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  1. I didn't notice an official single rider line when I was there, they were just asking for single riders out of the standby line. Where were you doing Single Rider? Fastlane line. How does that exactly work though?
  2. So yesterday I rode Railblazer four times during passholder previews. I definitely think it was worth the wait. Despite the length of the lines it actually wasn't too bad. The ride itself was pretty smooth and had a lot of airtime and g forces. But the only thing that made this ride from being a solid 10/10 was the shoulder straps in the restraints. These things are really uncomfortable, especially if you're a tall person with broad shoulders. It's really hard to fully enjoy the ride when the g forces bash and strain your shoulders into the straps. Personally, this is a roller coaster I wouldn't mind riding again, but I don't think I'd ride it more than twice. I give it an 8.5/10. It's an awesome ride, but it's rough on the shoulders.
  3. David Ogden Stiers just passed away at age 75. Some people will either know his work as Major Charles Emerson Winchester on M*A*S*H or as the many different animated characters he played for Disney's films (Cogsworth, Jumba, Governor Ratcliffe, etc.).
  4. Yeah, showed up on the CGA park blog today. As far as I know there was no announcement before this. https://www.cagreatamerica.com/blog/2018/blazing-new-trails-all-around-the-park Also taking out a Planet Snoopy ride, "Snoopy’s Splash Dance". On the plus side, some bathrooms are being renovated and a bunch of midways are being redone. So...there's a lot going on at the park! Damn! The one ride I never rode or cared for that much in CGA, and now I'll never be able to ride it. I knew I should've ridden it last season when I had the chance. Oh well. Let's hope something interesting will take place in its location.
  5. It almost looks like a small model from the picture. I really can't wait to see just how big it is next time I visit!
  6. I've always been kinda interested in doing a TPR trip. But unfortunately, I can't do it this year due to some circumstances I really need to take care of. I hope there'll be another opportunity in the future, because It'd be cool to try out a TPR trip. I wish you guys the best of luck and have a great trip!
  7. While I myself haven't ridden this nor have done VR rides yet, I don't understand why they can't just invest in demolishing the ride and build a brand new and better coaster in its place. I agree that trying to use a gimmick like VR on a bad coaster doesn't make it better, in fact, I'm pretty sure it only makes it even worse.
  8. Much as I'd love to have it ready by opening day, my guess is that it'll most likely open sometime between April and May. Especially when you consider not just the theming, but also the fact that it's one of the first RMC Raptors being built which will probably take an extensive time for testing and make sure that it doesn't constantly break down or something.
  9. Man, that thing's going up faster than I ever expected! I'd be surprised if they get the whole track completed by the end of the month.
  10. I guess that is true. I mean we do have a Toy Story ride in both parks and one of the parks has a bigger Pixar area.
  11. As fitting as it is, the problem with bringing the Iron Man ride to Disneyland is that it probably wouldn't make sense in terms of placement since DCA is getting the Marvel Land in the future.
  12. All animation but...The Incredibles and Big Hero 6? I could totally see a BH6 ride being done in Tomorrowland. Especially with the new series on Disney XD coming out. It's got plenty of potential, even as a possible simulator replacement for ST.
  13. ^ This. Very good point made. I do think we shouldn't really argue over which park is better. They're already the two biggest and most well known parks in the NorCal region anyway.
  14. I may be in the opposite spectrum here. I go to CGA more often since it's closer to where me and my family live. We never really go out of our way to go all the way to Vallejo and SFDK for some reason. I only went there twice: once when I was really little and before it was bought by Six Flags, and the last time which was in 2007 I believe, just when it was renamed Discovery Kingdom. I enjoyed it, but because I haven't visited it often as CGA, I can't really say or appreciate much about the SFDK or the way they use its theming. Yes, I do think CGA has been in a bit of a rut between the 90s and 2010s, but like what everyone else has been saying, stuff like Gold Striker, Mass Effect, Railblazer, and the new events are really helping bring new life into this park. I kinda feel like they're trying to return some of its greatness (pun not intended) that was once lost from the Marriott days. I'm still excited to see these new developments coming in the future, most especially the hyper coaster and entertainment district. I feel like CF is really starting to take this park in the right direction, and I still wish them the best of luck.
  15. You have no idea how many people I've met who still call Flight Deck, "Top Gun". Eh, I don't know, I've known a lot of people who confuse CGA for the Six Flags one in Gurnee. Heck, one time my neighbor bought the wrong Great America ticket, just because he wasn't being too careful which park it was. Honestly IMO, as long as they keep the name "Great America" I'm okay with a change of name/title.
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