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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Well Invertalon you are well connected.




A Message from Jason McClure, Vice President and General Manager of Cedar Point

August 4, 2020 Update


Cedar Point has been thrilled to welcome guests back to the park this year. 2020 has truly been a unique season, and I thank our guests and team members for making Cedar Point a fun and safe place to visit. We appreciate everyone’s support and cooperation with the park’s new health and safety measures – we are getting through this together.


Because of the ongoing uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, we have had to make some important decisions regarding the remainder of 2020. Here are some updates we’d like to share:


A new “Tricks and Treats Fall Fest” will be introduced starting September 12. This event will take the place of HalloWeekends for 2020 only, and has been designed with unique entertainment, food and activities for all ages. This event will enable better social distancing and capacity management. You’ll hear more exciting details in the coming weeks.

Post Labor Day, Cedar Point will be open Saturdays & Sundays only, with the last operating day of the 2020 season expected to be Sunday, November 1.

Keep in mind that all 2020 Season Passes and add-on products have been extended through the 2021 season. We’re looking forward to a great year ahead and can’t wait to show you a host of ways to have fun, including:


Our rescheduled 150th Anniversary Celebration;

The Snake River Expedition family adventure ride;

The Celebrate 150 Spectacular parade and street party; and

The continuation of our Ticket of a Lifetime contest, with new opportunities to win while inside the park.

2021 Season Passes will be available for purchase beginning September 8, 2020. We all look forward to having fun safely for the rest of 2020 and beyond. There are many days left for summer fun, and we hope to see you in the park soon.

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As I am finishing up my time at CP tomorrow, I have to agree with many of the previous posters here. Cedar Point has gone above and beyond to make the theme park going experience during this strange and uncertain time a fantastic experience. While many of the operations are things that normally would really irritate me, (virtual queue in the form of access passes, assigned seating, closing the lines before park closing) I completely understand the need, and I believe the park has handled it very well. The access passes don't start until 12 PM, and end at 7, giving you roughly 2 hours to experience the access pass attractions without one. I was able to secure 15 rides on Steel Vengeance through these times alone since Saturday, and I still have one more day! While the assigned seating sucks, I had one experience where I was not able to ask for the back row if it was open. As for the attractions closing their lines before park close, it sucks, but limited hours mean limited hours. You just have to plan for that last ride a little better. Overall, if you are on the fence about visiting the park this summer, I highly recommend visiting. The safety procedures are very well enforced, and I genuinely feel more safe at Cedar Point than I do at my local grocery store. On Thursday I am off to Kennywood for a day, Kings Island for a day, and then its back home for some good ol' quarantine time! Curious how the next two parks will stack up against the incredible experience I had at Cedar Point.


Here's a photo dump for you guys because Cedar Point is a beautiful beautiful park that deserves all the love it gets.








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I went yesterday also, It was overall a great day. Anyone thinking about going should go in the next few days. The park is doing a great job with everything.


Almost felt like having a face pass without spending the money.


I am interested in seeing what the park does with the last two months of the season.

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I was at CP the past 2 days and besides the access passes, everything was running smoothly. There are some shops and eateries closed, but they have brought in various employees from other parks to fill the gaps in ride operations. All in all a good 2 days. And I as well, was able to snag SV, MF and Maverick passes, along with a ride on Rougarou, within an hour inside the park. Got 3 rides on SV on Wednesday. BTW, a transplanted Carowinds supervisor informed me Carowinds will stay closed this year

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Congrats! Don't rub you FL-ness in the face of those of us who have to do without LOL.


Edit: Next post is 1,000! Better make it a good one...

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One more question, how does the souvenir drink bottle work?

Buy a bottle. Refill it on the same day for free or on future dates for 1 $ in every CF park. Refillable every 15 minutes.

In 2017, we sometimes weren't charged on future days. I don't know why.

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Does anyone know who the author of that new book CP 150 years is? Looks nice.


not sure but heres the link to it, so you can ask them:





I know some folks here have bought it, so hopefully some of them can answer since they have received it.

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It's actually more of a photo book, the majority of text inside is factoids about the park.

No one is listed as an author though:



Super nice, albeit rather pricey, coffee table coaster porn.

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There are other ways of getting FL. (eBay, etc) Just saying.


I would never trust buying FL from anyone other than the park itself (or other authorized seller like a hotel or travel agency). There are waaaaaaaay too many scammers on places like Ebay, assuming it's even legit to sell FL on Ebay or anywhere else which I highly doubt.


I'm sure FL+ is a great perk for those who managed to buy it before the pandemic and shutdowns. The less people who have it, the more value it has.

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I wasn't going to post about it, for a couple of reasons, but since the discussion is taking place... I went to the park Friday 7/31. I took the chance and bought fastlane + entry tickets for me and a friend from ebay. I chose a seller with very good ratings and that had a couple reviews at least saying that the tickets worked. We both have platinum passes anyway, so if it didnt work, we were just out the money, but we were doing basically a 1 day from St. Louis and wanted it to be as "worth the trip" as possible.


The tickets worked flawlessly and we were actually riding rides from about 1 to 7 and in that time we got on:

Steel Vengeance x4

Maverick x3

TTD x2

Valravn x2

Gatekeeper x1

Millennium Force x1

Gemini x1

Magnum x1

Raptor x1

Blue Streak x1


I was happy with that "production" over the course of 6 hours. Happy enough that I want to do it again and didn't post anything because I didn't want people buying up the rest of the tickets "my guy" has available.

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