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  1. How do you know? Also, agreed that FoF at KD is much, much smoother than FoF at KI. Also, as far as Arrow loopers go, I enjoyed Anaconda more than Vortex. You honestly think this is opening in May?
  2. i too am loving the fact that these two conversions are going to be LONGER coasters post-conversion. let's hope that's the new trend for RMC's. 2011 - NTAG - lost 720' of track 2013 - IR - lost 1,814' of track 2014 - MSC - lost 136' of track 2015 - TC - lost 3,660' of track* 2015 - WC - lost 280' of track 2016 - SC - lost 256' of track** 2016 - Joker - lost 91' of track 2018 - TT - GAINED 204' of track 2018 - SV - GAINED 313' of track (*) that's the total lost from Colossus' combined dual trackage, as TC traverses the lift twice (**) that's the loss from only one half of Twisted Sisters, as SC only traverses the lift once we'll have to see where Georgia Cyclone ends up to see if it's really just a six flags vs. cedar fair thing, or just the new direction for RMC conversions in general. Georgia Cyclone will be shorter for sure. They don't have room to really expand. Also how come Six Flags didn't use the helix or at least the area where the helix was for Iron Rattler?
  3. It was with this post that a new era in roller coasters began.
  4. Good thing is that this opens before SV, so it can build a name for itself before SV gets all the hype.
  5. I sincerely hope Six Flags won't go so low as to replace Cyclone with a Free Spin and some other stuff.
  6. Looking to the future, it wouldn't surprise me to see Dino's Alive be removed soon.
  7. I am the only one who seems to think that the ride is a bit... overkill? Like it looks fantastic but I am concerned about its re-ridability. (Please don't hate me).
  8. I think a lot more theming will be added to the final product. It wouldn't surprise me to see a building around the back end of the brake run (it seems like they might be using blocks). At this point with the disappointment of the shed by enthusiasts it would make no sense to hype something like that up this early.
  9. The Gerstlauer has been the most consistent rumor, so I'm going with that. Hopefully it's an Intamin of some sort though.
  10. Wow. Cedar Fair outclassed Six Flags even at a clone. Wish it wasn't a Raptor but this does look like a good ride with decent theming.
  11. C'mon. We all know there's a 0.0001% chance Steel Vengance isn't going to be the best RMC.
  12. Top 5 RMCs as of today (in the US): 1. Steel Vengance 2. Lightning Rod 3. Outlaw Run 4. Wicked Cyclone 5. Twisted Timbers
  13. Cedar Fair is putting Six Flags to shame with their conversions.
  14. The second inversion looks insane! Reminds me of that stall on Outlaw Run.
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