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  1. Noticed the wasps and also the mosquitos that ate a lot of us alive.
  2. My God, just stop. Can someone post a Diabolical update please? Enough of this other crap.
  3. Although I like the theming at SFFT, I'd stop way short of calling it incredible. Nice theming for a SF park, but nowhere near parks like Silver Dollar City, Dollywod or even Knotts.
  4. Those shin guards really hurt RMCs for me. They make me feel paralyzed from the waist down. Having recently ridden both SV and IG, it's a near tie for me. But I'd give IG a slight bump due to making me literally run like a kid to ride it again. It's just so damn fun. I also hate the final hops on SV.
  5. I was thinking the exact thing. I was also thinking a switch track to run more than one train ala Mr. Freeze.
  6. ^ Doubt it. These rides go up fast. Stunt Pilot was at this same point of construction a year ago.
  7. I wasn't going to go anywhere near these rides even before the accident. Neither one interested me.
  8. Well either way...the ride is closed for who knows how long right before peak season...AGAIN. No way I can put a positive spin on that.
  9. So good to hear! Because I simply cannot afford to get down there this year! lol
  10. This is starting to feel more real to me. I'm not taking any chances after missing my last ride on Volcano Blast. Time to get to Tampa I guess... Damn, flights are expensive from California!
  11. Agreed. However, coaster enthusiasts can talk your ear off about stupid colors lol
  12. I'm not sure I hate this change. Perhaps the days of SF under selling their product are over?
  13. Again, I don't how many times this needs to be said. If a park wants to add a ride bad enough, they will find a way to do it. Even if it takes a while to get it done.
  14. Do we really need Robb to come back and school people on the "park A is landlocked and outta room" nonsense? Do we really think the park is like, " welp, that's it guys, we're done"? "Hope they like Hangtime, cause that's as good as it gets"! If the park decides to add another large steel coaster, whether it's 2023 or 2030, they will find a way to do it. Knott's has been very creative when adding attractions. From Ghostrider to Xcel to Silver Bullet...I trust they will continue to find unique ways to get in large attractions. And I'll just say, there is more than one way to build a 300ft attraction (if the park actually has any interest in that). There are people within these companies who's entire job is to get around limitations.
  15. Is it okay to say most parks I have no interest in returning to? Most are one and done for me. The exception being a few Disney/Universal parks and my home park(s).
  16. Agreed. Smart move to have a recovery year and up the infrastructure of each park. Sea World and Six Flags have previous year coasters to open next year, otherwise I'd imagine they'd be doing much the same.
  17. ^ Yeah, about that "boring" B&M. Knott's is one of those parks that could use another capacity machine.
  18. Happy 50th anniversary to Magic Mountain! Hard to believe it's "only" been 50 years. Seems like this park has been around forever...
  19. But that's a big "if", especially after an economy shifting pandemic. Raptors are far more sustainable for the foreseeable future.
  20. Damn....how many times is Great America going to be denied a hyper? If they don't want to spend that much...the hyper idea may be done. Gerstlauer Infinity instead?
  21. Tells someone to keep politics out of it. Procedes to add politics. Typical As for SFMM, they're going to follow what is required by the state... At least on paper. So your shove it comment is misplaced.
  22. ^ Agreed. That would have been perfect. I never liked the countdown, as it hardly ever synched with the boat after the first few years.
  23. I have to say, well done Universal. I really liked it now that it's actually finished lol
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