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  1. Everyone knows you have to visit Cedar Point in that magical three-week time span every season where rides are open, actually running at full capacity and food locations are open. But be quick because as soon as school is back in session it’s all over!
  2. Most wooden coasters are trash. I’d say 60-75% of parks do not take appropriate care of their woodies and take the “as long as riders aren’t coming off with concussions it’s smooth enough” approach. Save for some *true* classics, I’m all for just about every park RMCing or Titan-tracking their woodies, because I’d rather have a smooth ride than a garbage “real” wooden coaster.
  3. I mostly was commenting on Aquaman in jest. I think we all know there was a pandemic that threw a monkey wrench into the construction timeline. Although I do think it’s funny that they decided after construction had already begun to add the turntable. It’s the most Six Flags thing ever to make that kind of decision. But at the same time the most un-Six Flags thing ever to make that decision in the name of capacity Also rest assured: It’s surely opening before SFSL’s carousel
  4. So Aquaman, you know, that ride that was announced in 2019? Is it actually going to open this summer? I know it’s not a carousel that takes the minimum required 3 years to overhaul, so this seems excessive.
  5. It’s a shame that Vekoma Flying Dutchmen still exist. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t have to worry about it
  6. Good thing it wasn’t raining. CF loves to blame rides colliding on that.
  7. Funny thing is the taller you are, seems more likely that you’d break your leg trying to get in and out of those horrendous trains.
  8. Should have kept Panda Express. Chop Six at SFFT was awful. Takes a lot to get orange chicken wrong.
  9. Unless the extension is for a different, unrelated ride. It makes no sense to have two multi-launch back and forth (whatever the correct term is LOL) coasters in the same park. But people said the same thing when Leviathan was announced, that it made no sense to have two B&M hypers in the same park, and here we are All I’m saying is that if that’s an actual model in consideration, it’s a boring looking ride unless it’s themed out the wazoo, which if Pantheon is any indication, it won’t be.
  10. I feel like that was a potential design when Pantheon was being discussed. Clearly they went with a far superior layout than whatever the hell that thing was.
  11. Their reasoning is likely because of the backward section. Rather than the forces/wind keeping glasses on your face they could potentially be forced off. And sometimes loose article policies have literally no rhyme or reason, so it could always be that.
  12. Seems to me that China has two options: abandon their “zero Covid” policy or be in lockdown for the rest of eternity. Glad I don’t live there. I’d really like to visit the Disney parks eventually…
  13. A Six Flags park sending out a train in 30 seconds This is the same park that had their star attraction (IR) running one train on a Friday during spring break last week. There was a 3-hour line and filled entire empty rows from the singer rider line rather than try to find groups of two from standby. That MCBR is there only to feature a second near vertical drop. Capacity is the last thing on their mind.
  14. Looks steeper (and longer) than Yukon Striker’s post-MCBR drop… Not that that’s saying much Impressive considering the smaller stature of the ride in general. Should provide a good pop of air!
  15. I doubt it. The only invert to open since Banshee is Monster and it sports the standard trains. If this overhaul is anything like Hulk, it’s going to be an exact replacement taken from the original blueprints and wouldn’t be able to accommodate the wider trains anyway... I also think that parks have taken notice at how horribly jack-hammery Banshee is with that new train design. Why would any park want that when they could get the standard train? Still not sure why B&M insisted on messing with perfection with those trains.
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