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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

P. 476: Cedar Fair sells park land, CGA to close within the next 11 years

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Just an ultra quick report from Sunday (my first time ever at the park)


- Haunts: got through all the mazes. Overall not that great. Actors need a LOT of work here. Still better than Magic Mountain, though. Also: the homemade hungry hungry hippo "animatronic" may be my new favorite prop to ever exist in a haunted maze... lol. And god damn that toy house song. I want to hate it, but wow does it get stuck in your head...


- Gold Striker: WOW!!! I had no idea what to expect and had my first ride on it at night and I was completely blown away. I'm surprised I don't hear more about this ride; absolutely no complaints about it. Great layout and it never lets up. I liked it better than Ghostrider and Apocalypse (which I also thought were GREAT rides)


- Patriot: too much head banging and too short. Sorry, but I wasn't a fan. Better as a floorless than as a stand-up, I'm guessing.


- Flight Deck: walk of shame

[i wasn't even close... what's up with that? I made all other B&Ms in California with no issue]


- Demon / grizzly / other coasters: due to extrenuating circumstances I didn't get to do all the rides I wanted to so I don't have an opinion on them.


- Mass Effect: It was definitely interesting (especially for a Cedar Fair park), but not quite my thing. No reason to ride it again.


The haunt atmosphere wasn't terrible, but it didn't really stand out either. The entrance plaza with all the fire was nice. I have no interest in going back for haunt anytime soon, but I'm really curious what Demon Reignited was like. I thought Viper was one of the worst rides at Magic Mountain and I'm generally not a fan of Arrows, but I was willing to give it a try; just couldn't make it happen.

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Six Flags (Discovery Kingdom) an hour away (from CGA) is completely open year-round.


Cedar Fair needs to up their game.


I've often said this. Why is CGA a seasonal park? The Bay area gets zero snow and doesn't even get that cold.

I believe once the Masterplan is well into effect and by the time the new entertainment district is built, they'll most likely turn it into a year round park.

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Out of all the water rides they could've shut down, they chose this one? I get that maintenance can get a bit expensive with these types of rides, especially given Arrow's no longer around, but there's a perfectly bulldozable Whitewater Falls, which (last I saw) isn't that much wet and doesn't even get that many riders (plus the fact that there's a good amount of space in that area). I really hope something better replaces this (especially given one of the masterplan documents mentioned a new flume ride), but my guess is that they'll just use the space for more Boomerang Bay stuff.


Also, why do these parks gotta announce ride closures just a few weeks prior? I've been noticing a pattern with these.

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Alright, a bizarre choice for sure. You can really start making an argument now that Six Flags cares more about the historic rides. Maybe the logs go to Illinois?


I'm guessing the last minute closures are so no one throws a protest similar to Whizzer.

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I really liked Logger's Run, so it's a shame to see it closing. I forget what was in the planning document, but I'm guessing this area would be used for water slides given its proximity to Boomerang Bay. Their water park was extremely small back in 2014, so while I personally would have preferred them to keep the flume, I understand why they want to build in that area.

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After the park removed Yankee Clipper, Logger's Run just wasn't the same. I'm sad to see the other half go, but the writing has been on the wall ever since they split up the two. We know a water park expansion and new water ride are in the park's plans, so we'll see where this goes.

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Any predictions for what'll be replacing it?


I'm guessing:

-Upgraded Waterpark Entrance

-Upgraded Restaurant

-Water Coaster

-Mat Racer

-Slide Complex

-Every Slide getting new paint

-Additional shade

-Upgraded landscaping


Also, there would probably be a new name, any guesses for that?

I'm guessing:

-San Fransisco Shores

-California Harbor

-Riptide Cove

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It's most likely the space will be used for something related to the waterpark. And I personally think it should be renamed Yankee Harbor since that's what part of the area used to be called when the park first opened, and I feel it'd be an interestingly nice throwback.

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Just saw this article about an incident CGA's haunt last Saturday:



Apparently, a large number of teens (initially estimated at around 100, since lowered to 15-20) robbed and assaulted guests before fleeing in waiting getaway cars. I assume the story will become clearer as time goes on. Unfortunately, this is perfect fodder for the media...definitely a dramatic story.

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