. During which the fire department opened my bedroom window, not realizing my bird was loose. She flew out. If you have seen or know any information, please contact me. Kristina.roper@yahoo.com The link to the story along with photo: http://www.dailyrecord.com/article/20111215/NJNEWS/312150025/Rockaway-fire-victim-hopes-you-will-find-her-lost-cockatiel?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
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