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  1. Was it busy? Not really. Even with the reduced capacity on rides we never waited more than 20-25 minutes for anything. I was really impressed with the Phoenix workers. With the small cars I expected the short line for that ride to still be a decent wait, but they really kept the line moving. I don’t know what their cleaning schedule is, but there was only one time we had to wait for them to clean the trains (on Monster) and two other times we were the last train before they cleaned it. I was confused because according to the calendar the park opened at 10, but it seemed like most rides didn’t open until 11. Once they did open, however, they seemed to be running well as I never saw anything closed, except for the Sky Ride which was closed all day. I assume it suffered damage from the storms that went through last week.
  2. I took advantage of the promotion yesterday by getting into the park with my Valleyfair gold pass. To get in you have to go through the ticket booths and they give you a free ticket. We had our physical passes and our drivers licenses but the worker still wanted to see our photos for our passes on the Valleyfair app then had us write down our names and emails. It was really weird for the three of us to be able to get into the park just by paying the $13 parking fee .
  3. Another comment I saw on Facebook makes it sound like you just need a photo ID and your season pass to get in. I hope to try this out sometime with my Valleyfair season pass.
  4. I also wonder how many people would show up on a Sunday night. I don’t think it would be busy enough to make it worth being open most Sunday nights especially for the smaller Cedar Fair parks.
  5. ^It was also crazy last night. When we tried to get to the park, we had to wait in traffic for about an hour to get in and traffic didn’t die down until about 9:30 PM. The lines for the mazes weren’t that long, however, but the rides were. We went back right at opening this morning and got in a few rides before we had to leave at 1:30 and it was definitely starting to get busy again.
  6. A coaster like Time traveler would be a great addition to CP’s lineup. When my whole family was at SDC (more than 20 of us), Time Traveler was enjoyed by everyone who rode it. CP could use more coasters the whole family can enjoy and that are just fun. When was the last time a family coaster was built (other than Pipe Scream)? Iron Dragon in 1987, 32 years ago? While a ride like Time Traveler might not be ideal if they want a family coaster because it has a 51” height requirement, it would still be a great addition.
  7. Pepsi Orange Streak definitely requires more maintenance than other rides at the park according to the maintenance schedule. https://nickelodeonuniverse.com/ride-maintenance-schedule/
  8. I find it interesting they list Barnstormer at 32°, but the Silver Dollar City app says it needs to be 38°for the Barn Swing.
  9. Coasters: Outlaw Run Valravn Time Traveler Other Rides: Northern Lights (Valleyfair) Fireman’s Landing (Silver Dollar City)- Firefall and Fire Spotter Impressive.
  10. It probably has more to do with not having enough people in the park after ten to make a profit. Oh I’m sure it has to do with money, but it’s a nice bonus for the employees (except for those who enjoy working that late, which I’m assuming isn’t many of them).
  11. I’m sure closing at 10 instead of 11 on those weekdays will be nice for those who work the bigger rides and have to stay after closing anyway to let everyone in line ride.
  12. I’m glad to hear they finally started to deconstruct the slide (according to the article).
  13. And those coordinates are still 342 mi. from WoF. I do find it interesting how many different parks Cedar fair is using in whatever they are teasing, however. I wonder if whatever it is will be going to multiple parks.
  14. Do we usually know by now when Cedar Fair parks are making 2019 announcements? Didn’t they do them on National Roller Coaster Day last year, which is 4 days away?
  15. But the coordinates on the envelope are for Kings Dominion and California’s Great America. I don’t think this necessarily means anything for VF just because of the Mississippi reference.
  16. Notice it says 1969 (Cedar Creek Mine Rides opening year) and 2019 next to the word “diagram”. Maybe it’s closing next year and with the Dino’s likely leaving soon that could be a large area for something new.
  17. Um...River Blast (2010) and Time Traveler (2018). I'd say the company is open to the idea of buying two major rides from Mack within a decade of each other. SDC also built Powder Keg in 2005 and the Barn Swing in 2007 both from S&S. And if we’re talking about any park-Dollywood added Mystery Mine in 2007 and Firechaser Express in 2014 both from Gerstlauer. Cedar Point also has many examples- Millenium Force (2000), Wicked Twister (2002), Top Thrill Dragster (2003), Maverick (2007), and Shoot the Rapids (2010) all from Intamin and then Gatekeeper (2013), Rougarou (2015), and Valravn (2016) from B&M. So there are many examples of parks buying multiple rides from the same company in just a few years. But, I would still prefer SDC go with another B&M before getting another Mack coaster.
  18. Valleyfair’s Enterprise was actually removed in 2016 to build North Star (a Funtime swing ride) for 2017. I am also sad to see another one of these rides get removed, as I really enjoyed them. I’m sure they’ll replace it with something just as fun though. Witches Wheel closing makes me wonder how long it will be before Zulu at Worlds of Fun is closed. Maybe they have been using these removed rides for parts for the ones that are still operating?
  19. The company is definitely at fault because someone should’ve seen the storm coming and warned the drivers to not go in the water. It is very possible, however, that the drivers of the boats that were in the water were unaware of the severe storm being so close to them. I just don’t understand why the boats have those covers for the windows. In what situations are those useful or necessary to have? When those things are up there is no possible way 31 people would be able to escape in this type of situation. Also, SDC tweeted that the Showboat will be closed again tomorrow.
  20. If this was the case, then there should’ve been someone telling the driver to not go into the water. It shouldn’t be the drivers responsibility to check the radar and see what’s coming. I wonder if they had anyone monitoring the storms coming.
  21. As a member of “this generation” I feel the people I know are for the most part not lazy and are too busy to be working a job that doesn’t allow for part-time scheduling (as it sounds like CP doesn’t like scheduling shorter shifts). Maybe if CP would allow for some part time scheduling they wouldn’t have as many staffing issues. Besides, I wouldn’t want the people I know and consider to be lazy making my food or being in charge of a roller coaster.
  22. I was at the park Wednesday, May 16 and had a great day. We arrived a little after 11 and were done by 3. Everything was a walk on for most of the day. Delirius was closed every time I saw it, but I did get my first rides on North Star. Rides for the day: Wild Thing- 4 X’treme Swing- 3 Power Tower (drop side)- 2 High Roller- 1 Renegade- 2 Excalibur- 1 North Star- 2 Steel Venom- 1 Northern Lights- 2 Pretty good day considering I got 18 rides in less than 4 hours.
  23. When we went to CP last year we stayed at Breakers and thought it was well worth the price to be able to walk wherever we needed to go, but I can understand why regular visitors with platinum passes wouldn’t want to pay to stay on property every visit. Random question: when the park is closed during the week like it is this time of year, can people still stay in the hotels on the peninsula every day? I don’t know why anyone would want to do that but am just wondering if they can.
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