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  1. Yeah, you’re much better off just thoroughly washing your hands every couple of hours while you’re at a theme park than you are relying on a half-assed “sanitizing” of ride vehicles. Not just from covid, but you know, the common cold, flu, etc. Thanks for the report, Vekomakid. Hopefully by June when the governor out there says all covid restrictions can be lifted, we won’t have to deal with reservations/cut capacity/blocked rows, etc.
  2. I’ve been *pretty* good for the last year with following guidelines, and now that I’m fully vaxx’d, I’ll 100% take advantage of not having to wear a mask when I’m not required to while walking around Dollywood. I hope other parks loosen up mask requirements while walking around midways (queues and shops I totally understand) but I understand that makes it a million times harder to enforce.
  3. I’m not sure what incident you’re referring to with MF, but the Magnum accident happened in 2007 - after 18 seasons of operating in torrential downpours with no issue. Either the rain was especially wet that day or it was a maintenance issue that was conveniently blamed on the rain.
  4. The single best change that CP could possibly make would be to relax their atrocious rain policy. As it stands now, if you are unfortunate enough to visit the park and there is the slightest mist from the heavens, you'll be lucky to ride anything without major operational delays/removal of trains/flat out ride closures.
  5. While I agree with this sentiment and yes, of course all guests should follow the park rules, we’ve all been dealing with this for a year now, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that compliance and enforcement of mask policies is going to be hit or miss. We see it at the grocery store, the gym, the mall, hell even on airplanes where rule following is traditionally excellent. It’ll only get worse this summer as more and more people get vaccinated and cases/deaths drop, because I’m sure masks and distancing will be with us at all parks for the entire 2021 season. So if anyone here is t
  6. Nothing like cutting down a wild grove of trees to create a land themed to a wild grove of trees
  7. Judging rides before they open is literally half the reason this website exists, so maybe don't reprimand people for doing it. Fact is it looks slow AF thru much of the first part of the ride - you don't need to experience the ride firsthand to notice this. Now the question of whether or not this is a good or bad thing is completely up to the individual rider. I think it'll be cool to have a scenic jaunt around the rockwork and other theming at a slower pace in the first half, which will give good separation between the two halves, but not everyone will have the same opinion.
  8. I think given the news that broke today with *possible* April 1 openings, many employees at Disney, Knotts, Six Flags and Universal are getting notices to report next week for whatever recertifications are necessary to receive guests a few weeks later. How many employees? Likely the exact number required to open the parks at 15/20/25% capacity that’ll be allowed on April 1.
  9. I really don't think that any counties are going to slip back into more restrictive tiers at this point. Cases are and will only continue to drop from this point forward. Also, aside from Disney, no one will need "weeks" of training in order for the parks to reopen. If anything, the parks will reopen severely understaffed and train new employees as things get back up and running. They'll reopen as soon as they're given the go-ahead. - My optimistic yet unscientific opinion
  10. I’m sure the car show appeals to lots of people, but I’m not one of them. Also, California is bat-s crazy, but given current covid trends, I can totally see a spring opening not just being wishful thinking.
  11. I’m also diggin the color scheme. I don’t know why every coaster in the states has to be the brightest shade of neon (insert color here). I’ve always loved muted shades of gray/earth tones for coasters.
  12. It’ll be a lot easier to find the damn park hours now. Under the “Park Info” tab like it should be. The “Play” “Stay” “Explore” tabs of the last few years were horridly unintuitive.
  13. Oh dear. My last summer working at Cedar Point was the summer after my last year of college. I was 24 and felt like I was too old to be working there Employee housing is cheap, but that’s just about the only good thing about it. Seems like someone over 30 would want something a bit less college dorm-y...
  14. People. Does it really need to be said that DBru was being facetious? Of course many many people rode LR many many times. Calm down.
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