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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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^Definitely don't skip Gilroy Gardens if you can help it!

Agreed, I second this. As much as it's a kid park, they've got a kickass coaster tucked away in the back and everyone I've gone there's been no lines.


If and when I ever do a NorCal trip, there is no way I'm skipping out on that park, especially since they take the Platinum Pass. It's in such close proximity to CGA, it would be stupid not to go. It looks like a beautiful park.

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I'm only going to say this once...


We will be posting the announcement tomorrow as soon as the materials are available to us.




Anyone who does this will be banned forever from Theme Park Review.


Let me explain...


Posting the new ride information before we can do it actually creates MORE WORK for us as most of the time people who come on our forum and post info about a new ride will do a crappy job of it and then we have to not only do the work we are going to do to make a proper post about the new ride, but also clean up the garbage posts that people make.


No one here will get any extra points or look any "cooler" for being "first" to post the information. We aren't about being first we are about having good quality content. Please respect that. Thank you.

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California’s Great America Debuts First of its Kind Single Rail Steel Coaster for 2018



RailBlazer features a 90-degree drop, three inversions and dynamic rotations


SANTA CLARA, CA – California’s Great America will introduce a groundbreaking new single rail steel coaster, RailBlazer, for the 2018 season. RailBlazer will be the first coaster of its kind on the West Coast featuring a single rail track throughout; the design requires the rider to straddle the rail, creating an extremely low center of gravity that amplifies every move and enables more dynamic turns and rotations than have ever been possible on a coaster. With an eight-passenger single file train hugging the rail, the coaster will give riders an unobstructed view of the ground and air as they speed smoothly over the twisting track.


RailBlazer will lift riders to a height of 106 feet before plunging them face down at a 90-degree angle. Throughout the 1,800 feet of track, riders will travel 52 miles per hour, experience an abundance of airtime and steeply banked turns, undertake three inversions and twist through a zero gravity roll.


“RailBlazer is a revolutionary roller coaster concept that will be an intense and exhilarating ride experience for our guests,” said Raul Rehnborg, vice president and general manager, California’s Great America. “In addition, it marks the company’s initial investment in the park following the City of Santa Clara’s approval this year of the new park master plan, and kicks off a multi-year transformation of California’s Great America into a world-class destination for everyone in the Bay Area and beyond.”


The design spirit of the ride is reflective of an off-road adventure, with immersive sensory theming that embraces the great outdoors of the Bay Area and Central Coast. Once on board, riders will ascend a 45-degree climb, dive into a ravine and encounter steeped embankments representing an extreme four-wheeling journey. Imposing physical elements during the ride and queue line include a natural waterway, rocky surroundings and a trailhead marquee sign designed to mark the beginning of the journey. The unique design of RailBlazer will include a silent rollback lift hill that eliminates the traditional sounds of the train moving up the track.








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This is terrific! Love the addition of the tunnel, additional rockwork and especially the water features! And come to think of it, it looks like the overall placement smack dab near the midway will make it feel/look faster than Wonder Woman at Fiesta Texas. Congratulations to California's Great America!

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This looks AWESOME! Even though it's a clone, I think it will be quite a bit better than Wonder Woman. It has WAY better colors, and the theming looks subtle but effective. What a great addition!


Now it's time to wait 7 hours and figure out what's coming to the Cedar Fair park down south...

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I love the rock work! Who cares if it's a clone? It looks like it's going to be a great ride and fit in really well at the park, and it'll be unlike anything else in the state. Congrats, CGA!

Yeah I dont really get disappointment over clones, if it's a clone of a great ride then it's great.

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If the scenery around the ride will look anything like the rendering, it's gonna look great!

Lol I love how low-key this announcement was compared to CP's and KD's. The reaction of the crowd to the rendering was just "whoa..." instead of "YEEAH WOOOO!!!"

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