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  1. Went this past Sunday night and Monday. Sunday from 5-9 everything walk on. Monday all rides were walk on or 5-10 min wait except for the indoor coaster. That was maybe 30-40 mins. Easy to do this park no fast pass. Like the other poster said, candymonium mid day should be walk on. Not at start or end though. I didn’t know anything about sky rush going in and damn that thing is wild. Hurts the legs like no other for sure. Second ride was much better after adjustments. Wildcat looks like it was probably a great ride when it opened. Not so much now! Look forward to the rmc
  2. From what I've seen at recent visits to Knotts, it's very common over there. I always chat folks up in the line at the Boardwalk BBQ and there's a crew of locals who go there twice a day just for the meal plan.
  3. I hear you! I’m heading there next Wednesday and Thursday and was hoping one of the two would come to life. If not I guess marathon ghostrider and… montezumas?! The weekday crowds are usually dead right now thus the visit, but maybe those two being down will actually create wait times during the day. Hope fast lane isn’t in order!
  4. I only went once this year and it was a Friday in July I believe. Fast lane was required and there was a huge line of boarding pass abusers clogging up the FL queue at railblazer. They used to clog up the exit but now they are allowed in FL line. It seems they hand out boarding passes to anyone now. So heads up to check wrist bands in RailBlazer line if you get FL.
  5. Heading to knotts 7/21, any word on mystery lodge? Last I heard it was being refurbished. Hope it’s still there. One of the best shows around
  6. Hi, I have a friend from Arizona who wants to go to USH tomorrow and is curious if they’re checking ID’s or are simply letting people in with tickets a la Magic Mountain. any guidance is much appreciated:-)
  7. Thanks for the heads up Bill! Is it easy to upgrade a regular ticket to the fast lane once in the park if it is a little busy?
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Does the no fast pass right now sitch make it easier to get on rides faster? I have PTSD from going to Disneyland a couple years back working the system every 20 mins trying to reserve times and run around to other rides etc to make sure we got on everything. Hoping it's not too busy and lines are bearable.
  9. We'll be coming to the Magic kingdom this Wednesday 12/2 for the first time. Any guidance or tips to maximize the time would be great. I've only been to Disneyland/CA adventure so I have no idea how the ticketing/fast pass systems work and what lines will be like on this day. Thanks!
  10. Heading here for the first time this Monday 11/30. Fast lane required?? Or are waits 15ish mins or less? Any guidance is appreciated
  11. Family and I are coming here (Universal Studios only) this Tuesday 12/1 and are unsure about getting fast lane. The crowd tracker sites say it's light, but am curious if you guys have experience this week? We're also doing Sea World Monday 11/30 and Magic Kingdom Wednesday 12/2. Any tips for those parks on those days would be great too! Thanks
  12. My friend and I have platinums from CGA and went to KI this season as well. Prior to our visit we heard somewhere that we needed to turn back on auto payments (which were suspended by the park, not us) or pay the pass off before it working to get into KI. We both did just in case and had no issues. Not sure if it would have worked without doing that. Doesn't hurt giving it a shot and if any issues come up, just login to the Knotts site at the part entry and restart the payments or pay it off. Excellent on getting FL. Given the Bat doesn't have it, we hit that first on the days we went this year. The water park next door at Great Wolf was a blast as well
  13. Mike, got our fri/sat FL online earlier this week for the trip. Had a hunch it might get sideways. We did enter earlier today around 10:45 and there were few lines which might replicate slightly tomorrow, though it is a Saturday. Also forgot Bat doesn’t even take FL. We have two additional great wolf water park wrist bands if you want them?! These slides are pretty damn fun and lines are minimal. Good til Sunday.
  14. Fantastic. If you see these two bozos, say hi. Would love to hear the contrast between how CF is running CP and KI
  15. Heading to KI for two full days this week, Fri/Sat. Couldn’t be more exited coming from Northern California where everything is shuttered for the year! We pre-purchased fast lane+ for both days so lines won’t be an issue. Any tips for the park under the current circumstances? We visited once before for a single day last year and are looking forward to hitting everything we missed and maxing our Orion time. We are staying at great wolf where they say the water park is open until 8 both days. Should be some fun rollercoasting intermissions.
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