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  1. My family and I have spent the past two days at the park, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but we were confused when we saw that Jungala's Treetop Trails and Wild Surge were removed from the map... and yet they were still present and operating as normal. A search later and seeing that both Screamscape and Busch Garden's site report that those two atttactions were closed until further notice, and I'm about as confused as an alligator sunbathing and having people stare at them. Anyone have a clue what exactly is up with that section of Jungala?
  2. As long as they don't stop creating Madhouses I'll be happy.
  3. Well this is interesting. Just attempted to check the park's facebook page tonight while having a bout of insomnia, but it appears that Lakemont Park's Facebook pages has been deleted. Their main website is still up and shows the holiday lights are still continuing up to the seventh.
  4. When I rode it last year, it was actually in a pretty good condition, at least mechanically. There appeared to be some touch ups here or there, but it wasn't in a rough shape from what I saw. I'd really love to see another park buy it, as it was something of a step-up from a Tilt-A-Whirl and a Whip. On the topic of the Chance Toboggan, I would actually prefer having someone buy the Chance Skydiver over it. I won't lie, I honestly believe someone could probably recreate these in their backyard or a smaller company could make a similar model to these. Not so much with a Chance Skydiver. Still hoping that a certain nostalgic-filled park would just buy Leap The Dips and relocate it.
  5. This is terrific! Love the addition of the tunnel, additional rockwork and especially the water features! And come to think of it, it looks like the overall placement smack dab near the midway will make it feel/look faster than Wonder Woman at Fiesta Texas. Congratulations to California's Great America!
  6. The likelihood that the Dueling Dragons would come Kentucky Kingdom is the same likelihood of Batman: The Escape being reassembled at Darien Lake.
  7. I actually did enjoy my rides on the Looping Star back when it was at Beech Bend around 2009, though I'm not sure whether that was due to my then-smaller height or the fact that Beech Bend actually got newer trains that replaced the original ones. But I can definitely see why many people would have a hatred for them. Those loops are surprisingly intense and circular, but not in the Schwarzkopf good kind of way, and with the original trains I can only imagine the pain people endured combined with the whiplash-inducing layout afterwards. Won't lie though, if it wasn't for that same Looping Star (and Splash Lagoon) I don't think we would have ever gotten the Rumbler or the 2010 water park expansion.
  8. Honestly, I'm more shocked that the Dragons are going first instead of The Lost Continent. I would have expected what little was left of that themed section to bite the dust first before the two Dragons would succumb to the inevitable complete Potterfication of that section of the park. It's sad I'll never get to experience them, I had hoped they'd stick around before our first trip to the Orlando region, but it would be a lie to say that I didn't see this happening in less than two years. It would be stupidly ignorant to wave a blind eye towards the goldmine that the Harry Potter license still is churning out, and Universal has the business sense to continue mining it. As for the fate of the Dragons... the most positive outlook on their removal is to hope that SeaWorld will add a B&M invert in the future, because Dueling Dragons being relocated is the most unlikely thing that will ever happen since people thinking the Big Dipper could be saved.
  9. Beech Bend updated their website last month, looks terrific and much more cleaner than how it previously was, it just goes to show how much the park has really pumped their heart into bringing back a local attraction back into a regional attraction. The Friday Night Lights are popular more than ever as well, since they added a fireworks show at closing time that is actually pretty decent; if you're lucky enough to snag the last ride on the Kentucky Rumbler for the night, you can get really up close when they start shooting up the first few rockets when the train is almost back to the station. Managed to experience this on the second day in June, and it was SPECTACULAR to see the fireworks going off as we were riding. In other news, the Rockin' Tug has now been removed from the park since the park opened for the season. A shame since it was a relatively fun ride, but with how often it was closed it isn't really that surprising. With Rockin' Tug gone, the midway feels much more open!
  10. For the loudest coaster I have heard, that would have to be Possessed at Dorney Park. Which is kind of what makes the name fitting, the launch almost sounds like people screaming. But the loudest ride period? Vekoma Waikiki Waves. Nothing else comes even remotely close to the mechanical whines, wails and screeches that these things make. Whenever you went to Kentucky Kingdom, you could tell from outside the front gate if The Quake was operating that day, just based upon whether or not you could hear it ANYWHERE in the park. From the video I have seen of when Dreamworld's Wipeout first opened, Super Flip models were probably even louder when they first opened, given their original intense programs. It is a shame, because they look pretty darn fun, but it's not hard to see why only two were produced. The noise they produced simply was just too excessive, and possibly posed a danger if they were placed near a water park like The Quake was. (Lifeguards can't really save lives if they can't hear said lives in trouble calling out for help among a huge crowd...) [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  11. I can say I agree with the beautiful park feeling, if only in the Belgian Village section (though the rest of the park definitely is making a comeback.). Back in the Six Flags days I remember that area being the best place to cool down without getting soaked with how many trees it had. It was the only section on the south side of the park (Or north, if you prefer going by the map) with a large complement of family friendly rides. Flying Dutchman, Roller Skater, Thunder Run, the Carousel, and the Frightfully Funny Fire Engine just seemed to go all well together. Only wish that Six Flags had not put the Tornado in the Quake's place, it really was jarring to see it there, and still is, but c'est la vie, what's done is done. It's still the lovely quiet corner of the park like it has been all these years.
  12. If I had to choose, it would have to be the Log Flume at Six Flags Great Adventure. I love a log flume that goes on for a long time, and also has quirkiness to it (that weird zig zagging still makes me laugh a bit.) But really, I can't choose. All of the ones so far I have ridden are good, and they are wonderful with their own traits that they excel in. Dorney Park's flume especially, was that one done in house? I'm thinking it is because I don't know any other flume that changes the angle of its lift hill on the way up, and the same for its drop down the same incline.
  13. No This is a log flume (note the happy riders... not something you typically see on Mile High Falls) Funny you posted Silverwood's log flume as the visual example, because that same flume actually was Kentucky Kingdom's original log flume from its 1987 opening season. The Auntie B's food venue originally served as the station for the log flume, or "Ohio River Adventure" as it was called by the park, so that also can give you an idea of how tightly packed in it was. The only hint that it was ever there is a small curved concrete wall in the back of the park that adjoins the fence. If only because the layout is almost exactly the same as it was when built, I think the Tin Lizzies are the ONLY attraction left from the park's opening year. Roughly 1988-1989 aerial of the park when it was SBNO, you can still see the layout and troughs of the log flume. Note in the back where the flume's trough cuts directly into the back fence as it turns around. The same part of the trough curve that cut into the fence still remains partially intact. It can be seen to the left of the grey truck in the picture.
  14. Usually there are not many crowds in the amusement park, as most people in the area favor going within the water park for a majority of their time at Beech Bend. Kind of a no-brainer, given how hot and humid Bowling Green can get around May all the way through to August. However, the greatest chances of crowds will ALWAYS be after 3:00 PM when the park offers its sun-down special. The amusement park won't tend to be packed, but Splash Lagoon definitely will be full of families looking to cool off. All in all, you'll probably encounter a crowd the same size at any other park on a regular day if it's busy. Just a warning though: The likelihood of crowds at the park in general is only going to get larger nowadays. Beech Bend actually increased its operating hours again from closing at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, while the water park has gone from closing at 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. I'm glad though the park has almost reached the operating hours it used to have when the Garvins owned the place.
  15. The Beast, The Boss, The Legend, and The Voyage are coasters I held out on viewing POVs for due to either A. Being concealed in a forest, or B. Has a support structure and track design that obscures much of the layout. I love it when a coaster's layout is deliberately hidden or impossible to see from public views, it gives people who have never ridden a lot of curiosity, and I suppose a bit of intimidation as well, if the structure is tall and thick enough. Ironic coincidence that all four of them also have names that start with "The".
  16. I definitely think they should, given with how the climate is only going to get hotter and hotter. Being directly in the sunlight at the top of a ferris wheel in the humid south is not very pleasant in the slightest. So if parks decide to add an observation tower, I'm all in favor if it means I'm going to have sweet, sweet A/C while taking pictures and enjoying a moment of relaxation.
  17. Hydra: The Revenge at Dorney Park definitely takes the cake. I get the whole reference to Hercules being torn down for it, but the inclusion of "The Revenge" implies Hercules was an amazing coaster, which it really wasn't. The fact that the small depressions in the ground covered in crushed stone are apparently supposed to be canyons doesn't help either.
  18. While the seat belts on Thunderbolt don't bother me that much, the reaction the park has taken in the aftermath of the Rollo Coaster accident is... disappointing, to say the least. The Ride Height Restrictions PDF on the site displays the new height requirements for ALL rides, and can be easily compared with the 2014 PDF that is strangely still available on Google. Infants are not permitted to ride any ride PERIOD in the park now, as I presumed Palace Entertainment would have responded But the addition that one must be 16 years of age in order to count as a "responsible person" just really is going to devastate many families who attend the park, because this really limits those who meet height restrictions even further. And correct me if I am wrong, but aren't the majority of people involved in irresponsible incidents at amusement parks ABOVE the age of 16, rather than people 15 and under?
  19. Looks like I had good timing going to the park last summer. A shame Leap-The-Dips was closed during then, but I'm glad they aren't absurd enough to remove one of the park's financial arteries. Only reasons I say to go there was: 1. Leap-The-Dips (Obvious reasons) 2. Lakemont Park History Book (It's fun reading about the park when it wasn't a agonizingly humid place without trees...) 3. Twister (If I remember correctly, this is the only one of its kind left. It's somewhat like a weird cross between a tilt-a-whirl and whip.) 4. Paddleboats 5. The Train & Antique Cars (SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE) 6. Skyliner 7. Toboggan (If only for how rare they are now, and also being able to say you got into a roller coaster with a cage as the car.) 8. Swings (Never really paid attention to it until I saw it was a custom chair-o-plane swing; pretty cool to see past scenes of the park on it. Also a good way to cool down.) The only flat rides I hope they don't get rid of are the swings and rare twister, the former if only for being a way to temporarily feel better in the humidity. Otherwise I really don't see people doing anything other than the rides they confirmed they are keeping and getting a ride on the three coasters. I doubt they won't remove the Toboggan though.
  20. What do you mean, that the slide is damaged now? It should be covered in snow, so my guess would be that nothing too bad happened. Never said it was damaged, for all we know it could have been a cheap plastic sled. But some people still prefer the old-styled sleds with metal runners, so the thought crossed my mind. But I'm sure if something was damaged, Mt. Olympus would fix it before next season, right? Right..?
  21. At the rate Mt. Olympus has been going, I wouldn't be surprised if it's now seen by locals as "Wisconsin's Action Park." Sad for the family, but still stupid that the boy even tried this in the first place. I'm more worried for people's future safety on the water slide since they mentioned a sled was used on a water slide.
  22. Six Flags sealed Geauga Lake's fate when they purchased Sea World Ohio. The removal of another brand name in the area, no matter if it was just a case of a linking of the two parks, meant a lot less people would be attracted to the region, mostly due to a lack of awareness that the Wild Life side was technically still open. They may have marketed as three parks in one, but with the removal of another big name in the region, people were under the impression that Sea World was just plain "gone." The inevitable financial troubles just hammered that final nail in the coffin even more.
  23. We've seen the trailers often around here in Bowling Green. If I remember correctly, they show the Kentucky Rumbler, Wild Mouse... and the Shock Drop drop tower they haven't had since 2011. Not sure if the semi you saw had a different picture though. It'd be a stretch to guess, but it could possibly could be something from Zamperla, given how many rides they have bought from them over the past 16 years. Maybe we can finally have that damn horse themed roller coaster in Kentucky.
  24. I am unsure whether or not I should be surprised or not surprised at all that they put the gas canister almost right up against the fire pit while filming this.
  25. Beech Bend seems to have put their Rockin' Tug up for sale on Rides4u. I haven't seen it run nearly at all the past few visits I have made to the park, so this isn't really a surprise to me. Perhaps they are planning on getting a newer model of that as well. I'm still mainly wondering if they are ever going to do anything with the C.P. Huntington train they bought from Guntown Mountain's auction, but it's been roughly 10 years since they purchased it. You can actually still see the passenger cars out behind the shed adjacent to the Rumbler when you enter the park from the road, like in the picture above.
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