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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

P. 476: Cedar Fair sells park land, CGA to close within the next 11 years

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On 7/18/2022 at 6:59 AM, AmyUD06 said:

Not sure why you'd bother them asking if there'd be a season next year.  All of the information known about the sale indicates that the earliest they could possibly close would be 2 years away.

To be fair, the sale itself came out of nowhere to begin with.  Though highly unlikely, There would be nothing stopping Prologis and Cedar Fair from another agreement to amend their lease to allow termination earlier than the 2 years currently required as the bare minimum…

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Here is a trip report for Saturday.  RailBlazer was closed for operation.  Gold Striker was testing until 10:15.  The park's newest ride Liberty Twirler wasn't open yet, even though it was supposed to open by the end of June.  I thought the new ride additions to the water park were nice, along with the various signs and murals.  There were eight new kids slides, which I did, and I thought they were fairly enjoyable, including a green one with colored translucent bands inside.  Moreover, the two new tube ones (Barracuda and Feeding Frenzy) were solid, with my preference being for the latter.  Lastly, I thought Shark Reef Plunge, the launch capsule drop ride, was definitely the best ride at the water park and provided an exhilarating rush.

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On 8/4/2022 at 4:22 AM, VegasCoaster said:

Anyone know what took RailBlazer down the other day? 

It's knee was sprained from too much jerk, so it's been given a time out.  It's on it's last leg, sorta speak.

Check out the fabulous Demon, right up the street!

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3 hours ago, rachelmadcow said:

This park has been on the verge of being closed since they installed and then relocated Stealth. 

This! I cannot think of any parks that have removed a Vekoma flyer and continued to succeed!

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