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  1. My friend and I have platinums from CGA and went to KI this season as well. Prior to our visit we heard somewhere that we needed to turn back on auto payments (which were suspended by the park, not us) or pay the pass off before it working to get into KI. We both did just in case and had no issues. Not sure if it would have worked without doing that. Doesn't hurt giving it a shot and if any issues come up, just login to the Knotts site at the part entry and restart the payments or pay it off. Excellent on getting FL. Given the Bat doesn't have it, we hit that first on the days we went thi
  2. Mike, got our fri/sat FL online earlier this week for the trip. Had a hunch it might get sideways. We did enter earlier today around 10:45 and there were few lines which might replicate slightly tomorrow, though it is a Saturday. Also forgot Bat doesn’t even take FL. We have two additional great wolf water park wrist bands if you want them?! These slides are pretty damn fun and lines are minimal. Good til Sunday.
  3. Fantastic. If you see these two bozos, say hi. Would love to hear the contrast between how CF is running CP and KI
  4. Heading to KI for two full days this week, Fri/Sat. Couldn’t be more exited coming from Northern California where everything is shuttered for the year! We pre-purchased fast lane+ for both days so lines won’t be an issue. Any tips for the park under the current circumstances? We visited once before for a single day last year and are looking forward to hitting everything we missed and maxing our Orion time. We are staying at great wolf where they say the water park is open until 8 both days. Should be some fun rollercoasting intermissions.
  5. Was Fastlane available to buy the day of or in advance?
  6. Was Fastlane available to buy the day of or in advance? We have season fast lane but only at great America. Looking to make a trip out to Ohio but only if we can get Fastlane.
  7. Looks like CraZanity, YOLOcoaster, Twisted Colossus and X2 are all one time use regardless which tier of pass you get. When we were there for fright fest TC and Crazanity were both unlimited for gold flash pass. I’m curious to see if they shifted yolo and/or X2 to unlimited now that WC racers is open now. Superman isn’t listed on flash pass either, though that side door to get in was still open!
  8. The Jizzman Claus is coming to town hahahaha. Last winterfest I believe all the the majors were open so you should be good. Is your name a derivative of jizzmaster zero??
  9. Is this true? I'm in california at Great America, current platinum passholder and considering doing all park season FL. Could I purchase a new platinum pass via CW with all park FL and activate it at Great America? Also, does anyone know if the all park FL is FL+?
  10. For railblazer go through fast lane as a single rider. Shouldn’t be too long of a wait. You can see Goldstriker’s line from the courtyard. If it’s around the tunnel should be like 15 mins max. Flight deck not sure, it’s such a short ride but takes forever to load and unload. If you can’t see the line just walk up, it should be fairly painless. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of progress, if any, has been made at loggers and yankee harbor as a whole. Last I checked they took out the lake across from roaring rapids and the bridge. That was a left over from yankee clipper? Either way
  11. What color polo shirt? At the park to process the pass and have some fun... We are counting Superman, ninja, revolution, apocalypse, lantern, lex Luther, viper all down. Justice league opened half way thru the day. Yeesh! Half the coaster line up!
  12. The only differences I could see between regular and gold season passes are parking and bonus friend ticket on select days. If you go to the Flash Sale and look under MEMBERSHIP VS PASS - A GUIDE at the top of the page, it will take you to a checklist of all the benefits for each level. I was only able to capture part of the screen so it best to visit the page yourself. https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/store/flash-sale#ref51057 thanks for the heads up socaljason! this was a huge help. we usually stay at the hilton at the bottom of the hill and get the shuttle in so parking might
  13. It says the pass needs to be redeemed by the end of October or else the gold upgrades go away. I want to see what exactly those are? It looked like hurricane harbor entry, parking and in park discounts? Anyone know exactly what? Also what’s a typical one day entry cost to SFMM?
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