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  1. Cedar Point encourages phone use with actively posting on Twitter and Instagram throughout the day. The policy is purely reactionary to the incident in Virginia and the increase in lost items reported.
  2. I guess I failed to imply “national wages” in my response.
  3. When I was looking I believe it was $8 Wow, that’s crazy that the CP ride ops perform as well as they do for only $8/hr!! All the ride ops at SFMM get paid at least $13.25 and the employee quality is definitely not at the same level as CP’s. If this doesn’t teach people that higher wages are not a solution for better employees, I’m not sure what will. (Except running your own business maybe)
  4. First off - Don't tell the moderators how to moderate unless you want to be banned also. Secondly - WTF did I just read over the past couple of pages??? CedarFair1 *ABSOLUTELY DID* post some stupid clickbait video with a link to his video when he could have simply embedded it into the forum for everyone to view. But no, he made it a link so people would click out of our forum to his channel. That's really lame. Larry was absoultely in the right for calling him out on the legitimacy of the video. Here's an idea to CedarFair1 and the rest of you... If you don't want to be called out by our moderators for making confusing and stupid posts... Don't make confusing and stupid posts. Have I made myself clear? I hope so because no one is forcing you to post to our forums. What was that about click bait?? You’re so right. Nobody is forcing anyone to be here. So I’m out. This community has been toxic for a long time and I already never post anymore as it is because you and your mods are so awful to people. So I’m out too. My unsubscribe requests never seem to work so plz hit me with the ban hammer too. Thanks. If the only “discussion” you share with the community is through a link to another site/page/etc then you aren’t really contributing to the discussion. I don’t mind the videos, but seriously maybe make a tiny effort to participate instead of everything being “watch my videos for my thoughts.”
  5. I think this is just a misunderstanding. Cedarfair1 can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I think he means to say that the poster that says giga is the actual teaser, and that poster is found in a park (Cedar Point to be specific). I suspect he didn't think someone was asking if the video itself was a teaser released by the park. Then he needs to work on reading comprehension skills. He states "Watch this teaser" in his post. The question posed to him was "is this your teaser?" to which he implies the park released a teaser. It's pretty clearly stated.
  6. Did the park release a teaser or is this one of your videos where you're doing the teasing? This is the teaser for the park not mine. You literally lied in this answer. The park did not release the teaser video, it is yours. Please try again.
  7. I'm staying in one of the smaller cabins in early August with other TPRers who are also well traveled. I'll be posting about the accomodation after returning. I have wanted to stay in the cabins for years, but my family never wants to travel at the same time as me. I love staying at the cabins. For several years my friends and I would get a cabin for the 2nd week of Halloweekends. We’ve had up to 9 people together. It costs more but I love the privacy of my own building.
  8. So, if I want the park all to myself, call in a "threat" of some kind and the park is forced to evacuate; thousands of people leave; the park remains nearly empty the rest of the day when operations resume. Please, run more businesses and places of public assembly.
  9. If anyone wants to add more words, here you go: https://wordsearch.lukasjoswiak.com/v/9814948
  10. Still 2 at a time, but each of the 3 have been seen cycling with riders.
  11. I vote this becomes the official term for friction brakes. Anyone want to set up a word filter for the forums?
  12. You used the incorrect adjective to describe pickles... Never even an option hahaha
  13. Do you write a full script or just use notes? The more you follow a script, the less you will pause between thoughts.
  14. Why post easily viewed pictures when you can direct them to a monetized YouTube channel?
  15. If you're riding with just a seatbelt without using your own effort to maintain your position, sure you might flop out like loose change. The restraint is designed to make that effort for you.
  16. Had the train begun to move yet? Because once it moves away from the load position, the contacts release and the bar will stay locked. Without power, the cylinders won't release. This is why they need batteries to evac trains.
  17. I thought the intensity was there, as I managed to stay awake during our employee midnight double feature the other night. I did feel like the threat was weakened near the end by having the 3 protagonists all being chased together. But before that, they kept the suspense fairly high for most of the film.
  18. I'm willing to put money on the test being a press forward and a tug back. Why would you do one and not the other?
  19. Well yeah... because it's open now. Getting it to the point where it can open with 3 trains is probably going to take more than one day of morning testing. Yes, but everytime I went by, it was only 2 train testing. There was a train on the transfer track. They need to get the 3rd train certified.
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