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  1. Seeing as how the trains have not been brought out all year, I'm going to go ahead and say there is 0% chance it opens this year. Other than that, we're in wait and see / baseless speculation mode for 2023.
  2. I thought the rioting was already happening, based on the number of fights this year.
  3. No, it was torn down a few years ago. A quick Google search will find you the video.
  4. Well Invertalon you are well connected. https://www.cedarpoint.com/park-update
  5. There has not been enough people on Gemini to worry about hand slapping. I saw it run with 1 person on each train, and they weren't employees.
  6. Well we're in a rain delay here at CP right now. Crowds are so light they have given up on access passes for the big 4 coasters. But that is not even the biggest surprise. I don't know why, I don't know how, I really don't know WHY? Gemini is racing today. (Sorry for the bad pic but I figured I needed proof.)
  7. Interesting article about Knoebels, not a ton of new info but it is interesting how they will work out dealing with different guidelines in the two counties the park resides in. Knoebels Summer Plans Still Uncertain
  8. This past Thursday I took a drive out to Marblehead and on the way back I drove through Sandusky. It was weird to pass by the CP dorms and see no activity when normally it would be bustling. Is that random or because it's the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything I may have read a Douglas Adams book or two.
  9. I do miss the log flumes. Mill Race was the smaller of the two. It was removed in 1993 to make room for Raptor. White Water landing was much bigger, it was removed in 2005 to make room for Maverick. I love the coasters that replaced them, but I do have great memories with my family on the flumes. Thankfully I have Waldameer not too far away for a flume fix. It stinks that Shoot the Rapids was such a dud. A good flume ride would have been a welcome addition and lasted for years I feel.
  10. 830 of which are maintenance workers to keep the damn thing running.
  11. Well if you were planning a trip to bright, sunny Ohio (you weren't) don't. Mass gatherings over 100+ people have been banned, and now all bars and restaurants will be closed indefinitely after 9pm tonight. This has been a rough few days as my staff is effectively laid off, and they need to make money. I feel horrible as I don't have answers for them. I'm lucky enough to still be working... For now. I was looking to make a KD/BGW trip in April but that isn't happening. I am thinking that Cedar Point will have a delayed opening. They rely on international workers so heavily, even if things miraculously cleared up, they're not going to be here anytime soon.
  12. I'd love it if they did a Six Flags type line up, but clearly they have no interest in doing that. I was a little worried if MT would even open because of the cold, after seeing what other CF parks were doing with temps that weren't anywhere near as chilly. I had a nice time at Winterfest. Being a Tuesday, it wasn't very crowded, and turned into a ghost town after the sun went down. I got about 10 rides on MT, that ride just makes me smile, even if I can't feel my face afterward. The park was nicely decorated and even though it was fairly cold with temps getting down to the mid 20s, there were still actors and musicians out there performing. And if I had any qualms about Orion (I didn't) before, seeing it in person would have ended that. It's amazing to look at and a lot of people will be eating crow after they ride it. #notageegee
  13. The weather didn't get as bad as predicted, but the temps hovered just above freezing with a steady rain most of the night. I don't think it would have been a fun experience to be out in that. It looks to he clear tonight, albeit colder. I'm hoping they'll open, but I doubt they'll open Mystic Timbers. But we'll see, maybe we can walk thru the park, do some ice skating.
  14. Kings Island is closed tonight. Kind of a bummer, but now I'm glad a paid a little extra to stay at Great Wolf Lodge! Hopefully the weather is a little better tomorrow so we can hit up the park for a few hours after the zoo. @PKI Jizzman - the water coaster here is pretty fun! I enjoyed it much more than the one at Kalahari.
  15. ^^That's cool to know, thanks! I didn't really do any research, just came across a good price and I knew it was basically right next to Kings Island.
  16. ^That dude has the official douche haircut. I'll be at Kings Island this Monday and Tuesday. I'm hoping it is a little warmer than what is forecast, otherwise Mystic Timbers might not run. (Cue great debate about minimum temps to operate and how Six Flags will run their coasters at -20F.) Also going to stay at Great Wolf Lodge since I found a good deal and what the hell, it's Christmas and my girlfriend will enjoy it.
  17. I'm seeing a lot of people on other sites really stressing out about the new boat ride and a bridge over it. Omg how are they going to do it? I mean they find ways to build $20 million roller coasters but a bridge? I don't know if they can handle that!
  18. I am happy to see Snake River Expedition. Western Cruise/Paddle Wheel Excursions was a nice memory from my childhood, I'm glad to see it returning in some form. I don't know why so many people were expecting a Winterfest announcement. I like how when asked, Jason McClure basically laughed it off and said go to Kings Island. It is a balmy 27 degrees here in Northern Ohio, with winds blowing about 25 mph, making the windchill about 6 degrees. I could go on why I think Winterfest would be a tough go at CP, but you all already know. Now excuse me I'm going to go drop $100 on a brick.
  19. Good news for Coasterbill, they will have a vintage Sky Ride T-shirt this year.
  20. Cedar Point will be making a "big" announcement tomorrow at 11am. You'll be able to watch it here: WKYC.com Cedar Point Announcement So expect tomorrow to be another great day of idiots with crazy unreasonable expectations to melt down on social media.
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