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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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They have already announced the future removal of the Cedars dorms next to Perimeter Rd. Whether or not they use this space for a ride is yet to be seen. As we've seen with Magnum, Mean Streak, and GateKeeper, they are not afraid of expanding the park's boundaries to find room for new rides. Eventually they will need to go the DisneyLand route and start replacing rides with new rides. But they still have time until they need to go that route.


Please cite a source on this. I want to stress that Commons fills up, and Cedars gets close to full. If Cedars comes down, another dorm will be going up simultaneously. Yes, they recently opened the 1600s, but that will not house everyone (not even 1/4th) in Cedars. Keep in mind that dorms are infrastructure that are vital to the operation of this park. A majority of employees live on site. They had wiggle room when Gold's came down, but I don't think they have that same slack with Cedars as all of the Gold's employees had to move into either Cedars or Commons.


I'm sure Cedars will eventually come down and a new dorm will be constructed off-point but as it stands today, Cedar Point can not house enough employees to operate without Cedars. I have friends currently living in Cedars who have not heard of its closing. This is why I'd like to see a source.

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If I remember right, as I don't deliberately save information like this, the Cedars will be around until at least 2018. I believe the dorms next to Corkscrew were taken out with the Breakers remodel and addition of new dorms down the causeway. I would imagine this means they plan to expand the off-site housing for employees for the opportunity to open up the park to a new resort or expanded area for rides and attractions.

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Unfortunately, Cedars doesn't take up as much space as many people think. According to Google maps, the complex has an area of 87730 square feet. By comparison, Rougarou's twister section (not counting the loop or lift hill) takes up 377400 square feet. By further comparison, sandcastle suites is an area of about 278880 square feet without parking. That means that sandcastle is ~3.2 times the size of the Cedars lot. The closest ride by size comparison seems to be snake river falls which is about the same square footage.


I don't think Cedar Point's new attraction will dictate the removal of Cedars as much as the fact that it is moving into complete disrepair will. Keep in mind it is also land locked by midway, Valraven, the marina, and Lake Erie. When Cedar Point is ready to build a new employee dorm (I don't know, when the roof caves in?), a new (probably flat) ride will come. Not the other way around.


If Cedar Point really needed space, they would probably move the RV park off point. It is a huge amount of space that can easily be moved virtually anywhere else fairly easily. There are also the Go-karts which are likely on their way out as well. It seems that almost everybody is scrambling to get rid of them. I can see that space being used for a Soak City expansion.

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Another comparison to make is the tower section of Breakers. That takes up only 33000sq ft. There is room over there for a small suites tower style resort. As it is, the original entrance, wings, and pool section take less that 60000sq ft. Obviously parking is an issue, but there is space over there.


Also, based on: http://www.daftlogic.com/projects-google-maps-area-calculator-tool.htm


Cedars dorms + infield 80,000 sq ft.

Rougarou twister/station/dive loop/transfer takes about 80,000 sq ft.

Valravn site takes about 120,000sq ft.

Sandcastle + pool 95,000sq ft.

Snake River Falls 30,000 sq ft.

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If you consider re-routing Perimeter Road, you could add 180,517 sqft with the removal of the Dorms. Considerable amount of space to work with.


The lot you removed is for famous daves and the marina and was usually quite full. Employees for Cedars are required to park in a lot down past pet check. You would be unable to 'reclaim' that space. The building directly next to famous daves is the HR building. I could see that eventually being moved elsewhere.


I think that when Cedar's bites the dust, it will be replaced with food/shopping/night options for a Marina revamp. This would do wonders for Cedar Point's resort feel. The area could really use a facelift as it is pretty ugly these days and could be a park highlight.


It would also resign the need to reroute the road. I do agree that if a ride were to be added they would certainly have reroute the roads.

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Went to Cedar Point recently and thought I would share some pictures of the Valravn staging area!


Lets move on to the Staging area


Supports and track!


Here's some track


Supports and track


Closeup-shot, so you can see the color more.


Behind the fence


Supports, Valravn signage


A Season pass sign.




I spy... the holding brake!



Supports and a truck


Track, supports, there's nothing more, thanks for viewing!

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Looks like the transfer track area is getting installed!!


I was still really hoping that they would use the duel loading style like SheiKra... Dragster... Maverick... ect... But I just don't think that's going to happen anymore.


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Capacity should still be really good. One Valravn train, though it may not look like it, carries exactly as many people as one train on its neighbor Blue Streak (24 riders). That along with the very efficient restraint system should help keep the lines moving.

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It always amazes me how fast the line on Griffon would move. You have to remember that every time the gates open 8 people walk through. With a limited station space, the main line leading to the station feels like it's constantly moving quickly. It almost got annoying when you just wanted to sit for a moment, or lean on the railing! This, plus the new restraint system that is much easier to check, and CP's impeccable ride ops. The line will fly and this will be another people eater for the park!


Now all we have to hope for is some killer air time on that last camel back!

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^ Griffon I never noticed to have a particularly fast line, though I've only been to the park twice since it opened. I was a huge fan of the single rider line, though. It was a walk on and I almost always got the front row.

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^ Griffon I never noticed to have a particularly fast line, though I've only been to the park twice since it opened. I was a huge fan of the single rider line, though. It was a walk on and I almost always got the front row.

Random thought: Will CP use a single rider line here? With 8 per row, you are bound to have some unused seats... All it takes is one group with an odd number to throw things off...

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I'm interested to see if they trade Rougarou or Gatekeeper for Valravn on the additional FL+ rides. I don't see them keeping five rides on FL+ and from what I've heard, there's really no need to keep the two B&M's on that list.


If they are getting rid of one of them I would venture to say that Rougarou will be the one to go and Valravn will replace it.

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^ It snowed here last night and this morning so I would bet that it is going to be cooooold on that peninsula - particularly with any wind gusts coming off of Lake Erie.


Another weekend gone without going to CP, but I didn't want to go with it being quite that cold - that almost makes coaster riding more painful than fun.

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So I just checked out the webcams... and...


Bad news!!! It looks like Millennium Force is on fire!!


This could cause the ride to be down for the rest of the season!!


In all seriousness though... It this is an awesome shot.

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