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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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^ & ^^ Thanks! I’ve been trying out my new iPhone 11 Pro cameras and so far they’ve been amazing, especially for night time photos!

Not gonna lie, the quality of those photos has got me looking into upgrading my phone to one of those. Damn, they're beautiful.

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According to those who have to time and patience to listen to the police scanner, traffic was backed up on to Rt 2 this morning, there were several traffic accidents, near fights with people out of their cars screaming at each other in road rage, and a drunk man causing trouble in the Castaway Bay parking lot that required them to call for help from other cities since they didn't have enough officers to handle it themselves. I've never thought I'd be happy to be at work instead of Cedar Point but...

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It’s an indicator of attendance levels for Haunt. Honestly if you (not you specifIcally lol) go to Cedar Point on a haunt Saturday with beautiful weather and you’re not in the parking lot before 11am then you’re stupid and I don’t feel bad for you. I guarantee that the people that got there for early entry cruised right in.

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We had a great time with little wait for the haunts on Sunday the first weekend of Halloweekends. It was a little busier than previous years but completely manageable. We will continue this tradition and make it our last trip of the year, every year. No scarezones or outdoor mazes, but, it's not worth all the people to deal with. The gold pass effect[emoji769] did not exist.


I officially hate hearing the word "Gold" because it would have been packed no matter what. Maybe not as much, but it still wouldn't have been worth dealing, or enjoyable for US, for us regardless.


Next year "regular season" will not be hitting capacity like this because of the pass.

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Check out google maps traffic for a real-time glimpse into the insanity.


Someone posted a screenshot on Twitter that had traffic solid red all the way back onto US-250 south of Perkins Ave (which is four miles, three turns, and several stoplights from the parking booth)

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It’s an indicator of attendance levels for Haunt. Honestly if you (not you specifIcally lol) go to Cedar Point on a haunt Saturday with beautiful weather and you’re not in the parking lot before 11am then you’re stupid as I don’t feel bad for you. I guarantee that the people that got there for early entry cruised right in.


I saw Instagram comments of people complaining about not getting into the Point, but when reading them, the people commenting were bellends for not even attempting to get on the peninsula before noon.


The crowds were extreme due to several factors:

- Beautiful weather (perfect to wear a sweater and very few clouds; it seems like every college within a four hour drive had at least someone wearing a sweater representing it)

- Ohio State football played on Friday night

- Michigan State football had a bye week and Michigan football had a night game


Speaking of the Point, I was there Friday and yesterday. Apologies for length and no pictures (I have a platinum pass, so I used early entry both days.)


On Friday night, I went around and parked at the back gate so I could rope drop Steel Vengeance. That strategy worked very well as even though SV didn't open until around 5:30, I was far enough up so I was able to get on its third train of the day. By the time I had gotten around from riding, everyone that entered at the front gate had made it to the back of the park, so SV already had an hour and a half wait.


Following Steel Vengeance, I hopped in line for Maverick and waited about 30 minutes. CP has a very good one-two punch that are lucky enough to be located next to each other. From Maverick, I headed to Millennium Force. It ended up being an hour and a half wait in part due to two delays (the first of which involved a train being taken off the tracks (so Millie was running two trains Friday night), and the second involved someone that couldn't fit in the seat likely due to their sweater).


After Millie, I watched part of the Boneyard Battleground show which had some incredible stunts. The next stop was Blue Streak, which had a 15-20 minute wait. Following that, I walked through Blood on the Bayou on my way back to Magnum, which had a 20 minute wait. I had so much fun on Maggie that I went around and rode it again. (Note: this weekend was the first time in years I have seen Magnum running three trains.) When leaving the peninsula around 11pm Friday night, most of the main lot was still full.


Yesterday (Saturday) morning, I made sure to arrive at the Point early. I pulled in to the parking lot around 9:30 and there were already quite a few cars in the front rows of parking. I rope dropped Millennium Force, but it didn't open until just before 11 (with all three trains). With the FL+ wristband I had bought at the front gate, I was able to get on the first train of the day.


Following that, I went over to Rougarou, which actually had developed a (short) line by that point. Next, I headed back to Frontiertown and noticed that the FL+ line for Maverick was almost spilling onto the midway, so I kept walking up to Steel Vengeance and walked into that FL+ line, which took about 45 minutes, but was much shorter than the then-posted 3-4 hour regular line.


After Steel Vengeance, I decided to get food and waited about 20 minutes for a slice of pizza (Maverick had just gone down and the line had been evacuated, so everyone in that line went into the food lines). After lunch, I took a whirl on Skyhawk, which had a short FL+ line but still beat the 30 minute regular line.


Following my flight, I headed over to Gemini and rode both sides within 15 minutes thanks to FL+, which comes out at the opposite side of the station from the regular line (which was posted 45 minutes most of the day!!). After racing on Gemini, I walked to the front of the park to drop in on Valravn, which had a posted 30 minute FL+ wait, but I only ended up waiting 20-25 minutes, even with a guy two trains ahead of me being a bellend and pulling his phone out on the lift hill, which led to a staff member stopping the lift, walking out onto the lift, and then grabbing the phone in front of everyone to the cheers of the line.


Next, I walked over to Raptor and waited about a half hour for FL+ (the FastLane line spilled onto the exit path, but it still beat the posted three hour regular line). It would have been a little shorter, but someone sitting in the front row came back to the station with a bloody nose on the train I would have been on, so it had to be sent around a couple of times empty to dry it off.


By then, it was mid-afternoon, so I walked over to GateKeeper and while climbing the lift, I got to see how full the parking lot was and a little bit of the backup past the toll booth. After getting off, I took some time to walk around the park and take in the crowds (at one point, at least 15 rides at the Point had posted lines of an hour or more).


Around 6pm, I hopped in the FL line for Magnum and while climbing up the stairs, I could see that most (if not all) of the switchbacks were being used. After a fun Magnum ride, I hopped in line for Top Thrill Dragster. While climbing up the ramp, I was spotted by some people from my hometown, who were not far behind me in the FL+ line. I ended up waiting for them so we could end up on the same train. As the combined group had an odd number, I had the opportunity to move up to the front row (which also had a single rider) as a group of two was behind me in my picked row. I think this might have been my first time riding front row on Dragster, and it was a very good way to end my coaster riding season.


After we got a group picture, I headed out and noticed that all the food places had insane lines. Once I returned to my car, it took me about 20 minutes just to get off the peninsula due to all the cross traffic (they had resumed letting cars in by that point). The drive to my sister's in Grand Rapids was uneventful, and I safely arrived there after midnight. I can only imagine how long it took traffic to get off the Point at close last night!


The longest lines I saw per ride (regular line):

Blue Streak - 1 hour

Cedar Creek Mine Ride - 45 minutes

Corkscrew - 1 1/2 hours (!!)

GateKeeper - 2 hours

Gemini - 50 minutes

Iron Dragon - 1 hour

Magnum XL-200 - 1 1/2 hours

MaxAir - 1 hour

Maverick - 2 hours (although it was down most of the day)

Millennium Force - 2 1/2 hours

Pipe Scream - 1 hour

Power Tower - 1 hour

Raptor - 3 hours

Rougarou - 1 1/2 hours

Skyhawk - 45 minutes

Steel Vengeance - 4 hours

Top Thrill Dragster - 3 hours

Valravn - 2 1/2 hours

Wicked Twister - 45 minutes

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The crowds and capacity closure announcement are making for Facebook gold. At one point, a few people were even blaming the police. Shocker.


and the second involved someone that couldn't fit in the seat likely due to their sweater

That might be the most politically correct thing I've ever read.

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I would like a list of names of every person who waited 1.5 hours to ride Corkscrew this weekend...just so I can make sure to never be friends with any of them.


They should have to wear those signs Bill Engvall came up with in his "Here's Your Sign" skit.


In all seriousness, I wonder if Saturday set an all-time record for single-day attendance at Cedar Point. If the weather forecast for this coming Saturday holds (56 degrees with no chance of rain), could we see a repeat of this past Saturday?

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No, it’s just a Cedar Fair thing and it seems to be (at least mostly) chain-wide. You would think that they would see the success that Six Flags has running haunts on Sundays and learn from it but they’re Cedar Fair and adapting quickly based on successful industry trends just isn’t their thing...

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