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  1. Imagine getting so worked up about one SF park not getting shiny new rides. Dude, you live literally in the center of the country and within a day's drive or two hour flight of nearly every park east of the Mississippi. Go somewhere else.
  2. They had to turn the cameras off because the trucks with track for the 500-footer have arrived, duh.
  3. Maybe the remaining wooden track is now in need of I-box replacement. Wasn’t that scheduled for the off-season?
  4. Thanks for the review! It’s a shame the original trains are gone, but if the choice was to either get new trains or have the ride removed entirely, I’m sure we can all agree that Six Flags made the better choice! Considering how much money it sounds like they just put into this ride, I hope we are able to enjoy it for another 43 years!
  5. Best way to watch a parade is to power walk the opposite way it’s traveling and see the entire thing in 5 minutes.
  6. Dueling RMCs confirmed. One with both red tracks and one with red/blue combo.
  7. Sounds like nothing has changed at Valravn since June when I went. I could have sworn I was a Six Flags park once we (finally) got up to the station to see the crew was having just a grand ol time doing anything and everything other than checking seats. They even insisted on making the entire platform watch one of the crew do a little dance before dispatching. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having fun at work, but when you’re consistently stacking all three trains for several minutes every cycle, maybe dial it down a notch. Slowest moving coaster line of the entire three day trip, hands down.
  8. I agree. Giving away free Fast Lanes seems like a bad deal for everyone - for the guests who didn’t buy it that day AND the guests who did spring for it that day, because you know most of the free ones are going to be used those horrendous Saturdays in October when I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would ever want to be there in the first place.
  9. I’ll get a good kick out of it when it’s the (severely needed) expansion to Planet Snoopy complete with actual family attractions that do more than just turn in slow circles and everyone still complains
  10. One thing is for sure, the four trees that are within 500 feet of Wicked Twister are toast.
  11. PLOT TWIST: they’re just reversing the trains and painting it purple But in all seriousness, I’m a little sad because it was the first ride I ever operated when I worked there, but I truly do not care for the ride at all.
  12. There’s literally all day for it to open up. Don’t give up hope.
  13. While I agree fully, it’s not so much the closing down for rain that’s the aggravation though… it’s the “we need to wait and make sure it’s not going to start raining again so we’re just going to keep everything closed even though it’s not raining anymore” that takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. If the rides never close down then you can make your own decision if you want to jump in line and get pelted by rain drops or not. But Cedar Point is apparently content with their rain policy, which they say is in the name of “safety” to the detriment of the entire experience.
  14. Literally everything from Dragster (a ride with 10,000 drive tires) to Wicked Twister (a ride that uses 100% magnetic brakes) would have shut down in that amount of rain. CP is a s-show when there's the slightest mist, meanwhile I had an amazing time at KI a few weeks ago with off-and-on showers - nothing at all closed down or even went to reduced capacity in the rain. Amazing how two parks owned by the same chain in the same state can have such wildly different rain policies...
  15. They were probably suspiciously closed “due to covid” - a lot of businesses used that as an excuse to close their bathrooms when there was zero reason or mandate. You may have luck this time around, but for the next year I suspect businesses will use “staffing shortage” as their go-to for not providing service to customers.
  16. Had a wonderful day yesterday at the park - much better than I had anticipated considering the weather forecast. It rained off and on, but nothing closed due to weather as far as I could tell and everything was full or near full capacity despite the nonexistent crowds. A stark contrast to what would have happened at CP given the same conditions. Not sure why two parks owned by the same chain in the same state would have such wildly different rain policies. At one point Orion was running in a downpour, cranking out all three trains, which was awesome to see. Orion was awesome - tons of fun and butter smooth. That speed hill was the highlight for me - darn near ejector! Can’t wait to return when Vortex’s replacement opens, whatever and whenever that may be.
  17. Thunderation at SDC is everything Adventure Express wants to be, but I do still enjoy Adventure Express.
  18. On the topic of the topper track being dead: I’m at Silver Dollar City for my first visit today and rode Outlaw Run as my first topper track RMC. First ride was in the front row, and it was great - a little bumpy but definitely nothing this 34 couldn’t handle. Then we rode in the back row (row 12). Holy eff. That ride hurt me in a way I’ve never in my life been hurt on a coaster. It was brutal. Several pot holes that I swear compressed my spine a quarter inch or so. It took me by complete surprise to the point that I didn’t really even remember most of the ride because I was too focused on it being over. I’ve done several other RMCs - Steel Vengeance, Twisted Colossus, New Texas Giant, Twisted Cyclone - all obviously IBox, and Lightning Rod this year, which is mostly IBox now (and you can tell a different in the sections that were redone). But Outlaw Run today was night and day when compared to every other RMC I’ve done. It was unpleasant in the back to say the least. I did give it another try in a non-wheel seat in the middle of the train, and it was tolerable again, but yikes - if this is how topper track RMCs are going to age, it makes complete sense that no park would want anything to do with installing a new one. I also wonder if Outlaw Run being the first topper track had anything to do with its roughness, and if Wildfire, their most recent installation, will age better, but damn. I’ve always considered myself “not a wimp” when it comes to roughness - Magnum is one of my all time favorites, I’ve never been put off by a B&M rattle, and usually find traditional woodies fun when they jostle me around a bit. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  19. It would be a more surprising headline to read that her wig stayed on. I mean, does she stick her head out the window going down the freeway with that thing on her head?
  20. I'm totally fine with most every wooden coaster in the world getting either this new 208 RetraK (god, RMC needs to come up with a catchy name for this) or the GCI titan track. A few parks can manage to maintain their woodies properly, but for any park that just can't seem to get a handle on it, I'd much rather enjoy a smooth coaster that's technically a steel coaster than have to pretend to enjoy the "rough and tumble" experience (i.e. pain) of a true wooden coaster.
  21. I’m fully aware - I worked at the park for 5 summers and I guarantee you management doesn’t give two effs that everyone is working open to close - especially right now when the park is only open Friday-Sunday. They’re closing lines early because last year was a financial disaster and this is the year they’re playing catch-up.
  22. What does closing lines early have to do with understaffing? The crew is there. This just screams of being cheap and saving on employee hours.
  23. Slowly but surely both of the rides that Riddler was built around have all been scrapped. RIP Freefall and Tidal Wave
  24. Slowly but surely both of the rides that Riddler was built around have all been scrapped. RIP Freefall and Tidal Wave
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