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  1. Thing is, people are so used to following Covid protocol right now – especially in California where they have had some of the strictest restrictions and guidelines. Social distancing/mask wearing/sanitizing is so engrained in our day to day lives right now that people are just as safe going to a theme park they are as any other activity, and far safer than just about any indoor activity such as going to the grocery store or Costco. I’m also no anti-masker/Covid denier - I’ll gladly wear a mask anywhere and everywhere and I’m definitely not voting for a certain former reality TV star. I just do
  2. Differentiating “large” parks and “small parks” and letting them open at different times is pointless. 25% capacity would spread out guests at the same rate regardless of the size of the parks. Add this to the list of completely arbitrary guidelines set forth by governments during this mess...
  3. Hate it when roller coasters ruin the skyline at a theme park /s I’ve never understood this gripe.
  4. Yeah, they consistently went to Fast Signs and spent about $100 per sign
  5. Thank you for your very valuable contribution to the discussion. Meanwhile my post cited aspects of 2020 that I hope are different in 2021. You know, the topic of the conversation.
  6. Thank you, Bill, for actually responding to what I said and not just saying “who cares we don’t want you in line anyway”. I totally understand the need for parks to do what they are doing this summer and that they are unfortunately bound by what the politicians in their respective states and counties are telling them they have to do, but I hope that by next year some of the policies we’ve seen have been loosened and some more common sense will prevail. That’s all I was getting at.
  7. ^ exactly, it’s social distancing theater that does precisely nothing to make anyone any safer. It makes people feel better about being on the ride because they can’t mentally grasp what you just said.
  8. I can deal with wearing masks, I can accept that we may not see anything big new and shiny at a lot of parks for several years, but another year of pointless diminished capacity on rides would be a real bummer. Make it one party per row, or don’t sit strangers right next to each other - sure - but blocking entire rows and spacing people six feet apart is pure social distancing theater that would make me rethink all of my 2021 plans after experiencing it at the parks this summer. It makes what would be a pleasant day at the parks intolerable if there are even moderate crowds and only makes you
  9. I’d venture to say that almost no one checking IDs checks the expiration date. You’ll be fine, but bring the temp license as well.
  10. ^ YES! I wish the rule was just “one party per row” - maybe make an exception for Valravn. The set in stone blocked seats were adding insult to injury most of the time. I was also told by a manager when I went earlier this month that the rides close every 30 minutes for cleaning, but I swear it was more like every 15-20 - just enough for each train to MAYBE get three cycles in before the line was standstill for the next 10-15 minutes. Maybe those 10-15 minutes count toward the signal of the next cleaning break But what others have said, don’t go expecting to ride much and try not to get
  11. We were told by a couple employees that if you miss your return time during the day, you’ll be let in with your expired access pass after 7:00, but be warned that they will close the line down earlier than 8:00 if it’s long to try to send the last train right at closing.
  12. Gates open at 10:00, rides open at 11:00, access passes distributed at 11:00 and 3:30. This is how it worked the last three days anyway.
  13. I would be astounded if Fright Fest happens. The leaders in the industry, Universal, have already canceled Horror Nights in Orlando, and they have the resources to make it happen, and they’re also in a state which doesn’t care. Maybe wait for the park to even open PERIOD before hoping Fright Fest happens.
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