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  1. As Bill said, it’s really a crap shoot any day of the year as to what’ll actually be open. Realistically expect to ride half those rides you had your heart set on, especially if you only have until the mid afternoon. Good luck out there.
  2. Yikes. Should have just used NoLimits. The physics on that rendering are atrocious. Good to see some aspects of the layout sorted though.
  3. I rode Mindbender back in the summer of 2001 on a family vacation. Both of my parents are teachers and that year my sister and I both got to choose one place to stop on a cross-country road trip. My sister chose the West Edmonton Mall because it was the biggest mall in the world (I might’ve had some influence in her decision because I knew there was a giant Schwarzkopf there) and I chose Cedar Point, which was my first ever visit there. Our trip started in Northern California, up to Edmonton and ended at Cedar Point before heading back home. We spent a good four weeks total on the trip stopping at other sights along the way. Keeping in mind that this was mere months before 9/11, I look back on that trip often as the last truly carefree time in my life. To a 15 year old at the height of his “coaster enthusiasm”, it was the most epic summer ever, and Mindbender didn’t disappoint. The first drop in the back car I swear is still in my top 10 “WTF moments” especially in that backward car. I think I rode it 10 times that day while the rest of my family did their rounds at the mall. I also remember that Intamin first gen freefall they used to operate with a bonkers pop of ejector airtime when the lift stopped almost instantaneously at the top. I always intended to make another trip there and try to re-experience some of those carefree memories. Something about Mindbender made me think that it would always be there so I never thought it was that urgent. Maybe I figured it was an indoor ride and would stay in good shape forever. Just goes to show that in this hobby there is no time like the present and nothing is guaranteed.
  4. ^ I don’t hold out hope for this being good even for kids… Skyline has yet to make anything that isn’t a shaky, loud, hot mess. So good luck to the parks getting them. I hope they prove us wrong
  5. Fun story, I’ve lived in Seattle for 4 years and not once have had the urge to go to Wild Waves
  6. Speaking strictly in terms of theme parks, I’d kill to live somewhere like St Louis where I have options within a day‘s drive. I live in Seattle. The closest “major” park, Silverwood, is a 5 hour drive. You have WOF, KK and SDC within 4 hours, in addition to a major theme park in your hometown. So I don’t feel sorry for you guys
  7. So far I haven’t seen too much complaining that it’s not some 200+ foot, 6 inversion, launched record breaker that all of the YouTube thoosies with a copy of NoLimits dreamt it up to be… impressive! Looks like a great ride, and my god Hersheypark is freakin STACKED!
  8. Greying out is generally what people are experiencing when they say they “blacked out” on a coaster.
  9. Just thinking out loud here, but the removal of the car could be making way for a newly-routed queue.
  10. Didn’t they literally just repaint it over the off-season? Logic would say it’s not going anywhere, but this is Six Flags, so.
  11. I really don’t see why Cedar Point hasn’t capitalized on upping the price of FL+ on days they know it’s going to be bats*** insane. Charge $400 for it. Meet the demand. I’d be really irritated if I spent $150 on FL+ and still waited an hour for SV.
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