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  1. Probably for crane access. Now that the ride has been built, it's not possible to get cranes in the same places they were able to during the original construction.
  2. I wouldn’t be shocked if a few years down the road the remaining topper track is replaced with I-box. It just wouldn’t make sense to do maintenance and replace topper track with more topper track.
  3. It’s doesn’t look like the park has posted their 2021 hours yet.
  4. There was a time in my life when I would have cared what Lightning Rod was made of. So refreshing to give precisely zero effs. I just want to go to Dollywood and not worry about it being open!
  5. Same. I've been planning and putting off trips to Dollywood since... well, 2016, because I wasn't confident enough that it would be open
  6. Yeah but it’s also got a 6-car train. I imagine there’ll be some pretty decent whip in the back car even if it crawled over. I wasn’t expecting Xcelerator speed over the top hat, or Maverick intensity through the course. Probably dialed down a notch from those rides.
  7. If Cedar Point had even the same rain/wind policy as the other Ohio CF park, let alone just about any other park in the nation, they’d be the best park in the country bar none. It as it stands, I’d never even consider going here if there was any sort of wind or rain in the forecast.
  8. Thing is, people are so used to following Covid protocol right now – especially in California where they have had some of the strictest restrictions and guidelines. Social distancing/mask wearing/sanitizing is so engrained in our day to day lives right now that people are just as safe going to a theme park they are as any other activity, and far safer than just about any indoor activity such as going to the grocery store or Costco. I’m also no anti-masker/Covid denier - I’ll gladly wear a mask anywhere and everywhere and I’m definitely not voting for a certain former reality TV star. I just do
  9. Differentiating “large” parks and “small parks” and letting them open at different times is pointless. 25% capacity would spread out guests at the same rate regardless of the size of the parks. Add this to the list of completely arbitrary guidelines set forth by governments during this mess...
  10. Hate it when roller coasters ruin the skyline at a theme park /s I’ve never understood this gripe.
  11. Thank you for your very valuable contribution to the discussion. Meanwhile my post cited aspects of 2020 that I hope are different in 2021. You know, the topic of the conversation.
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