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  1. That's hardly a reason to violate the state, county, and the park's own rules. Just have a little more patience.
  2. 100% this. "Survive our guests" is right, but even so, it's exciting to think some version of this is someday going to be very close.
  3. Ideal Texas park tour in March European park tour in August Orlando Halloween event tour in September Return to CA parks Realistic US park summer road trip - region TBD Orlando park tour in September Not holding my breath waiting for CA parks to *maybe* reopen
  4. Let me see if I understand this correctly. Not only did you buy FL from an unauthorized reseller, you were so proud of your success that you didn't want to draw attention to it for fear that others might grab them all before you could get more? Wow … that's some pretty flexible ethics there. Just for the record, the park itself does NOT condone selling of tickets or FastLane on the internet. See below:
  5. I would never trust buying FL from anyone other than the park itself (or other authorized seller like a hotel or travel agency). There are waaaaaaaay too many scammers on places like Ebay, assuming it's even legit to sell FL on Ebay or anywhere else which I highly doubt. I'm sure FL+ is a great perk for those who managed to buy it before the pandemic and shutdowns. The less people who have it, the more value it has.
  6. Imagine wondering where POVs of 2020 coasters are in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic.
  7. You're kidding me, right? COVID-19 is a respiratory disease. Kids with asthma should be taking greater measures to guard themselves against catching the virus than the average person. They certainly should not be going to an amusement park until the pandemic is under control, however long that takes. I'm sure you would agree a sad kid stuck at home is better off than a kid in the ICU struggling to breathe.
  8. Closest thing to that in the USA that I've heard is a proposed tax credit for traveling. It's a nice idea, but the benefits would not be realized until when income taxes are filed next year (unless it's retroactively applied). It would not directly reduce the cost of taking a trip like the VAT cut does. I'm sure that will greatly help UK's hospitality industry.
  9. Great look back at a great trip! Thanks for sharing your photos Chuck.
  10. What's now the YOLO Bar was Mooseburger Lodge for many years, and before that it was the Timbermill Restaurant. It's one of the park's oldest buildings.
  11. Crowds won't be your worst enemy then. Heat will most likely be your biggest problem. Expect temp's of 100+.
  12. If a hotel doesn't measure up to the brand, the brand rips its name off the building. I'm no legal scholar about licensing deals, but if they can, Nascar should immediately remove their trademarks and images from a place like this if it's run that poorly.
  13. Thanks! Don't get me wrong, I was disappointed and frustrated that time/effort spent to get through a challenging system in order to ride went up in smoke, but I knew exactly what I was walking into. One big advantage of being relatively local is this didn't impact any once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or possibly devastate kids' one chance of seeing this amazing ride. Had that been the case, I probably would have had a much more negative impression of the whole situation.
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