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  1. ^ Yeah, about that "boring" B&M. Knott's is one of those parks that could use another capacity machine.
  2. Happy 50th anniversary to Magic Mountain! Hard to believe it's "only" been 50 years. Seems like this park has been around forever...
  3. But that's a big "if", especially after an economy shifting pandemic. Raptors are far more sustainable for the foreseeable future.
  4. Damn....how many times is Great America going to be denied a hyper? If they don't want to spend that much...the hyper idea may be done. Gerstlauer Infinity instead?
  5. Tells someone to keep politics out of it. Procedes to add politics. Typical As for SFMM, they're going to follow what is required by the state... At least on paper. So your shove it comment is misplaced.
  6. ^ Agreed. That would have been perfect. I never liked the countdown, as it hardly ever synched with the boat after the first few years.
  7. I have to say, well done Universal. I really liked it now that it's actually finished lol
  8. Six Flags Magic Mountain @SFMagicMountain THRILLS ARE BACK! Six Flags Magic Mountain will be reopening WITH RIDES on April 1&2 for Members/Passholders and daily April 3 to the general public! Tickets & reservations will be available online to California Residents only #TheThrillIsCalling #ThrillCapitaloftheWorld 6:13 AM ยท Mar 18, 2021
  9. Guess I was wrong. California theme parks to open April 1st. Limited capacity. https://abc7.com/travel/california-to-allow-theme-parks-to-reopen-at-reduced-capacity/10391723/
  10. I actually predict the park will indeed open in June/July. So they are looking for any kind of revenue between now and then.
  11. They might as well start hyping things up. No way in hell theme parks will tolerate being closed another summer.
  12. LOL...yeah I don't get it either, especially if you don't live in the area/have no intention of going anyway. I guess it should also be mentioned again that this is FREE for memberships!
  13. It's really not. 2 hamburgers at Carl's Jr cost me $20. There is not too many things I can think of to do in 2020 that cost less.
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