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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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HOLY FOTHERMUCKING DONKEYSH!T James Monroe Iglehart is doing a recording for Cedar Fair!!!!

IKR! I was shocked that Cedar Fair was able to get someone like him, and for something like this even. What's next, are they gonna get Lin-Manuel Miranda to record a brand new song for the park? (That'd actually be pretty cool, and I would totally give CGA all my money in support if they could do that.)


I hope the song is a cover of the Scooby-Doo sounding cheesefest from the

I believe that it may be a cover of the original song, as that song used to play in both Great America parks when Marriott used to own them, plus in the article written on the blog they said that they were "recreating and recording a new theme song". So we can fairly guess this may be a new cover (which I really hope ends up sounding great).

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Checked out haunt last night (Sunday). The skeleton key rooms were awesome. All 5 are brand new this year and extremely interactive. The 2 new mazes were also great.


Chaos house is all about visuals. Lots of psychedelic-like experiences with strobe lights, crazy painted walls and best of all a room that appears to have a foggy film-like waist high surface that makes the scares surprising. Backwoods, which is planted on a stilted platform inside the old Pictorium, was also great. Less scares but incredible attention to detail on everything from the backwoods lodge bedrooms to the swampy walkways connecting everything. Definitely inspired by Voodoo at Knotts.


The bad! Demon reignited? WTF. So much potential to make the ride experience great again by lighting up the tunnels. Instead of taking the time to do it right they just added a few different colored strobes in the two tunnels and the music was too quiet to hear anything. No fog. The waterfall in the corkscrew was a good touch and even splashed a little on our train.


Maybe it's just a matter of a pretty quiet night at the park being the first Sunday, but on our backwoods walk-through two yellow jacket wearing park security guards were right behind us the majority of the time ruining the experience- from the moment we went in. We're minding our own business being respectful all night, WTF? Pissed us off badly. We're platinum pass holders with the season fast lane add-on, purchased the fast lane plus skeleton key on the least busy night of the weekend and this happens. I asked the guys if there was an issue and if we could please have some space and still they're right on our ass.


Should have made the Demon like it's Gurnee counterpart below, instead did some quick and easy strobe lights


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TPR was invited to California Great America for the 2017 Haunt media event! We got a first hand look at everything that is being offered this year, including the Ed Alonzo show, Chaos House, Demon Re-Ignited, and more! We started off with a lights on walkthrough of Backwoods, then we had a great dinner with a presentation about everything that is happening at California Great America. Afterwards, we got some Fright Lane Passes and some Skeleton Keys and went out and experienced everything they had to offer! CGA has 5 Skeleton Key Rooms, 3 Scare Zones, 8 mazes, and 5 shows. They are :


Skeleton Key Rooms: Post Mortem (RIP Amy!), Aftershock (Most startling), Witch's Lair, Panic Room Escape (great, but we sucked!), A51


Mazes: Wax Museum Chamber of Horrors, Roadkill Roadhouse, Backwoods, Chaos House, Zombie High, Toy Factory, Cornstalkers, Madame Marie's Massacre Manor


Shows: Blood Drums, Ed Alonzo's Pyscho Circus of Magic and Mayhem, Nytewalkers, Sideshow, Opening Scares


Scare Zones: FearyTales, Jester Town, Underworld Alley


If you get a chance, go! It was a great event and they do a very good job at themeing and the scare actors are great! The skeleton rooms, while very short, are very unique and are worth it. On to the pictures!


We arrived at CGA! Don’t forget to get your season pass, it’s an incredible deal!


We’re all ready for a fun filled Haunt.


This is everything the Skeleton Key and Fright Lane Pass get you into.


Obligatory entrance photo.


First thing of the night is a lights on tour of their new maze, Backwoods.


The entrance to Backwoods.


I'm sure this will be nice and relaxing place for a vacation.


A closer look at the front of the vacation home.


At night, you can sense something isn't right.


Lots of areas to walk back and forth and be scared in.


Deer hunting and gator heads are always a nice touch.


The dogs here are a very special breed.


This is a great looking werewolf/monster/thing!


Next up was some amazing food!


The vomit was especially good.


As was the blood soup.


I couldn't tell if the RIP stood for rest in peace, or what you will be doing after eating brussel sprouts.


The marketing team gave us an overview of the event, and talked a little about Railblazer and the Winterfest.


Flight Deck was running very good as always!


Chaos House is one of their new mazes.


The scare actors are always a lot of fun.


Here's one of the skeleton keys. This one was the Aftershock, it was short, but had a good scare.


A propane tank this big can only mean there will be a lot of fire!


The witch starts off the festivities for the night.


The Demon has returned!


It's finally getting dark!


Jester Town is ready to scare you to death!


It's not even dark yet, this kid doesn't stand a chance.


This was one of our favorite scare actors of the evening.


Next up was a special preview of the Ed Alonzo show. You have to see it! It was really good!


One little spark....oh wait, wrong park.


Great dancers!


There's knives, comedy, and magic.


This box had about 5 girls come out of it. I need to get one of these!


One really long balloon.


Um, no comment.


What other show has a duck and drag! Honestly though, I was super impressed with his magic!


The demon eyes are still here!


Next up was Wax Museum.


The Phantom of the Opera.


It can't be Halloween without a Dracula.


Dr Frankenstein did a good job recruiting people for experiments.


And who doesn't enjoy a good exorcism!


Anyone in need of some spare parts?


Creepy mannequins to walk through.


It looks really nice from the bridge.


Next up was a walk through the FearyTales scare zone.


It was a unique area, but not quite as scary as the other areas.


Zombie High brings back all the suppressed evil memories of High School!


The entrance.


The principal didn't last very long against the zombies.


Oh no, it's the Michael Jackson/Cher zombie!


Few things are scarier than books!!


I always hated the evil projectors.


That must have been on hell of a party.


The theater had a really nice creepy feel to it.


Oh not, it's a football player and he's not taking a knee!


Toy Factory was as good as it always is.


One kind of frustrating thing was these spiders were very hard to find, if they even had them. They are the entrance to the Fright Lanes, and some didn't have them so you had to guess where the entrance was.


They had a lot of these creepy things.


A nice bucket of body parts.


This little thing creeped me out. If it would have ran towards me, I would have screamed.


"I came in like a wrecking ball!"


Oh no, a haunted Game Boy!!


This doll just wants a hug.


Cornstalkers is another classic.


And yes it does have a ton of corn stalks!


There are a ton of creatures that can hide really well in the corn.


Demon looks really good when it's backlit with fire!


I'm guessing I'm about to be scared.


This little dude was a champ. He didn't even budge.


Demon re-ignited was a lot of fun! They did a good job at adding life to it.


Of course, Gold Striker is still an amazing ride.


The park looked really good with al the different lighting and effects.


Blood Drums put on a good long show with fire, sparks, and of course, drums!


Girls and fire are always a good mix.


Roadkill Road House is one of those disgusting and disturbing scary mazes.


There are no limits to what they will grill!


It looks like freshly butchered human is on the menu tonight.


I thought McDonald's got rid of the pink stuff.


That me after 8 weeks of the Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass.


Creepy hot dancers are always a plus!


The show had some great dancing, and great stunts!


They had some great BMX stunts in a pretty small area.


This is one of the rollerbladers trying to escape from the zombies.


They also had this wall trampoline where they did some pretty cool tricks.


After the show, we headed back to Backwoods. The maze is really nice looking in the dark.


This information board pretty much tells you that you're going to die.


This creepy dude definitely let you know that you weren't wanted in those parts.


Did I mention that there was fire!


Next up was the Chaos House. It wasn't so much scary as it was an attack on your senses. It was like an adult fun house.


This room had a cool laser effect that was hard to get a picture of.


Our last maze of the night was also the hardest to find. It took us three full laps around the park before we found it. It's across from Demon, behind the Invertigo field. It's Madame Marie's.


The Voodoo blacklight rooms looked really good.


I'm sure she was a sweet girl.


Be careful of the psychos!


Don't go towards the light!


You are the main course for dinner!


That's it for our review! CGA did a great job on their Haunt this year, and it's definitely worth a visit!

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I love those laser effect style rooms. A few years ago, I worked a contact haunt that had this style of room. So our actor would just sit in the fog below the laser line and grab peoples legs.


But the real question: has the park released James Monroe Iglehart's demon song yet?!

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Does anyone know what rides are open for Winterfest this year? I searched around their website and couldn’t find a list. I’m thinking of heading up there for the first time in December to get some final use out of my Platinum Pass before the end of the year. Thanks in advance.


It's up now. It looks about the same as last year but they've added Patriot. I was hoping they would do that since it's right up front. Solid move.

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Does anyone know what rides are open for Winterfest this year? I searched around their website and couldn’t find a list. I’m thinking of heading up there for the first time in December to get some final use out of my Platinum Pass before the end of the year. Thanks in advance.


It's up now. It looks about the same as last year but they've added Patriot. I was hoping they would do that since it's right up front. Solid move.

I'm disappointed that they're not opening Mass Effect during WinterFest again. There are possibilities to utilize it during the event (Especially given that it's a 4D simulator ride that has re-programmable software and the ride itself has a specific theme of a fictional travel agency). I dunno if it's a cost issue or what, but if they have the area open with Delirium running, why not have ME open?


Well, at least we have Patriot now along with some of the other rides.

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Looks good. I’m just waiting for this park to become year-round. I’m sure once they expand a bit more and draw more crowds, Cedar Fair will make the decision.


I think I’ll hold off my visit until the Summer, that way I won’t be missing out on Demon, Grizzly, Psycho Mouse, and Railblazer. Compared to other Cedar Fair parks, though, that’s a solid Winter line-up, with both B&Ms, their star attraction, and several family rides all open.

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Compared to other Cedar Fair parks, though, that’s a solid Winter line-up, with both B&Ms, their star attraction, and several family rides all open.


I mean, kind of... but the Six Flags park an hour away is completely open year-round.


Cedar Fair needs to up their game.

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Here is a trip report for last Saturday. A little after opening, Gold Striker, Patriot, and Flight Deck all weren't up-and-running. Thankfully, they all opened later on. I thought Patriot (which I rode for the first time) was smoother compared to Vortex and I liked how your legs are dangling now compared to when you were standing before. I still thought the ride would be even better, though. I found Mass Effect (which I also did for the first time) to be a very sensory experience with things coming at you from the screen and the seats moving back-and-forth. It was visually appealing and entertaining. The only ride closed for the entire day was Rip Roaring Rapids. The lines were on the short side.

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Just an ultra quick report from Sunday (my first time ever at the park)


- Haunts: got through all the mazes. Overall not that great. Actors need a LOT of work here. Still better than Magic Mountain, though. Also: the homemade hungry hungry hippo "animatronic" may be my new favorite prop to ever exist in a haunted maze... lol. And god damn that toy house song. I want to hate it, but wow does it get stuck in your head...


- Gold Striker: WOW!!! I had no idea what to expect and had my first ride on it at night and I was completely blown away. I'm surprised I don't hear more about this ride; absolutely no complaints about it. Great layout and it never lets up. I liked it better than Ghostrider and Apocalypse (which I also thought were GREAT rides)


- Patriot: too much head banging and too short. Sorry, but I wasn't a fan. Better as a floorless than as a stand-up, I'm guessing.


- Flight Deck: walk of shame

[i wasn't even close... what's up with that? I made all other B&Ms in California with no issue]


- Demon / grizzly / other coasters: due to extrenuating circumstances I didn't get to do all the rides I wanted to so I don't have an opinion on them.


- Mass Effect: It was definitely interesting (especially for a Cedar Fair park), but not quite my thing. No reason to ride it again.


The haunt atmosphere wasn't terrible, but it didn't really stand out either. The entrance plaza with all the fire was nice. I have no interest in going back for haunt anytime soon, but I'm really curious what Demon Reignited was like. I thought Viper was one of the worst rides at Magic Mountain and I'm generally not a fan of Arrows, but I was willing to give it a try; just couldn't make it happen.

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Six Flags (Discovery Kingdom) an hour away (from CGA) is completely open year-round.


Cedar Fair needs to up their game.


I've often said this. Why is CGA a seasonal park? The Bay area gets zero snow and doesn't even get that cold.

I believe once the Masterplan is well into effect and by the time the new entertainment district is built, they'll most likely turn it into a year round park.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Out of all the water rides they could've shut down, they chose this one? I get that maintenance can get a bit expensive with these types of rides, especially given Arrow's no longer around, but there's a perfectly bulldozable Whitewater Falls, which (last I saw) isn't that much wet and doesn't even get that many riders (plus the fact that there's a good amount of space in that area). I really hope something better replaces this (especially given one of the masterplan documents mentioned a new flume ride), but my guess is that they'll just use the space for more Boomerang Bay stuff.


Also, why do these parks gotta announce ride closures just a few weeks prior? I've been noticing a pattern with these.

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Alright, a bizarre choice for sure. You can really start making an argument now that Six Flags cares more about the historic rides. Maybe the logs go to Illinois?


I'm guessing the last minute closures are so no one throws a protest similar to Whizzer.

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I really liked Logger's Run, so it's a shame to see it closing. I forget what was in the planning document, but I'm guessing this area would be used for water slides given its proximity to Boomerang Bay. Their water park was extremely small back in 2014, so while I personally would have preferred them to keep the flume, I understand why they want to build in that area.

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After the park removed Yankee Clipper, Logger's Run just wasn't the same. I'm sad to see the other half go, but the writing has been on the wall ever since they split up the two. We know a water park expansion and new water ride are in the park's plans, so we'll see where this goes.

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